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Chapter 1

(Lilly's POV)

I stood in my new room day dreaming while I unpacked my boxes. Anne knocked on the door before stepping inside as I turned around to face her, careful not to let her know that I knew she was there before she made her presence known.

"How do you like it so far?" She asked.

I frowned and nodded my head as I answered. "It's nice. Very wet." I answered pretending to be disappointed. Honestly with how many rainy and cloudy days a year, this place couldn't be more perfect for me. It was a small town with lots of forest for me to run and not a lot of people to risk being discovered. My skin doesn't sparkle like the man who found me, but I do almost glow. I would definitely look different in direct sun light compared to the rest of the people.

Back in Vancouver, I would skip school or stay inside so no one could see. Not the easiest thing to do, but luckily with how smart I am, I was easily able to keep up with my class.

"So school starts tomorrow." Anne said, trying to make conversation.

"Yup." I said. She was obviously trying to get at something and I was trying to get her to quit dancing around it and just come out and say it.

"I got you a ride with our neighbor." Ah. Here it is. "It's her first day too and I was talking to her Dad accross the street and he offered. He's the chief of police so he is going to be working with your father alot."

"Oh? Well that's nice of them." I answered. Not that I really needed a ride. I could run there faster, but they don't, nor ever will know that.

"Yeah, it was. She will be over in the morning when it's time to leave." She said.

"OK." I replied. We stood there in an awkward silence for a couple of seconds that seemed to just drag on. "Well I'm just going to finish unpacking and go to bed. It's been a long day."

"Alright." Anne replied almost relieved. "I guess your Dad and I will see you when we get home from work tomorrow. By the time you get up, I'll be starting my first shift at the hospital and John will be at the office earlier than usual it being his first day and all. Normally, he would be on his way out the door when you wake up. So are you going to be alright?"

"Yeah. I'll be fine thanks. Good night Anne." I smiled.

"Night sweetie." She answered, closing the door.

My relationship with my parents have been strained since they caught me sneaking in that night two months ago. But I'm alright with that. I don't fit in with them anymore and as much as it used to bother me, I'm OK with that now. I bairly see them as it is, what with John being a D.A. And always at the office or station to all hours of the night. Then there's Anne and her job at the hospital as a head nurse. I've learned how to take care of myself at a young age so the changes with my parents aren't so drastic to me.

I dont eat as much as I used to now that I drink blood. One meal every other day does the trick for me.

I bairly sleep anymore either. Three or four hours once a week is usually enough to keep me going.

I sat on my bed and looked at all the boxes littering my room. I guess it was time to unpack. I flicked my wrist and all the boxes opened. This was another change that came with puberty. I can control things with my mind. I am not sure what my limitations are because I haven't found them yet, nor have I been able to test my limitations with a person without them discovering what was going on.

I levitated everything from in the boxes and they began to fly around the room and land in their proper spots. I was finished within seconds with all the boxes crushed and stacked neatly in the corner by my chaise.

I decided tonight I should try to get some sleep considering the fact that I would be starting school at Forks High tomorrow. So I quickly changed into a pair of grey yoga pants and a yellow tank with matching slippers and crawled onto my bed and snapped my fingers, effectively turning off my lamp.

I was tying my Timberland boots when the door bell rang. Of couse I knew she was on her way over, so I was all set to go. I walked over to the door and opened it only to be hit in the face with her delicious scent. Strawberries and freecias. I could feel my green eyes darken a bit. I closed my eyes and centered myself as I learned to do and when I opened my eyes, I felt like I could manage again.

"Hi, um...I'm Bella Swan. Your Lillian?" She asked after assessing my appearence and held out her hand.

"Call me Lilly. It's nice to meet you." I replied and shook her hand. She flinched at the coldness of my skin, but didn't say anything about it as she took her hand from mine and we started towards her truck. It was definitely old and very large. There was rust here and there and the engine was very loud.

"This was very nice of you to offer me a ride." I thanked her.

"It's no problem." She answered as we got in, put our seatbelts on and started down the road. "So my Dad tells me that it's your first day today too?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "What grade are you in?"

"I'm a junior. What about you?" She asked looking hopeful. I noticed that she kept looking at me. Why? I'm not sure.

"Senior." I answered solemnly.

"Rats." Bella sighed. "It would b e nice to know at least someone."

"Well you never know." I added. "It's a small town. John said that when he registered me that the lady in office said that for some of the classes the combind the juniors and seniors."

"Yeah, hopefully we will have some classes together." Bella responded with a hopeful expression.

The rest of the ride was spent in silence untilwe pulled into the parking lot and into the spot. All the students who were outside were watching the truck with interest, obviously curious as to who was inside.

As predicted, we got out of the truck and the whispering started. Lucky for Bella though, she couldn't hear what was being said.

"So they're the new kids?"

"The one with in the green shirt has to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

"Even hotter than Rosaile Hale!"

"I heard the one in the blue is Chief Swan's daughter Isabella. She used to live here but her Mom took her and left him."

"My mom said the girl in the green is Lillian and she's from Vancouver. She's a senior."

"I wonder if she's related to the Cullen's. She's p ale and looks likd a super model just like them."

Just as I heard that, a silver Volvo and a huge black jeep pulled in across from us. Two girls and three guys got out of the cars just as the wind picked up and sent their scents straight at me. I froze and watched them. For some reason, their scents caught my attention and what's weird was that I couldn't smell their blood?

One with a penny colored hair suddenly whipped his gaze at me almost as if he heard that thought. He continued to study me with a confused expression on his face.

I didn't have time to ponder this, because right then bella got my attention.

"Ready to go to the office and get our schedules?" She asked, obviously trying to get away from the whispers and stares that were surrounding us. She was definitely the shy type like myself that didn't like all the attention. But for different reasons of course.

"Yeah, let's go." I answered and we began towards the office.

We continued into the building and down the hall as the stares continues. "I wonder if this is what a gold fish feels like."

Bella laughed and nodded as we finally reached our destination and walked inside.

A short middle aged chubby woman greeted us with a smile. Her red hair was curly and cut short and her green eyes were lit with excitement.

"You must be Lillian McLean and Isabella Swan. I'm Mrs. Cope. Welcome to Forks High!"

"It's Lilly and Bella. Thank you, it's nice to meet you." I replied correcting her. I knew if Bella was anything like me, that she would hate when someone calls her by her full name. I knew I was right when she gave me a greatful smile.

"Here are you schedules and a map of the school. All of the exits are highlighted and if you have any questions, someone would be more than happy to answer them for you. Lastly, have all of your teachers sign this slip and return it to me at the end of the day." She explained as she handed us all of our paperwork. We both thanked her and headed out the door.

"I have AP History first in room C212. What about you?" I asked.

"English in A413 with Mr. Birdie. What ese do you have?" she asked.

"Well after this, I have Spanish since I am already fluent in French, living in Vancouver and all. Then AP Chemestry, AP Mathematics, Lunch, study hall, then Phys. Ed. You?"

"Wow. All AP classes? I have also after this. Then Math, History, lunch, AP Biology and gym again with you." she replied, seeming satisfied with her schedule.

"Ok then. I guess I will see you next period!" I said waving as I left for my class.

(Jasper's POV)

School started like any other day, except today, the whole school was raving about the two new girls. Isabella Swan and Lillian McLean. All the lust that was being tossed around was enough to give me a perminant hard on for the rest of the day.

I am currently sitting in History as Mr. Griffen just finished taking attendence when the door opened and in walked in the most stunningly beautiful girl I had ever seen in my exsistence. She was almost...inhumanly beautiful.

She had pale skin just like mine, beautiful hazel eyes, long dark brown hair that fell in loose curls to the center of her back, and was about 5'6. I could swear she is a vampire. Her eyes and heartbeat are throwing me off.

"Miss Lillian McLean. Welcome to AP History! Why don't you tell us about yourself?" Mr. Griffen said as he signed her slip.

She faced the class with a small smile that made would have made my heart stop had it still beat. "Um, Hi. My name is Lillian McLean, but please...call me Lilly. I am 18 years old and I just moved here from Vancouver, Canada. Uhh...I enjoy reading and hiking and...I don't really know what else to say." She chuckled in a bell like voice. Again...another similarity between me and her.

"Thank you Miss McLean. Why don't you take a seat in the back next to Mr. Hale." Mr. Griffen gestured.

She smiled her thanks and made her way back to her seat. I could feel the jealousy and lust still in the air as she sat down. I had to find out if she was just an extremely beautiful human, or a vampire like me and my family with some extra human quirks to her. Only one way to find out. The final test until I can test her strength and speed somehow. So I turned and faced her.

"Hello, my name is Jasper Hale. Your Lilly?" I asked her. She turned to face me and her eyes widened. Mine did as well, because when our eyes finally met, the world around us seemed to freeze and everything fell into place. I knew that she is now my reason for exsisting and will hold my heart and life in her hands for as long as I live. I could almost see the cords connecting our souls as one. She was who I have been waiting over a century and a half for. And she knew it too. We were mates. She was mine and I was hers. Gravity no longer held me to the earth. It was her.

"H-Hi. Yeah, I'm Lilly. It's nice to meet you." She replied.

I stuck out my hand for her to shake and she looked at it skeptically before taking my hand. She didn't flinch or react towards my cold skin, for her skin was like mine. Which made her skin feel normal to me. But there was however an almost electric sensation flowing between our joined hands that we both seemed to notice and enjoy. But that did however answer my question to weather she was a vampire or human. It appeared that she was a vampire with a heart beat.

"It's nice to meet you as well." I replied and brought her hand to my lips and kissed her hand before reluctantly letting it go.

"We're the same." She mumbled to herself.

"Excuse me?" I asked her not understanding what she meant. Her emotions ratiated confusion so whatever she discovered between us confused her.

"Oh. Nothing." She spoke up and smiled before the teacher called the class to attention.

The lesson flew by and for the first time, I couldn't tell you what it was about. Even with my extra senses, all I could focus on was Lilly. I could tell she was having the same problem, but was being far less descrete than I was being.

I wasn't even aware that the bell had rang until she gathered her books and stood up.

"So what classes do you have?" I asked unwilling to just wait and see as the day goes on. She answered by handing me her schedule and waiting patiently for me to look it over. It appears that we have all the same classes except for Spanish and Phys. Ed. A smile came to my face and hers as well as I told her that. "May I walk you to you to your next lesson?" I asked gesturing towards the door to the hall.

She seemed to be deliberating before accepting but did so hesitantly. She was confused and nervas about something and I will have to speak to Edward to see if he can read her mind to find out what it is that she is feeling that way about.

"So why did you move to Forks if you don't mind me asking?" I asked her trying to make conversation as we walked out of the building and towards the forgein language building.

"Um...thats not something I really like talking about. Lets just say that my adoptive parents decided we needed to get out of Vancouver and this was the first place John was offered a job." She explained criptically.

I nodded my head accepting her answer for now and continued to make small talk until we got to her classroom.

"I guess I'll see you next period?" I said and she nodded shyly before thanking me for walking her and disappearing into the classroom. I could hear the gossip begin as Jessica introduced herself sitting next to Bella Swan. They all were shocked that a Cullen had already taken to speaking to one of the new girls.

I was broken out of my thoughts of Lilly as Alice skipped to my side. I immediately felt guilty, knowing she saw our entire interaction and my obvious intentions of making Lilly mine. We were never together and I never had those feelings for Alice, but I knew that she has been in love with me for decades.

"Can we skip this period?" Alice asked. "I promise to have you back for next period so you can see her again."

I figured I at least owed it to Alice to talk to her, so I agreed and we headed off into the woods. Once we were out of sight from the school, we took off at vampire speed through the forest and came to a stop in a small clearing. Alice skipped over to a log and sat down, patting the spot next to her. I complied with her wishes and we sat awkwardly for a few minutes, neither of us knowing quite where to start.

"She doesn't know what she is you know." Alice said out of the blue. I looked at her confused. How can she not know that she is a vampire? "I mean, she knows she is different from everyone else and even managed to keep it a secret from her adoptive parents. I don't know who or how she changed, or even how she has a heartbeat and green eyes. We will have to speak to her to get more information on her and her background, but I thought I would tell you all of this so you don't overwelm her with things she knows nothing about. So tread carefully with her and we will have to get her to come to our house so we can help her understand what she is and hear her story."

I was shocked with all this information, but accepted it none the less. I mean there are plenty of reasons as to how she doesn't know what she is. Maybe she was changed and her creator was killed or abandoned her before she woke up from the change. No one would have been there to explain what is going happened to her.

"Alice, I'm sorry-" I began to apologize.

"Don't." She stopped me. "I knew we weren't mates, but it didn't stop me from falling in love with you or trying to persue you. I thought that maybe if I won your heart, that you would be mine. I know you have never harbored those feelings for me, but I appreciate how you have always taken my feelings into consideration and how nice you have been about it. It just wasn't meant to be."

She smiled sadly and I smiled back and put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close.

"I can't help that I never felt that way for you Alice. That I couldn't see you as anything more than a sister. But you have been wonderful and always will be my best friend. I don't want that part to change. Your mate will come one day. And he will return thoose feelings more than I ever could." I said trying to be compassionate.

"Thanks Jazzy. I appreciate hearing that." She said and put her arms around me in a hug which I gladly returned.

We stayed there taking and joking around until it was time to head back in for third period. I was anxious to see Lilly again.

When I entered the classroom, Isaw that she was already there. I wasn't suprised to find that she was seated next to me as my lab partner. After all, nobody was ever brave enough to willingly sit next to and work with me in class. It was very smart on their ends even if they don't know that they would be willingly putting their life at risk. I am after all the weakest link of the family. I am just thankful that as wonderful as Lilly smells, its more of an arousing smell that spikes my desire rather than my bloodlust. I couldn't ask for abetter lab partner.

