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Chapter 35: Welcome to the Masen family

Almost ten years later...

I look around the dorm apartment, knowing that Bella and I are about to leave Seth and Leah here. I smile as I hang the large photo collage that Bella put together for them up on the common room wall. After it's hanging properly, I look at it and see all the different memories that have been captured over the last nine and half years.

The first memory was a month after we arrived back from Santa's Lapland in the UK: we discovered that we had brought another family member back with us. Yeah, we managed to get pregnant again. I was so glad when that pregnancy was a lot easier for Bella. I still believe that it was because there wasn't as much stress on Bella or our family.

I chuckle, remembering the day the twins ran into my office shouting that the baby was coming. Bella went into labor almost three weeks early, and for the second time, I was the one who delivered our child. We welcomed our son into the world on September the eleventh, two days before Bella's twenty-second birthday. We picked out the name Anthony for his first name, and since we couldn't come up with a middle name, we used both Emmett and Jasper's names. That means Anthony has two middle names. We all call him AJ for short, and he is my little buddy. AJ has the strangest eye color. He has my bright green, with flecks of Bella's chocolate brown throughout. It was almost like the green and brown couldn't decide, so they made a combination instead.

It was just after AJ's birth when Bella approached me, saying we didn't need the money she got from her second inheritance. She said it was doing no good sitting in the bank, and she wanted to do something useful with it. She asked if we could use it to open a school for adults to further their education. Her idea was to help people who were like her; individuals who hadn't gotten a lot of schooling and had no money or resources to get it now. We talked to the family and to Marcus, and a year later, Bella cut the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony.

The Masen Educational Center opened, and I was surprised to find that a lot of professors from the college had volunteered to help us. We ended up with ten teachers volunteering and thirty people attending the first year. The age range of the people attending classes was diversified – our youngest was seventeen, and the oldest was forty-five. The second year we were open, our numbers jumped by leaps and bounds. We started receiving funds through donations and non-profit fundraisers. We finally hired a staff of twelve, and our classroom groupings rose to six classes of twenty.

Last year we opened two more schools; these went into higher risk neighborhoods that had a lot of gang members and low income families. I was angry when I found out that Bella had gone, on her own, to see what needed to be done to the one building in a particularly bad area of town. That night she came home and we had the biggest argument ever. She stood her ground and asked how I could expect other people to work in the school if I was not allowing my wife to go there. She also explained how she wanted to talk to the kids around there and see what she could do to encourage them to attend.

Bella and I didn't talk for two days, and neither one of us was backing down. On the third day, I found that she had gone again to help paint some of the classrooms, and I was livid. When I arrived, I was stunned to see that she had a lot of the younger people helping her. There were obviously different gang members around, and several other undesirable people there. Some of the people stopped and spoke to me, telling me how special my wife was.

One of the guys helping came up to me and explained how they'd had a street meeting, and that all of the gangs and people from the neighborhood agreed that Bella's school was a safe zone for everyone. He also went on to say that he was so happy to see that someone cared about the people in the neighborhood, because he had lost hope in humanity long ago. I smiled at him and looked to Bella as she kept talking and painting with the others, and agreed that she was special.

I felt like shit for the rest of the day as I dug in and got dirty helping. I had a lot to make up for because, once again, I had been an ass to my wife. That night, I made up with her, telling her that I was sorry and begging for her forgiveness. I still don't fully understand how she was able to reach so many people in the area, but this year the intake numbers are higher than ever before. The state funded a back to school program for the people applying for welfare. Now they are sending us uneducated people for job skills training, too.

Seth and Leah have changed a lot over the years, too. They both help with Remy, who is now ten, and AJ, who is eight. They take the roles of being a big sister and a big brother very seriously. AJ idolizes Seth, and will often ask him how he looks. He even tries to get his hair to sit like Seth's does.

The other children in our extended family all look up to Seth and Leah, too. Often when we have large family dinners, the younger children get entertained by Seth, Leah, and Sammy.

I chuckle, thinking of Jasper and Alice's daughter, Corin. She loves Seth and hangs on every word he says. Seth is always careful when talking to her; he knows that she is nine years younger than him. Corin is the quiet one out of all the children in the family, and is still very much my Serenity. We often find her in a corner, reading stories that are well above her age. Seth is always the first to sit and talk to her, and he often takes her to his music room and plays his piano as she sits there reading.

Cam and Remy have a strong bond, too. They are the best of friends, and there have been times when one has been ill or hurt and the other has felt it. I've always told Bella that Emmett and I would have grandchildren to share, and I will always believe that, but it better not be for a very long time!

I remember when Leah went through a time where her moods were all over the place. One minute she would be happy and laughing, and then the next she was screaming and bursting into tears. I was completely stumped as to what was going on with her, and was once again grateful for the women in the family who came and talked to both Bella and I, helping us to figure out what was going on. Bella felt sad that it hadn't clicked for her about what the problem was with Leah, but female problems are tough to deal with no matter what, and with the pill, Leah was definitely better off.

Bella and I had talked to Leah before we took her to see a female gynecologist, and I know she was a little put off. I'm sure having her father there, talking about 'woman' stuff was embarrassing, but I wanted her to know that I was there for her no matter what the issue was. I told her that if she needed to talk, or needed anything to help her, that she could come to me. It only took a few months for Seth and me to figure out when to buy Leah ice cream and chocolate. The pills she was put on helped her with the serious mood swings, but she still had what Seth called the 'exorcist' moments at times.

Leah has gone on a few dates with guys, but only ever had one boyfriend so far, and that was Paul. I thought then, and still think now, that Paul is an ass. I was so proud of both Seth and Sammy when I found out they kicked his ass for cheating on Leah. He told them the only reason he did it was because she refused to sleep with him.

Seth has yet to have a girlfriend. Like Leah, he has gone on dates, but nothing has ever come from that. It's not that no one wants him – quite the opposite actually. I really don't know how many times I've answered the door to a girl handing me cookies, candies, muffins, and even flowers for him. But Seth never seems to be interested in any of the girls at his school. Everyone says he's like me, and he's just waiting for that one girl.

There have been many changes throughout our extended family, as well. The first being nine years ago when my mother and Zafrina knocked down the adjoining wall between their apartments to make one big one. They have been happy living as roommates since then. I can't express how thankful I am to Zafrina; because I know that she helps my mom out a lot. Thankfully, my mom seems to have calmed down quite a bit, and has only had one relapse in the past ten years.

We still don't really have a typical mother-son relationship, though. She's my mom and I love her, but we seem to have fallen into more of a friendship than anything else. I honestly believe that it makes things easier on her and allows her to relax around me more. I know a huge part of her breakdowns were attributed to her constant worry that she wasn't good enough to care for me. Once that burden was removed from her, she was able to get help and get well.

I let my eyes wander over the photos in the collage that I just hung, stopping on all the different wedding photos. I chuckle as my mind goes back six years to what we all classify as the wedding year. First it was Taylor and Sally, then Emmett and Lucy, next was Riley and Bree, and finally Jane and Garrett – all of which were within a ten month period, and Bella, the children, and I were in all of them.

Then, the next year was the baby year, or rather 'the year of many babies.' Taylor and Sally had a baby girl and named her Ava. Then came twins from Bree and Riley; they are named Adam and Megan. Next was a girl for Emmett and Lucy, who they named Maria after Bella. The biggest surprise was when Jane walked in with a one year old girl named Emily.

Emily's mother, Sophia, came and begged for a job from Aro. He refused, seeing that she was an addict and was in an abusive relationship. Jane tried in vain to help Sophia, but late one night, she turned up at Jane and Garrett's and asked Jane if she could watch Emily for her. Sophia never returned, and was found dead in her apartment by Garrett three days later. She had been beaten and had a needle stuck in her arm. Her abusive partner, who was Emily's father, was found hanging in the other room. The police said that he killed himself after finding Sophia dead.

Emily was just over a year old when everything happened, and Jane fought tooth and nail to keep her. We could all see that she loved Emily very much and were glad when she and Garrett were allowed to adopt her. Emily is now a healthy six year old.

Three years ago was the hardest on most of us. Bella had been looking worried and stressed for a couple of days. She had gone to bed before me each night, so I couldn't ask her what was going on. I planned to call into work so I could get to the bottom of the issue the following morning, especially after three long nights of worrying. That night, though, I woke to find Bella having a nightmare – the first one in years. I begged her to tell me what was wrong, and sat in silence as she told me what had happened.

She had gone to the Breakaway Hotel to drop off the paintings that the owner had purchased from her, and while she was there, she saw Rose. She told me about how Rose looked, and that she was dressed in a chambermaid uniform. Then she told me that she had walked right up to Rose, who looked ashamed. Bella had asked her to join her for lunch, and after a lot of persuasion on Bella's part, Rose finally agreed. Once they got to a restaurant, Rose filled Bella in on what had happened after she and Emmett split up.

It turns out that Royce had a drinking and gambling problem, and would often hit Rose. When she could no longer take it, she walked out and filed for a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and spousal abuse. Rose went on to say that her grandmother was angry with her, and said that it was her fault that Royce hit her because she failed to give him an heir and do her wifely duties. During the divorce, Rose found out that he used all her money gambling, and that there was nothing left. All of Royce's family money belonged to his parents, so she got nothing in the end. Since her grandmother was no longer speaking to her, she had no one and nothing anymore. The chambermaid job was the only one she could get.

She had been working there for over two years. Bella asked why she didn't go to Jasper, Carlisle or Esme, and Rose simply said that she was ashamed about what she had done. Rose asked Bella not to say anything to anyone. She was happy that Emmett had moved on, and she was really fine on her own. Bella told me that she was upset with Rose for not even asking about Cam once, so she did as Rose asked and walked away from the meeting, forgetting that she even saw her.

It wasn't until the next day that Bella found out why Rose hadn't asked about Cam. When Bella had gone to collect Cam, Remy, and AJ from school, she decided that since it was nice out, she would take them to the park to play. The kids were happily playing on the slide and the swings as Bella sat off to the side on a bench. She said that when she was snapping random pictures for the picture book she was working on, she noticed Rose standing off to the side, watching the kids play.

She walked up to Rose to ask her what she was doing, but Rose tried to get away. Bella told her that if she didn't explain why she was there, not only would she tell me about their meeting, she would tell Emmett, too. Rose finally told her that she missed Cam and just wanted to see him from time to time. That was when Cam shouted out to Bella, calling her what he always calls her – Mama Bee. She said that after hearing that, Rose asked her once more not to tell me or Emmett before she began to cry and walk away quickly.

I was angry by the time Bella had finished speaking. I couldn't believe, trust, or even begin to understand what Rose was up to. I was still upset that she chose to walk out on Emmett the way she did. Not to mention her not talking to Jasper – her own brother, or to Carlisle and Esme, who treated her like a daughter. It galled me to know that she didn't want to speak to Emmett about Cam, or even want to be a part of her son's life in the beginning. And now that she has nothing left, she suddenly cares enough to watch him from afar.

That was not fair to Cam; he should have the right to choose for himself if she ever sees him, and she was taking that right from him. I knew that some of my anger came from my own childhood and what I have felt about the choices my mom made. With everything running through my mind, I went to see Rose the next day, and what I saw stopped me in my tracks.

The woman before me was nothing like the woman I remembered or was brought up with. The Rose I saw looked overly thin, tired, hurt, and alone. Her blond hair was now dull and looked grey. As I looked at her wearing the chambermaid uniform with her hair tied back, I had a flash of Bella way back when I had stalked her. What I saw made all the anger leave my body. I watched her eyes go wide as she saw me. The woman staring back at me was so unlike the old Rose that I actually had to blink a few times to be sure it was her. I tried to give her a small smile as she walked over to me, obviously scared of how I might react.

"She told you?" I raise my eyebrow at her and she shakes her head. "Please, Edward, don't tell Emmett," she sniffs.

"When do you get a break, Rose?"

She looks at me while saying, "My lunch is in ten minutes."

I nod my head at her. "I'll meet you outside in my car." I don't wait for her to reply before I exit the building. Fifteen minutes later, we're sitting in a nearby cafe.

She tells me the same story she told Bella, and I look at her and sigh. "Rose, I'm sorry for what you've been through, but I will be telling Emmett." She starts to argue with me but I hold my hand up. "Not about what you've been through with Royce and your grandmother, but about you watching Cam. Emmett and Lucy are his legal parents. You signed away your rights years ago because you didn't want your son; Emmett has a right to know. I also want to say something, and I mean this in the kindest way possible, what you're doing is selfish, Rose. You have no right to watch him like you have been. It should be up to Cam and his parents to decide what you know about and when you see him. You looking into his life and watching him, even from afar, is wrong. You gave up that right long ago. If you truly love him, then let him be the one to decide if you can be a part of his life. If he says no, then you need to back away."

I watch Rose begin to cry. "He... he's my son – was mine – what will I be to him? Do you know how hard it was for me to hear him call Bella, Mama Bee? And the woman Emmett's is with? He calls her mom or mommy!"

I chuckle as I shake my head. "That woman's name is Lucy, and she has legally adopted Cam. She is his mom. She loves him just the same as if she gave him life, and you should know that Cam loves her, too. As for Bella, you should be grateful for her. You have no idea what all she did for Emmett and Cam when you walked away from them. When it comes to Cam, you need to be whatever he asks you to be, and stop being selfish. Put Cam first for once." I throw a twenty on the table to cover the bill, get up, and walk away. I knew it was time to go, because I can only see myself hurting her more.

The next day I told Emmett, and the few weeks after that were hard on everyone. Emmett agreed that since Cam was a very smart eight-year-old, he had the right to choose what happened next. Cam went to see Rose, and they spent some time together. They began slowly building up a relationship. Rose was upset that Cam quickly told her outright that Lucy was and always will be his mom, and that Bella is like a second mom to him. He said he didn't need another mom, but would like her as a friend. Even though it hurt Rose, she took my advice and told him that if that was all she could have, she would take it.

Last year Rose got married again for the third time. We were all surprised to find out that Phil was a garbage man, but Rose seemed happy. He has been very good to her, and even Cam likes him. The time since then has been hard, but everyone is learning from the experience. Cam now stays with Rose for one weekend every other month. Rose has just started to speak to Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper again. Alice has forgiven her, but she still doesn't want to spend too much time with her.

The hardest thing for Bella happened just nine months ago. Harry passed away from pancreatic cancer. Sue died three months later of a massive heart attack. Jane had continued with her two-week long visits every six months. I guess there was no rest for the wicked. Seth and Leah took the news well, however Bella and I still took them to see a therapist. Both Seth and Leah said the same thing: Sue was, by all accounts, nothing more than a stranger to them. The only thing they knew for sure was that Sue was someone who hurt Bella in the past.

The twins chose to not go to the funeral. I, on the other hand, had to go because Bella wished to pay her last respects and I'd never let her go alone. Bella paid for everything, and Harry and Sue are buried beside each other in an old family plot by their parents. They both have a headstone with only their names on it.

I hear Seth and Leah talking and it brings me back to the here and now. They're all unpacked and organized in the college dorms, and today Bella and I will leave them here as they mark their way into their adult lives. Bella has been showing great courage all the way through.

We held a joint graduation party for them as they both ended up with 4.0 grade point averages. They both refused the scholarships they were offered, and requested that they be given to less fortunate students. They both know that the whole family has been putting money into their college funds every month for the last several years. They also both worked at Midnight Sun and at Bella's school for the past two years, so they've been adding their own money to the fund, as well.

I sigh deeply, looking around the room at both Seth and Leah's stuff. I feel a little better knowing that they will be sharing a dorm room, and that Sammy, who has been here for two years, will be their Resident Advisor. I smile as I close the door and make my way to Bella, Seth, and Leah, who are right outside.

"I love both of you; you too, Sammy. I'm so proud of you. I swear I will be here for you if you ever need me," Bella sobs out. I pull her to me, kissing her head as I watch Leah lean into Sammy, trying to hide her own tears.

"I put the boxes that Jane gave you in your bedside drawers; remember to use them," I chuckle as both Seth and Leah's faces get red.

Last week we had a family and friends dinner at Midnight Sun, and once again, I closed for the night since there were more than fifty of us all together. I didn't even hide my chuckle at Jane's parting words to Seth. She handed him and Leah both a very large box of condoms before telling Seth that if he got a girl pregnant out of wedlock, she would personally cut off his dick. Seth just looked at her while Sammy laughed. His laugher, however, died off when she turned to him and said that it would be twice as bad for him if he got Leah pregnant out of wedlock. He and Leah yelled that they weren't even dating, but we all rolled our eyes, knowing that it wouldn't be long before they were. They have both dated other people, but always seem to be closer to each other than anyone they have dated. I'm kind of happy with that, as I know Sammy would never hurt her and already puts her first. That's partly why he doesn't have a girlfriend – because when he did, Leah still came first.

I let Bella go so that she can hug them each one more time. I watch as she pulls them close to her, almost as if she's afraid to let them go.

She pulls away, and I see Seth chuckle. "Come on, Bells, we'll see each other all the time." Seth always calls Bella, 'Bells' when he's overcome with feelings or emotions.

"I'm going to miss you, Mom, so much," Leah cries out, wrapping herself around Bella.

I watch Seth chuckle more while shaking his head. "Jeez, girls! We're going to college, not dying. You know as well as I do that we'll be seeing each other a lot. Bells, don't worry. I'll let you know when I have loads of washing to do and need a decent dinner."

I frown at Seth, and just as I'm about to reprimand him, Sammy slaps him hard on the head. "Seth, stop been an ass. There is no one here to show off for, and we all know that you'll miss your mom just as much, if not more, than Leah will. And not just because she feeds you and washes your clothes."

Seth looks down. "Yeah... Bel – Mom, I am going to miss you loads, and you know I love you."

Bella nods her head at him and gives him a quick hug. Seth is now my height, so Bella can no longer reach his head to kiss him.

"All right, we're going to head home now. Both of you stay out of trouble, you hear? I love you both, and I am so proud of you." They both nod their heads at me as I hug them. "Sammy, keep an eye on my princess here. You know the drill for any guys?"

Sammy smiles and nods his head at me.

"The same with Seth here. Leah, keep him safe – no bimbos." Leah smiles at me before grinning at Seth, who just rolls his eyes.

"Jeez! When will you all learn? I like a girl with something upstairs, and I'm not talking about a good set of tits."

This time, both Sammy and Bella slap Seth on his head.

"No more hanging out with Uncle Emmett!" Bella demands.

After another round of fast hugs, we get in the car to leave. Bella and I wave to them as we go by.

