The Knights Diary

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First Day

~ Neighborhood ~ (three days later)

Walking together early in the morning, Aru being the gentlemen that he was walked side by side with Tsubaki escorting her to the school grounds as they were both dressed in uniform. But slightly peculiar, the former priestess now carried an umbrella around wherever she went even though it didn't rain. Although it was good for her to at least get two hours of sunlight a day to stay healthy, due to her frail nature she needed to stay out of the light for as much as possible hence the umbrella.

"Is . . . . Is this alright?" Tsubaki asked. "I don't look weird do I?"

"You look wonderful" Aru smiled. "You especially look very cute now showing your entire face to which your glasses only add more to the charm".

The pale girl blushed at this, but then looked slightly saddened. "But . . . . I've never had any real formal education or any real friends. I've spent my entire life at the temple without ever truly knowing what was outside. Will I really be OK?"

"You'll be wonderful" said Aru confidently. "Give yourself more credit. I know you're a really smart girl whether you know it or not. So don't worry" patting Tsubaki on the head, "you're going to do fine on your first day here".

". . . . If you say so".

~ School grounds ~

Now on campus, Tsubaki began to grow nervous at how intimidating this all felt as she began to unconsciously scoot closer to Aru as she was starting to feel the many staring eyes looking to her direction. But just out of range, she couldn't hear what they were saying as their conversations more or less went like this.

"Hey, who is that cute girl? And why is she with Aru?"

"Weird, Aru never comes to school with anyone".

"She looks familiar".

"Oh my god! She's the Omekata shrine maiden! She looks so different now!"

"Wow, I'd never thought I'd see someone like her here. Wonder if I can ask her on a date".

On the ring of the school's bell, all the students went to their home room classes. But for Tsubaki, she first needed to go to the registers office to receive her transcript. Looking over the schedule, each class she had been exactly in the same one Aru had which struck her as strange to this bizarre coincidence. However as the saying went, 'one should never stare a gift horse in the mouth'. So shrugging it off, she began to walk down the halls looking for her home room class. Of course the boy detective offered to guide her, but she didn't want to appear incompetent to him and politely refused. Plus with her glasses, she now had a much better time seeing where she was going. Walking in the school, she felt so many things from being anxious to excited about being in this whole new world. Although it scared her, this was something she wanted to do. No, it was something she had to do as she now began her new life.

Finally spotting her room number, she walked up to it giving a nervous knock as she took a step back. Then a moment later the door slid back which caused Tsubaki to look on slightly surprised. "This is my teacher? . . . . She looks really familiar". However she couldn't quite put her finger on it to where she had seen her before.

"Welcome Tsubaki-chan" said the teacher. "Please come in" as she stepped aside to allow her in.

Upon her entrance, many cheers could be heard as well as many conversations amongst the class of students.

"Oh my god! I can't believe we got a celebrity in our class!"

"She is so cute! This is the shrine maiden everyone's been talking about!"

"Please let her be single! Please let her be single!"

"I wonder if she could tell our future".

"Quiet down everyone, quiet down" said the teacher as class did as they were told. "Now although she is starting the year late I want you all to treat her nicely". She turned back looking to Tsubaki, "well go ahead and introduce yourself" as the teacher gave a calming smile.

Writing her name on the board, she faced the class seeming a bit twitchy now giving a polite bow. "Hello everyone, my name is Tsubaki Kasugano. Although I'm new and I don't know anyone here, please treat me well" to which this earned her another round of cheers from the class as they were all excited to have her.

"Settle down, settle down" as the teacher waved to them. "Now let's see where we can seat you. Ahh! There. Why don't we have you sit next to Aru-kun" to which this then started another round of chatter.

"Wow, talk about star power having two celebrities sitting next to each other".

"Damn our luck. With Aru, there's no way anyone else will stand a chance".

"No! Not with Aru-kun!"

Walking to her desk, Tsubaki looked to see a bemused smile as Aru watched her with one of his hands to his cheeks just enjoying her expression. Taking her seat, she squirmed a bit as she could tell that Aru was still looking at her. Then before long she felt something poking against her hand as she looked down to see a piece of paper which was something that Aru was handing to her. Taking the note, she opened it to read it. "Welcome to your first day in school". Giving a soft smile, she wrote something down before passing the note back.

"Thank you" Aru read the note. Looking to each other, they looked back to the front of the class as their day went along.

~ School ~ (several hours later)

Through the course of the day, Aru watched Tsubaki at a careful distance. Far enough that he wouldn't interfere in any social interaction she had, but close enough that she could see him and intervene if necessary.

But observing thus far, she seemed to have been fitting in rather nicely. It seemed that the former priestess was the current highlight of the school as everyone wanted to talk to her and get to know her.

The boys that flocked around her were a given as Tsubaki was indeed a beautiful girl that they all wanted to have a chance with. The girls that were around were fascinated with the mysticism the news reported as she was the shrine maiden capable of perceiving the future. All in all, her popularity was practically instantaneous.

Academically, she did indeed have a good head on her. However due to her extreme sheltered life, she had a bit of a hard time understanding some of the material. But she seemed to have been catching up pretty fast due to her intuitive nature.

Now with half of the school day gone, it was now lunch time as friends and classmates grabbed their trays of food and hung out with each other.

Giving a nervous chuckle, the former priestess waved to a couple of classmates. "I'm sorry, but I've already made a promise to eat with someone" which caused a few of them to sigh in disappointment. Looking around, it was unmistakable to miss the silvery hair amongst the crowd as she walked to it taking a seat with Aru as he continued to wear that confident smile he always wore.

"Are you enjoying school so far? Nothing to your displeasure I hope".

"No" as Tsubaki shook her head. "Everything here is . . . . Quite wonderful. More than I could possibly have ever imagined".

"That's good to hear" as Aru began to eat.

"Yes" giving a slow nod. "All this has been such an interesting experience. I can't believe how much I've missed out on. There is just so much I want to do now that I can't possibly do it all in one day".

"Pace yourself" said Aru. "Take your time to enjoy life. There is no need to rush through so much".

"I can't help it" Tsubaki smiled. "There are just so many wonderful things in the world that I have yet to experience".

Aru gave a chuckle to this giving a soft smile. "Then how about after school I'll take you out to karaoke".

"Karaoke?" she asked slowly. "What is that exactly?"

"Just something kids our age do. It's pretty fun when you do it with friends. So I think you'll like it".

"I see . . . ." as Tsubaki thought about the notion of being along with Aru. But not thinking about it for too long, "OK".

"Alright, I'll pick you up right after school" as Aru gave one of his dazzling smiles which caused Tsubaki to look away with a blush.

"Disgusting . . . ." Unbeknownst to the pair, a group of girls were watching them eyes filled with contempt with how revolted they felt to what they were seeing. Frankly, this group was the unofficial admiration club for Aru Akise. These girls worshipped everything the boy detective was to the unhealthy point of obsession of even praising the ground he stood on. But now looking to the girl that was talking to him, all they could feel was jealousy, spite, and rage. Being her first day at this school, she practically had the entire student body eating out of her hands and kissing her feet. Seeing their precious Aru being ensnared by this witch, they would not tolerate such a thing. Simply, they will do anything to protect him. Anything . . . .

"After school, we'll deal with her then".

"We'll thoroughly teach her the ropes and show her where she belongs".

"Let's make sure she never gets close to our Aru again".

~ School (front gate) ~ (after hours)

Classes had now ended as students began to go back home.

"Bye Tsubaki-chan, see you tomorrow".

"I hope we can have lots of fun later".

"See you tomorrow".

"Good-bye" as Tsubaki gave a small polite bow. Watching her classmates leave, a small smile couldn't help but form. "There really are good people in this world".

"Hello Tsubaki, can I have a word with you?"

The pale girl turned to see some girl who was one of her classmates talking to her as she recognized her vaguely from earlier that day. "Of course, what did you want to talk about?"

"Not here, I was wondering if we can talk elsewhere".

Tsubaki's head flinched slightly as she felt a sudden bad vibe from this. But narrowing her eyes slightly, "sure just lead the way".

The girl gave a nod as she turned about waving her hand to follow.

Following closely, she observed as they apparently were heading to some undisclosed location at the back part of the school. After a bit of walking, she arrived to see five other girls apparently waiting for her. Upon her arrival, she was instantly surrounded and forced to the wall of the building as the six girls stood around her trying to seem imposing as they looked ready to perform some act of violence.

Then one of them appearing as the de facto leader approached her grabbing her by the shirt before shoving her to the wall. "Who do you think you are? Sweeping in here like you own the place, did you take advantage of Aru-kun because he's too nice?"

"You better stay away from him you little tramp. No one gets close to our prince".

"Know your place or else you're going to get hurt".

However Tsubaki continued to look blankly at them which caused the girls to grow more irritated. "Hey! Are you listening you stupid bitch?" as the lead girl continued to grip her harder. But seeing how the former priestess was still unfazed, the group of girls began to grow slightly unnerved. Tsubaki wasn't the first to ever try to get closer to Aru nor was it their first time in intimidating, bullying, and harassing those kinds of girls away. Rarely did they ever need to take it as far as physical violence to dissuade them as that tended to leave evidence.

Looking into Tsubaki's eyes, she seemed well too tempered. Even being in this situation, she didn't even show the slightest bit of fear as their threat just blew right past her as if it was nothing. Gripping her shirt harder trying to bring her to the tips of her toes attempting to instill some fear, "Don't you dare look at me with those eyes! You think I'm afraid of . . . ."

"You stink of perfume" Tsubaki interjected rather bluntly.

The lead girl flinched at this as did the other girls.

"And you're wearing a padded bra", looking to another girl. "You're trying to show off the size of your breasts".

This then caused the said girl to cover her chest.

Tsubaki then turned her attention to the next girl over, "your pinkie is dirty. Probably a love charm you're trying to cast on Aru".

That caused all the girls to look at her strangely. "Ha . . . . How do you know these things? You just got here".

Tsubaki gave a devious smirk to this. She may not have been the most well educated person. But she was rather perceptive, intuitive, and manipulative as it came with the territory after experiencing the life she had. Simply from the moment she was called away, she already knew she was up to no good. As they all surrounded her, she wasn't really listening to their bantering as she took the time to analyze them while taking in bits of what they were talking about to comprehend what they wanted. After finishing their long rant, she simply pointed out what she noticed. Seeing how almost everyone in school knew her former role as the oracle priestess of the Omekata shrine, she knew exactly how she wanted to wrap this all up. "Did you forget? I'm the all seeing, all knowing priestess who can perceive the future. With this power, I know everything". In the most evil tone she could muster, "Should I start by telling more of your secrets?"

Instantly becoming scared, the six girls ran away screaming not wanting to deal with her any longer.

Watching them leave, Tsubaki could only give a heavy sigh. "Not that I can do those things any more . . . ." Simply her diary had effectively become inert as she no longer had any followers that believed in her which left her diary blank for the most part. Although by relativity she didn't need it anymore. She had no desire in becoming god as it just wasn't that important now. Taking her life step by step was good enough for her as she wanted to continue to learn about this world she was living in. With today being a good example, the world was composed of many different elements both good and bad. But she accepted it as such as the world wasn't perfect to which she was content with. Then proceeding back, she saw Aru standing at the front gate waiting for her.

"Are you alright? I got kind of worried when I didn't see you here".

"It was nothing" as Tsubaki gave a simple smile. "Just needed to see to something was all".

"Alright, let's get going then" said Aru to which the girl nodded too. As they walked, the boy detective looked to her with a slight concern. Noticing Tsubaki's tardiness, he went to investigate to which he discovered his fan group trying to intimidate the former priestess. He was partly aware of the activities of his fans as he tried at one point to disband them. In doing so, this only reinforced their wanting to maintain the status quo. At seeing them attempting their tactics on Tsubaki, he was ready to jump in at any moment to help her. But fortunately, she easily took care of things on her own as by his deduction the rest of her time in school will be just fine.

"Is there something wrong?" Tsubaki asked seeing the slightly troubled look on Aru's face.

"No, it's nothing. Well let's hurry" taking her hand causing the girl to blush a bit. "We better hurry or else we won't be able to reserve ourselves a room".

"OK" as they both proceeded quickly to their destination.

~ Gasai residence ~ (late night)

"This is wrong . . . . This is all so wrong . . . ." said Yuno as she quietly sat in her room reading her diary.

She didn't understand why everything was so radically different. But namely was the fact that the sixth and twelfth were still alive which severely altered the time stream from the original course of actions. She didn't know how this happened, but everything was so screwed up now as she could no longer anticipate what was going to happen next. More so, Muru-Muru couldn't tip her off as that would arouse suspicion from Deus which also meant she couldn't use her powers either as that would have been a big indicator to her façade.

But curiously, she needed to know now how Aru was affecting the time line to this extent. He wasn't a problem the last time, so why was he now? This was something that she needed to look into deeply. For what she heard, Aru had a future diary on him. But that couldn't be right. All the diary users were already selected as no more were made. So how could Aru possibly have one? But the only way she could personally investigate this is by getting close to him as there was only one way she could.

Aside from that, there was something she could do at the immediate moment. If she could kill off the sixth and twelfth, then perhaps the timeline could be fixed. But for now, she needed to understand how Aru was capable of doing the things he did.

"I'll be seeing you all shortly" she sweetly said as she picked up a gallon of gasoline as she proceeded out the door going to her school as she was now setting her plan into action.

To be continued . . . .

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