They're sleeping in his bed. Again.

John looked on from the doorway of Sherlock's bedroom to see the Adler Holmes family asleep on his bed. 18 month old Sébastian Harrison John Adler Holmes (no hyphen) was sucking his thumb, sleeping peacefully in between in his parents.

Everything had begun to change the day Irene Adler had first slept in Sherlock's' bed. The duo's platonic relationship had been feasible, both Irene and Sherlock were the cleverest people John knew, and yet their 'purely platonic sleeping' had resulted in a pregnancy and an amazingly handsome and adorable baby boy (however that was given with Irene's looks and Sherlock's cheek bones).

Sherlock Holmes had once been a cold-hearted, arrogant, blunt and far too clever for his own good man, and in many ways having a romantic relationship with Irene Adler and becoming a father had not changed Mr. Holmes. He was still arrogant, blunt and are too clever for his own good and his cold hearted exterior had not all left him. But Sherlock had adapted to fatherhood remarkably, whilst Irene gallivanted across the globe on business (real business Sherlock had assured, not euphemisms required). Sherlock truly cared for his highly intelligent son, who at 7 months had spoken his first words but who had also unfortunately inherited both his parents' stubbornness and thus had refused to walk till well after his first birthday. Even now, he still preferred his top of the range (naturally) stroller to walking hand in hand with any adult.

John glances around the room; Sherlock's moderately spacious room was very overcrowded. Sébastian's crib was pushed against the wall away from the window and possible hazards, but there was less that a 20cm gap inbetween the wooden bars of his crib and the edge of Sherlock and Irene's bed. A rocking chair was next to the crib, allowing only one door of the wardrobe to open fully. Toys littered the room (as did they in every room of 21b Baker Street, John's room included) and a changing table had replaced Sherlock's mahogany desk by the window. Who could have suspected that babies needed so much stuff?

The bedroom was cramped and had been since Sébastian had been born. Neither Sherlock nor Irene had asked John to move when the new addition had arrived and the four of them (well mainly 3 as Irene was often on business) settled into routine. However Sébastian was growing older and bigger and the apartment was beginning to feel cramped with all of them, John had long decided when he'd first encountered Sherlock and Irene is compromising positions on the sofa (as they couldn't use their room as the baby was there) that this was a temporary thing. He would move eventually, and looking around at the beautiful family and their cramped room he made his decision that within a week he'd be fully moved out of the Baker Street apartment, hopefully his newest girlfriend Sarah wouldn't think him too forward if he asked to move in with her already...

She awoke first and smiled almost immediately after wiping the sleep from her eyes. Before having a child she wouldn't have ever considered 'napping' during the day, but in the 18 months little Sébastian had been around she'd considered it a godsend. Irene stared intently at her son, who'd insisted with sleeping with Mummy and not in his cot. He was still remarkably tiny, with tiny fingers and tiny hands and tiny feet and tiny toes, the only thing not tiny about him was his intelligence (duh) and his screams. Irene had been warned before that babies tended to scream, she'd been expecting it but not to this extent. For all of his ability to hold a fairly intellectual conversation (for a baby) his screaming was a nightmare, but she loved him, even when he pushed her limits. She'd worried ever since she'd found out she was pregnant that she would be unable to love this baby, it had been her worst nightmare and it had only been when he'd finally arrived did her fears get washed away. She loved this baby beyond belief, and she was now certain Sherlock felt so too. He was yet to say the three letter words to her, but she'd heard him talk to Sébastian whilst trying to get him to actually sleep and he'd pronounced his love for the tiny baby on countless occasions.

"I'm glad you came back."

Irene blinked and glanced over and Sherlock on the other side of the sleeping baby, originally it was supposed to just have been Irene and Sébastian taking a nap but Sébastian had screamed for both Mummy and Daddy. She was surprised Sherlock had stayed, he didn't usually sleep let alone when he didn't have too, but nonetheless he'd fallen asleep too.

"I am too." She whispered.

They were both, of course referring to the day she'd returned to his bed after her unexpected leave from Sherlock at the Vanderbilt Townhouse. She'd left because she couldn't deal with the pregnancy, despite her promises to stay she couldn't, a baby changed everything. She'd ran across the globe but with no one to go to, to comfort her, to guide her she'd been forced to return. She never had explained to him why she'd ran, he guessed of course, he knew her so well and it once would have scared her, but now she was delighted to have somebody that knew who the real Irene Adler was.

Before either could say anymore they were interrupted by a moan from the dark haired, blue eyed boy that was 'supposed' to be sleeping. His long eye lashes fluttered open and his mouth made a slight 'O'.


"Sébastian." Irene said, touching his nose gently.

Sébastian giggled at her touch and went to grab Irene's. He succeeded, and laughed when he squished it slightly.

"Are you not sleepy?" She asked.

Sébastian shook his head.
"Are you sure?" She drawled smiling at him.

Sébastian nodded fiercly.

Sherlock stared at the two and smiled inwardly to himself. Who would have ever thought that a 'Purely Platonic' relationship with Irene Adler would have made him the luckiest man on the planet? And yes that was the only clique that Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective would ever use.

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