On the drive home, Bella is really quiet. "Come on, baby. We'll see them again soon. We still have Remy and AJ at home."

She nods her head and sniffs.

"Baby, what can I do to cheer you up?"

She chuckles, shaking her head. "I don't know – um – how about pulling the car over and fucking my brains out so I can't even remember my own name?"

I swallow, feeling the tightness grow in my pants. Pulling the car over as far as I can, I smile as Bella's eyes widen. I smirk at her. "I am all for pleasing you, baby." I smile as I watch Bella get out of the car with a chuckle. I get out and come around the car. Grabbing her hand, I lead us into the forest on the side of the road. As soon as we're deep enough in the trees, I push her up against a large, smooth boulder. Over the years, our sex life has only flourished. I still can't get enough of her. We normally only make sweet love to each other, but there are days when we just really get down and dirty. Bella makes me feel insatiable, and on average, we make love or flat out fuck on a daily basis. We definitely have a very active and healthy sex life, and I love it at times like this where she is relinquishing all control to me.

Her body is firmly against the boulder, and my mouth is firmly attached to hers. I drive my tongue into her mouth in the same stroking action that my hand is rubbing her cloth-covered pussy. Using my right hand, I pull her hair just enough to tilt her chin up to the sky and move my mouth down her throat, nipping and licking at her collarbone as my left hand is busy removing her pants. Once her pants are on the ground at her feet, my fingers make purchase with her wet folds. Stepping on the edge of her pants, I pull her right leg free from them to give myself a little more room to move. I pump three fingers into my girl with my right hand, and I use my left hand to undo my pants. As my pants pool at my feet, my cock springs free, weeping to be inside its home.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, baby, you'll forget your name," I say as I turn her to face the boulder. Standing behind her, I use my foot to move her feet shoulder width apart. With my right hand on her hip and my left on her back, I pull her back and bend her forward at the same time.

"Brace yourself, baby," I say as a warning before I push deeply into her soaked heat.

I love that this stretch of road is easy to hide on. This isn't the first time we've fucked in this forest, either. I love listening to my girl as she screams out how much she loves my cock. With every pant and moan, I want to fuck her harder. The intense pleasure I'm feeling is pushing me closer to my release, but first I need to give my girl the satisfaction she is striving for.

"Oh, baby, rub your clit for me," I say as I stroke her puckered hole above my cock with my juice-covered thumb. She starts whimpering louder as her fingers begin manipulating her bundle of nerves. I feel her walls start trembling, and I slowly push the tip of my thumb into her ass as I thrust into her sopping cunt. The more of my thumb and cock she takes in, the more she screams out in pleasure. I'm thrusting my cock and thumb in tandem, and I can feel her falling over the edge. Her walls squeeze me so hard it feels like my cock is in a vice as she screams out my name. I thrust into her once more and unload ribbons of my seed inside her dripping pussy. I lean against her back slightly, but I'm able to keep most of my weight off of her.

"Fuck, baby, that was amazing," I whisper in her ear.

"You're always amazing," she whispers back.


We arrive home and Bella still has the normal afterglow on her face from her climax. We open the door and stop, because standing there with his arms folded is Seth.

"What are you doing here, Seth?"

He looks at me and then at Bella. "Oh, not much. I've been here for an hour waiting for you, and worrying something was wrong. Please, do tell what it was that made you take almost two hours for a twenty minute trip. Well, ten with the way that Dad drives."

Bella and I gulp as we look at him.

He moves over to Bella and pulls something from her hair. "You know what – never mind. Please don't tell me. By this," he says, holding up a leaf, "I probably don't want to know." Seth hands Bella the leaf that he just pulled out, and she blushes, hiding her face behind the curtain of her messy hair.

I shake my head, but then remember that we – Bella and I, that is – are the parents. "Hey, we're married, so we don't have to explain ourselves. Anyway, why aren't you in your dorm getting ready for tomorrow?"

Seth looks down to the floor. "I forgot something."

Bella gives him a half smile. "See, Seth! If you made a list..."

Seth covers Bella's mouth and shakes his head. "No, Mom, I forgot this."

I watch as he picks her up, hugging her tightly to him.

"I love you, Mom – so much. I'll miss you everyday – I can't stand the thought of being away – even thinking about – because if I do – I will never leave – then you'll be stuck with me – even when I'm ninety," Seth sobs out.

He continues to hold her in his arms. I hear her whisper something in his ear, and smile at the way his mother's love shines in his eyes. After a short time, he places her on the floor and kisses her head.

"Well... Yeah, I forgot that, Mom. I'm going to miss you, too, Dad."

I nod my head at him

"Which is real fu..." Seth stops himself before swearing. "Because, well, Dad, I'll see you at college all the time. I'll see you both because we're still having family dinners here every Wednesday, and the big family dinner once a month at Grandpa and Grandma's."

Bella nods her head before adding to his speech. "Don't forget we work together every Tuesday night at Midnight Sun."

Seth nods his head. "That's what I mean. We're going to see each other all the time – I don't get why this so hard."

I try to smile, knowing that this has been hard for all three of them, but everyone understands that this was for the best. Leah and Bella talked most of the week. Seth, on the other hand, has been more like me and pushed it away while pretending that he was fine.

"Okay, well I better get back... Leah and Sammy want to have pizza and enjoy our last night together before being full-time college students. See you tomorrow, Dad. And Mom, I'll call you first thing." Seth hugs Bella again and kisses her head before walking to the door, but still turns to wave at us once more.

"They're going to be all right, won't they?"

I nod my head. "Yeah, they'll be fine, baby. With Jane on campus, there won't be any problems there, and Sammy will cover their dorms."

Bella nods her head and looks to the door again. I feel bad for her because she has not spent more than two weeks away from them ever. Seth and Leah may not be her biological children, but they are her babies and always will be.

Looking for a way to cheer up my sad wife, I smirk and pull her into my arms. "Well, baby, we have the whole house to ourselves until tomorrow. I say we use this time wisely."

Bella pulls back a little and shakes her head at me while grinning. "What did you have in mind?"

I give her a shy smile and wiggle my brow at her.

She smirks and tilts her head to the side. "You want another sexy dance, don't you?"

I grin at her, nodding my head. "Well, give me an hour to set up," she says seductively.

I grin like a kid in a candy store as I watch her walk away, wiggling her hips at me.


Another 10 years later

God, where does the time go? Here I am, putting on my tux. Soon I'll be walking my butterfly down the aisle; today she gets married. She and Cam have been together for five years, now. We all knew before they did that this day would come. Remy has just started her second year of college and is due to turn twenty in December, which is next month.

It was five years ago, at Leah and Sammy's wedding, that Cam and Remy got together. I smile, remembering my princess' wedding day. Then just last year, she made me a grandfather. She had a little girl and named her Isabella, after her mom. We all call my beautiful granddaughter, Izzie-bee.

I look down the corridor and see Emmett, Lucy, Rose, and Phil standing with Cam. I walk up to the five of them, glad that they all became somewhat friends. Emmett and Lucy had a daughter and named her Caitlin. Rose and Phil had a daughter as well, and named her Kennedy. Ironically, the girls are close in age and have become the closest of friends. They are always hanging around with Alice and Jasper's adopted son, Colton, and together, they are the Three Musketeers.

After a few minutes, I leave them and head to see my little girl. I pass Seth, who has his arms wrapped around Corin, kissing her neck. I grin until I see Jasper growling at him because Seth is kissing his daughter. My mind flashes back to three months ago in July.

Seth is now a songwriter and singer. He has had ten number one hits in the seven years that he's been on the radio. He loves it very much, but I'm glad to say he keeps his feet on the ground. He had just wrapped up a tour with his band, and told us he met the women he wants to spend the rest of his life with. To say we were all surprised would be putting it mildly, as Seth has had many dates, but none that he declared his love for or even made his girlfriend. We all knew then that she must be something really special. But, when he walked into our home with Jasper's nineteen year old daughter, we were speechless.

"What the hell is going on, and what is that on your finger, Corin?" I watched as Seth hugged Corin closer to him and whispered in her ear.

She visibly relaxed as he spoke to her. "I asked her to be my wife, and she said yes," Seth said, looking right at Jasper.

Jasper moved over to Seth, but Bella stood in front of him. "Bella, she's only nineteen. She's just a baby and he's twenty-eight! He's far too old for her."

I didn't mean to, but I burst out laughing at the words he used. It brought back to mind my argument to him as to why I should stay away from Bella.

Jasper looked at me, and then when it clicked, he got a little whiter. "Sorry," he mumbled.

I held up my hand and shrugged my shoulder. "It just brought back an old memory of what we talked about when I found out Bella's age."

Jasper rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well, the apple didn't fall far from the tree with Seth, here, did it? Like father, like son. Seems like Seth goes for the younger – much younger women – and in this case my little girl. Besides, it was different for you two because you didn't know her age – but he – he watched her grow up."

Jasper moved to step forward, but Bella pushed him back. "Just you hang on a minute, Mr. Whitlock. First of all, Seth's been away most of the past eight years, and he's only seen her a handful of times during that period. We all saw both of them together from a young age, and there was always a special closeness between them. It was clear to everyone from the get-go. As for him being like Edward – yes, yes, he is, because he would never have crossed that line if he didn't feel something strong for her – if he didn't love her. I know Seth, as do you, and like Edward, he will always put her first. He will shower her with affection, make her feel beautiful, and love and help her grow as a person – as a woman. They're in love! I understand that she's your daughter, but even you said once, a long time ago, that she's an old soul. Growing up, we only ever saw her coming out of her shell if she was around Seth. If you push this, she will run from you, Jasper. You have helped build and make Seth the man he is today, and I, for one, am proud of how he's turned out."

