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Chapter 3 A New Perspective

Jade blinked in rapid succession, a haze clouding her vision. When the world came back into focus, nothing made sense to Jade. She somehow managed to get underneath what she assumed was Robbie's table and was confused at the fact that everything seemed huge.

Jade started to rub her eyes and found that the backs of her hands were fuzzy. She frowned and looked down at her hands. To Jade's horror, her human hands were now fluffy, black, cat paws. She let out a shriek that sounded like a yowl and clamped her paws over her mouth.

This is not good. Why am I a cat?

Jade poked her head out from under the table to get a better look at her surroundings. Jade stepped out further and made sure she wasn't going to get stepped on. Jade sat down and unconsciously flipped her long tail as she watched classmates and teachers zip past her.

"Oh boy, a kitty!" Jade's feline blood turned to ice at the sound of the voice. She turned to find Cat staring down at her with a terrifying grin.

I've got to get out of here before Cat cuddles me to death!

Jade ran at a gallop as she searched for a hiding spot. After zigzaging her way through a few crowded aisles, she found Andre's table. Jade shot under the table and hid behind Andre's legs.

"Hey there, little kitty. What are you doing here in the gym?" Andre stooped down to Jade's level and started to pet her head.

Cat ran past as she shouted,"Kitty, here kitty!" Andre watched as Cat disappeared into the rest of the gym.

"Oh, so you're hiding from Cat. I understand, she can get pretty intense at times." Andre continued to pet Jade, who, to her surprise, actually started to purr. The purring stopped when Andre picked her up and he reached for his backpack.

Andre unzipped it and said,"I'll make sure nothin' happens to you, all right?"

Before Jade could do anything, Andre placed her in the main compartment of his backpack and zipped it so that it wasn't fully closed. As Andre pick up his backpack, Beck walked up to the table with a frown on his face.

"Have you seen Jade recently?" Jade's ears perked up as she listened from inside the pack.

"I think I would remember if I had seen Jade. Why?"

Beck sighed and said,"She ran off and hasn't come back."

"I'll help ya look for her."

Neither Beck nor Andre heard Jade meowing to get their attention as Andre slung his backpack over his shoulder and they began their search.