"Well hello again sexy." A boy named Matt Reaper said trying and failing to be seductive as he leaned on Lilly's desk.

"Uhh...hi?" Lilly responded feeling uneasy and annoyed.

"So I was thinking,since your new in town and don't really know many people or your way around, that I could take you out for a night on the town Friday night?" He smirked.

At this point I was holding back from marching over there and ripping him a new one for trying to take what's mine.

"Mine." My beast agreed inside my head. The Major whole heartedly agreed and insisted going over there and letting Matt and the rest of the male population know she was ours. But remembering what Alice said, I didn't want to overwelm her as I was sure she was confused about why she was feeling the way she does about me already.

"That's a nice offer and everything, but I think I am going to have to pass. I'm sorry." Lilly said politely rejecting him.

I smiled at this and begn to make my way over to my seat.

"And why is that? We can just go as friends if that's what your worried about or-"

"She said she's not interested." I interrupted.

Matt reguarded me for a second before turning towards Lilly again.

"Well, if you change your mind...here's my number." He said dejectedly, handing her a small piece of paper with his number on it.

"Thanks. I will." She nodded at him.

I watched as Matt returned to his seat before turning back to face Lilly.

"Sorry, you looked like you needed some help there." I explained hoping she wasn't upset with me for butting in her conversation.

"Yeah, thanks for that." She smiled as a light blush colored her cheaks.

"It's no problem. I'm happy to help." I smirked.

"He's like that with all the girls, isn't he?" She asked.

"Yeah, but I can't blame a guy for going after someone as beautiful as you. You seemed to have captured a lot of male attention today." I complimented her.

"Is that so?" She laughed lightly and ducked her head embarassingly.

"Yeah. Without question." I answered, becoming hypnotized by her smile and lovely green eyes.

I was broken out of my trans by Mr. Banner calling the class to attention. I highly doubted that I would be able to pay much attention in this class either.

(Lilly's POV)

The bell finally rang dismissing class from Chemistry. I gathered my books together and tried not to beso obviously aware of Jasper as I really was.

I couldn't explain what was going on inside me. It's like the second we looked into each other's eyes for the first time, my whole world shifted where he was the center. My sun. My whole being was insisting that he was mine and I was his. I never believed in love at first sight, and I'm not even sure if I do now. But its definitely given me something to think about.

Also the faxt that he bears similar qualities to the man who found me as a baby in my mothers arns and brought me to the orphanage. He has the same golden eyes and the temperature of his skin matches mine. He obviously has great hearing like myself since he heard me mumble to myself earlier in History. He was also inhumanly beautiful as was he rest of his family.

"So, do you have any siblings or are you an only child?" Jasper asked as we walked down the hal ltowards English.

"No, it's just me. And suprisingly, I'm ok with that." I answered5544444 truthfully. "Speaking of siblings, you have two brothers and sisters?"

"Yeah. Alice, Edward, Emmett, and Rosaile." He answered. "They are all my adoptive siblings except for Rosaile who is my twin."

"Wow. Your parents are really nice to take you all in. I can't imagine its easy for them to have 5 teenagers running amuck." I commented.

"Ahhh we're not that bad." A big blurry guy came up on the other side of Jasper chuckled. "They love us no matter what we do. And thats saying something!"

Jasper laughed and patted him on the back.

"Lilly, this is my younger brother Emmett Cullen. Emmett, this is Lilly McLean. Emmett has English with us this period." Jasper introduced us as we turned to walk into the classroom.

"It's nice to meet you Emmett." I smiled at him, stopping to give Mr. Birdie my slip.

"Yeah you too! I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of you in and out of school." He winked.

I blushed as Jasper shoved Emmett as he shoved him back as they made their way to the back of the room to their seats.

Thankfully, Mr. Birdie just signed my slip and handed it back to me and let me skip the whole intoduction infront of the class. There was a free seat infront of Jasper that was next to Emmett that I took.

"Edward was right Jazz man, she is fuckin hot!" Emmett said at a speed others shouldn't be able to hear.

I turned and looked at him in shock that he can speak like I can and not have others hear. The Cullens have to be like me. But then why do they all have gold eyes and I have green? Maybe I am mistaken.

Emmett looked back at me stunned at Jasper growled softly at him. Growled? Just like I do on instinct. I shook itoff for now and paid attention to what was happening presently.

"You can understand us?" Emmett asked with his eyebrows raised.

I nodded my head not sure what else to say, then regretted it. This would only open a can of worms I wasn't sure I wanted opened yet.

"How-" He began but was cut off my his phone vibrating. He read the text and didn't say anything more onthe subject.

Finally it was time for lunch. I still had 5 more days before I had to eat a meal, so I took a seat at the firat empty table I saw. Bella and that girl Jessica that was asking me about my friendship with Jasper waved me over to their table. I sighed and made my way to their table, preparing myself for the onslaught of questions that I was sure was to come about myself from the rest of the kids at the table.

"Hi Lilly!" Jessica exclaimed as I took a seat next to Bella.

"Uh, hey Jess." I said less extaticly.

"How are you liking school so far? You seem to be making friends quick." She said going straight into any gossip she can get. It was clear she wanted more information on Jasper and Emmett since she saw me enter the canteen with them.

"Um, yeah I guess." I answered vaguely. What buisness was it of hers?

"Hello! I'm Angela. And this is Ben, Eric, Tyler, Lauren and Mike. You must be Lilly?" A girl with glasses inturpted, saving me from Jessica's questioning. I gave her a greatful smile shook her hand.

"So your from Vancouver right?" Eric asked.

"Yeah, I am." I confirmed.

"Its their loss." Tyler sid, attempting to flirt and it was obvious Lauren wasn't having any of it.

"Do you think they will take you back? Pheonix van take Swan back too." She said in her nasil like voice.

"Don't listen to her. We are happy to have you both." Mike said giving Bella and I a look that I assumed was suposed to be sexy. "Very happy."

Bella and I looked at each other, then went back to our conversation politely ignoring Mike's attempts of flirting.

"Aren't you hungry?" Angela asked noticing that I didn't ahve any food infront of me.

"Big breakfast." I answered. I migt just have to start buying a small lunch everyday as to not have any more questioning. I can't use that excuse all the time.

I noticed Bella kept looking over at the Cullen's table and it seems I wasn't the only one who noticed.

"They're the Cullen's." Jessica explained, obviously happy that she gets to do a little gossipping. "The little brown haired girl, that's Alice Cullen, she's really weird. And the big curly haired guy, that's Emmett Cullen. He's dating the blonde haired girl that looks like a super model, Rosaile Hale. Then that blonde haired guy with the curly hair that looks like he's in pain. That's Rosaile's twin Jasper Hale. But you already know that, don't you Lilly?" As she said that, Jasper looked up from his lunch that he was picking at and smiled at me.

I smiled back before answering. "Yeah, he's really nice."

"Wait, Jasper talked to you?" Lauren asked.

"Uh, yeah. Why?" I asked confused.

"The Cullen's don't talk to anyone but their other siblings." Jessica explained.

"But if they're related, how are Emmett and Rosaile dating?" Bella asked.

"Oh, they're not really related. They are all adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen." Angela clariffied.

"Yeah, but they live together. Its still weird." Jessica said.

"Who's he?" Bella asked as the Penny haired boy from this morning took his seat.

Jessica didn't even have to look over there to see who Bella was asking about. "Oh, that's Edwrd Cullen. Totally hot, but he doesn't date. None of the girls at this school seem to be good enough for him."

"Neither does Jasper." Lauren butted in.

I shook my head tunning out their conversation and sat wondering when it was that he turned her down.

"At least once a week since we moved here." I heard from accross the canteen from the Cullen's table.

I looked up in shock. Edward was looking back at me along with Jasper who was looking between Edward and myself.

'Can you hear me?' I asked him in my head.

He nodded his head and smiled.

I guess I'm not the only one who has an extra talent. Edward raised his eyebrows in question but I just shook my head tell him to forget it. Thankfully, he didn't have the time to press the matter because the bell rang dismissing us from lunch.

Unfortunately, Edward caught up with me quickly.

"Edward Cullen." He said introducing himself and holding out his hand to shake.

"Lilly McLean." I answered shaking his hand. He seemed to be as shocked as I was this morning with Jasper when he noticed I had he same temperature skin as him. I still don't understand all of this.

"So what did you mean when you though about not being the only one with an extra talent?" He asked getting right to the point.

"Nothing. I don't want to talk about this. Not now, not ever." I said forcefully. I really didnt want to know. At least not now and who knowsbif I ever will be ready.

I noticed Edward was still looking at me intently as we walked and I mentally slapped myself for fogwtting that he was a mind reader. "Please. Just leave it alone."

"Why?" He asked taken back.

"Just please. I don't want to get into this tpoic, and certainly not at school." I pleaded with him.

He nodded his acceptance and we parted ways. However I doubted that him or his family would leave it alone for long.

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