Jasper looks down at Bella. "You knew, didn't you?"

Bella nods her head. "It was easy to work out when Corin was so much happier after traveling, and then Seth said he was in love. It wasn't hard to figure out when they were in the same place and both suddenly so much happier than ever before."

It took a few hours to calm Jasper down, more so because Alice already knew, but Corin wanted to tell her dad herself. Jasper has been slowly coming around to the idea, but I know he finds it hard when he sees them kissing. I understand completely, because it's the same way I was when Leah and Sammy got together, and then Remy and Cam. I watch Jane chuckle as she walks past Jasper. She's been getting great enjoyment from this, and she tells Jasper that he's overreacting to the issue all the time.

I head up to see my baby helping my butterfly with the finishing touches. "You look so beautiful," Bella says while looking at Remy. I shake my head as I take in the sight of my daughter. She looks stunning in the same wedding dress that Bella wore at our wedding. Remy looks so much like Bella.

"You look magnificent, Butterfly." She smiles at me, and I look at Leah and Bella and little Izzie-bee. "You all look beautiful – all of my girls."

Bella walks up to me and hugs me.

I clear my throat. "It's almost time."

They all nod their heads at me. A few minutes later Bella goes to take her seat, being escorted by Seth. I smile as I watch Leah and Izzie-bee head off down the aisle as the music starts, and then smile once more at my sweet Remy before kissing her cheek and whispering how much I love her in her ear. She squeezes my arm and tells me not to let her fall. I smile and tell her I'd never let that happen. With a proud smile, I walk her down the aisle to her future.

The wedding was beautiful and went by quickly. We end up at Midnight Sun for the reception, once again, and I stand to do my fatherly duty by giving the first speech.

"Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming and sharing in the joy of our wonderful Remy and Cam's wedding day. Cam, son, we knew the first time you saw Remy that you would love her forever. Emmett and I joked many times about how Remy owned you, heart and soul. Just as you own her. It just took you both fifteen years to realize it. Remy, you will always be our little butterfly, but today you have spread your wings and have finally flown to the one who is, and has always been, your soulmate. Remy, your mother and I, as well as your sister and brothers, all love you so much. None of us could think of a better man than Cam to carry your heart with him forever. Here's to my wonderful baby girl and my newest son-in-law," I say, raising my glass. Emmett makes a speech and surprisingly so does Phil.

I dance with all of my girls, Lucy, and even Rose. Right now, I have Bella back in my arms. "I can't believe our butterfly has gotten married, and Seth is clearly next. With AJ away at college now, what will we do with ourselves, baby?"

I watch her chuckle. "I'm more than sure you will keep me occupied somehow."

I wiggle my eyebrows at her. "Life is going to be a little quieter for us now."

Bella shakes her head. "When you get me going, I am never quiet," she growls seductively in my ear. I smile as I pull her face to mine and kiss her deeply as we continue dancing.

We spend the rest of the evening dancing and talking to the guests. It's almost the end of the night, and I'm putting things away when I spy AJ in the corner kissing some girl. I try to figure out who he's kissing as Bella walks up to me.

"Is that AJ?"

I nod my head at her, and just as I'm about to call to him, I see his hand going up the girl's top. I know that he's eighteen, but I still don't want to see that.

"AJ!" Bella yells before I do, and he turns to look at us sheepishly.

Both Bella and I gasp as we see Jane's sixteen year old daughter, Emily. She's embarrassed and is looking down at the floor, but I notice her hand at her neck, playing with a necklace. Then I see it's AJ's football team pendant.

"What the hell? When did this start?"

They both look at me. "A few months ago," AJ says. "I swear we only make out, that's it. We're taking it slow."

I watch Bella cross her arms over her chest. "Excuse me, young man. You had your hand sliding up the underside of her top. Playing with her breast is hardly making out or taking it slow."

AJ blushes and I hold back the chuckle. "She's only sixteen, and she may be of consensual age, but she's still very young. And don't forget the fact that you're in college and she still has another two years in high school, not to mention that she is Jane's daughter. Jane will kill you if you get her pregnant, and only God, himself, knows what she'll do if you upset her."

AJ nods his head. "Mom, I love her. I know we're still young, but I swear I do. I would never hurt her. We've been friends for ages now – you know that. Please, Mom?"

