The missing mother

The slightly plump girl of 10 jumped over the fence, her long red hair braided into plaits bounced at her waist as she eagerly looked over, but there was nothing there and she sighed and jumped down with a look on her face so miserable that her cat might have just died. Grace had been waiting for her mother who had only this morning promised that she would be waiting for her after school. Grace's mother had never been what you would call a loving mother. Her mother shopped went to parties and gossiped to her friends but had never paid much attention to her lonely daughter. The maids and the nanny attended to Grace and although she tried to find companionship in them they weren't the mother she craved.

Grace put on her coat, walked out of the school gates and headed home. She trudged through the snow which was falling heavily out of the dark and gloomy sky. Feeling very gullible and stupid for believing her mother again she threw her bag on the ground only after realising all her homework would be soaked and ruined she picked it up again with a deep sigh. When she arrived and opened the front door expecting her mother's usually "sorry gift" and excuse for not being at the school she was taken aback as her mother was crying in the armchair by the fire with a letter clutched tightly in her hands. She looked up as Grace came in then started crying again.

Linda Johnson was usually a very pretty woman with stylish clothes that matched all the latest fashions with makeup that was perfectly applied and a manner that added to her charm. Her face always had a smile that when people saw her they always smiled back and meant it. She seemed to have time for all her friends and appeared to be a lovely women, accept that no-one really knew how little she cared for her daughter. All Linda said to people was that she was a naughty and disobedient child who didn't deserve love and attention and everyone quite agreed. Grace never talked to people much accept her teachers, nanny and rarely her mother so she didn't know her mother said this behind her back. Though Grace was not called this by her mother to her face Linda was never really there for Grace and gave her presents instead thinking this was what Grace wanted most and not knowing how very wrong she was.

Grace was shocked as she took in her mother's appearance, her hair was tangled up in a mess, her makeup was smeared and running down her face, her eyes were red and her clothes were crumpled. Grace recovered herself and ran over her mother taking the letter gently out of her hands but before she opened it her mother wailed 'No, Grace don't, it's your father he has been killed'. Grace forgetting that she had never done this in her life before she curled into her mother's lap and Linda stroked her daughter's hair doing it as if she did this everyday and they cried together.

By Hannah

This is a small extract from a book I wrote. I know this is fanfiction but I wrote my own unique story that isn't to do with any other book. Please don't hate me because of it I just love writing my own stories and wanted to show you guys what I could do. Please review it and if you like it I will will put the whole book up. Please review! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX