A/N: Been motivated lately to get this finished. My exact thoughts on this piece is, I don't know how you explain it. I'm really proud of it, but at the same time, I'm nervous about what others would think. The concept itself is kind of creative, but my ideas are bit out there. I'm also recommending Val-Creative's Right And Wrong, for those who like this couple as much as I do.

Doctor Allen

There's something about Barry, Wally thinks. He knows better, then to actually admit it. After all, it is kind of inappropriate. So he keeps his mouth shut.

"Hey, kid."

Barry is wearing his lab coat again. He probably forgot to take it off on his way out, Wally muses, as his uncle goes to ruffle his bedhead.

Sometimes he thinks his uncle misses his long , unruly hair. The way the red curls would twist, and turn, and tangle in his hands. Now that it is short, the time spent on just ruffling has shortened. Other than that, Barry keeps doing what he does best. Being as slow as ever.

"Try to stay still for me now," and Wally tries, tries really hard not to vibrate when Barry touches his neck. Fingers press against the carotid artery.

Auscultation as a kink, he thinks to himself, that's a new one.

Wally breathes in a deep, and lets out a sigh. He hopes that his heart is not racing. But he doubts it.

With that in mind, he sticks his arm out for his uncle. He could feel his own pulse, when Barry touches the inside of his elbow.

"Do you remember which artery this is? Barry asks.

And of course he nods. "The brachial artery, right?"

"Right." his uncle says with a lazy smile.

A middle finger and an index finger press down on to his wrist, trying to locate his radial artery. As he exhales and inhales for his uncle, Barry goes on about cardiac dysrhythmia. He could feel himself pulsing faster and faster, beneath those fingers.

"Remember to breathe," Barry reminds him. "Breathe, Wally, breathe."

So he does, despite the fact that he cannot. Not right now. Not when he is like this.

Overstimulated and hyperventilating. "Maybe we should stop for today."

"But I like what we're doing."

Despite his slow reply, Barry obliges.

The analysis continues, with Barry feeling around for the popliteal artery. Wally jerks a bit, when his uncle does find it. Right behind his knees.

Blue eyes light up. "I think that was an atrial flutter."

"How would you know?" Wally blurts out.

"I just do." Barry laughs.

You always do, and he wonders if his uncle knows too. About this. About that.

He lifts his leg a bit higher, and waits for awhile. At one point, his uncle mentions that the posterior tibial artery is somewhere near the ankle. By the time Barry finds it, Wally is panting. Hard.

"I'm almost done," Barry whispers. "All I have to do now is to check your heart rate."

And just like that, his uncle leans in close. Real close. Wally looks off to the side, as Barry listens to his heart sounds.

A heartbeat after another, and Barry is still counting. "Shouldn't you use a stethoscope?"

"Nah," his uncle manages to say.

Wally wakes up, not a second later. Red eyelashes flutter, and the first thing he sees is a man in red. Green eyes blink, before closing indefinitely.

He doesn't want to get up at four in the morning to deal with it. Instead, he just lies there, and waits for it to go away.

There's something about Barry, Wally thinks, and it's affecting my libido.

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