Both Bella and I look at each other and nod our heads. "AJ, no more hiding. You have to talk to Jane and Garrett about dating Emily. If you both feel old enough to have a make-out session like we just witnessed, then you're old enough to talk to Jane and Garrett about it." I nod my head in agreement with Bella.

"Mom, Dad, can't you tell them, please? I love Aunt Jane, but I've seen her angry, and well... I don't what to lose any of my – well – you know," he clears his throat, "cock – or any other body parts."

Bella frowns as a chuckle escapes my lips. "AJ, please call it something else, and there is no way in hell I'm telling Jane. Jesus, there is a large chance..." Bella doesn't get to finish what she was going to say because Jasper's booming voice rings out.

"Oh... hell, yeah! I'll tell her – please let me tell Jane about this!"

I look at Jasper, seeing what can only be described as an evil smile cross his face. "I can't wait to see how little Miss Jane takes it when it is her daughter dating an older guy. Ah, and there's only two years between those two, not nine. Oh well – ha – yeah, let's see if 'they're in love' sums this up," he says, using his hands to quote Jane's words to him about Corin and Seth. Jasper continues to talk as he walks away to tell Jane.

Emily looks at the door and so does AJ. I can see the panic running rampant in Emily's eyes. I watch my son rub her back as her hand goes to her hair.

"Please, Beeward..." I smile because all the kids seem to call Bella and me this when they talk to both of us. "Don't let Mom hurt him, please. I love him and he's my best friend. Please?"

Bella and I nod, and all of us look at the door after hearing glass break. "Anthony Jasper Emmett Masen! I swear when I get my hands on you, boy…"

We all loudly gulp. "Sounds as if she took the news well," I say, trying to break the tension. Bella nods her head at me as Jane appears at the door.

"Jane, did you hear the good news that AJ has asked Emily to be his girlfriend? He even gave her his football necklace. Isn't that sweet?"

Jane looks at Bella as if she's grown another head. "NO, it isn't sweet! It's a very pussy thing to do – just like his father."

Emily looks at Jane. "Ma, I love him. Please? You know that I don't have many friends. Everyone I know is scared of you, and the rest all think I'm a nerd. AJ always sat with me at school, and he always tells me I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. Mom, he asked me to be his girl and I said yes, because it's what I want. Please, Mom?"

Jane puts her hands on her hips and rolls her eyes. "I still need to talk to him. You know the rules, young lady."

Emily goes to argue but AJ steps forward. "Okay, Aunt Jane, lead the way."

I smile at my son, proud that he was stepping up. I also know that even if Jane really wants to kill him, she won't. I know she loves the kid the same as she loves Emily. After all, he is her godson.

I watch them walk out, and Emily comes over to us. "They'll be all right, right?"

Bella and I nod our heads. "They'll be fine. She's just doing the fatherly thing I did with Sammy and with Cam."

Emily smiles at me. "I wish she'd let Dad do it. There's no way he'd be as bad as her."

We all laugh and Bella hugs her. "Welcome to the Masen family."

Emily smiles back at her. "I hope so. I really do love AJ and I know he loves me, too."

A few minutes later, AJ and Jane walk back in, and AJ is all smiles. "Em, your mom said that I could drive you home."

Emily runs into her mom's arms, giving her a kiss before taking AJ's hand and walking out with him.

Bella and I look at Jane, both with unsure looks on our faces. "What? I already knew about it. I swear everyone must think that I'm blind or stupid. She's had his necklace on for two months now. And I heard the others on his team commenting that AJ gave his to some girl who wouldn't even put out. I also heard the way he stood up to them, telling them not to talk about his girl that way or anyway at all, for that matter. I knew then that he loved her, and that's all that matters to me. You do know, though, that a little fear is still a good thing when a guy is with your little girl. Don't you agree, Edward?"

I smile at her, nodding my head. "Yep, you're right. It's a good thing."

We walk back out and I see Jasper holding ice to his chin. Bella and I both look to Jane, who shrugs her shoulders. "He deserved it. Corin is the happiest I've ever seen her, and Seth's a great guy. He needs to let it go. And besides, don't you know the messenger always gets the shit end of the deal?"

The night ends, and we wave to Remy and Cam as they leave for their honeymoon.

After a short time, I drive Bella and myself home. I look at her and smile when I see her staring at me. We hold hands all the way home, and I help her out of the car after parking it.

"Well, with Seth and Corin, and AJ and Emily together, I don't think things will ever be quiet around here – at least not for a while."

I smile, nodding my head as we walk through the door. "Well, I know one thing for sure, and that's the fact that tonight this house isn't going to be quiet at all," I say before picking her up. "Because you, baby, will be screaming my name – again and again and again – all night long."

Bella kisses me and wraps her legs around my waist. I lean her up against the wall in the entryway. "In fact, I think we'll start right here."

~The End~

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