Well guys, we're about to get rollin'! I'm still not quite done with that last little bit yet (this class I'm taking is brutal), but I figured I'd at least give you this first chapter, since it doesn't really reveal anything anyway, just to let you know that this story is going to be underway very shortly.

I should also clarify that this chapter, the countertop scenes, and the Silly Song will be written in a script format, whereas the actual episode will be written as a story. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to do that, but there was just so much description needed for this particular story that I really didn't have much choice.

So yeah, I hope you guys like this episode-once it actually begins, that is.


"I don't know about this…" Jenna shrunk a little.

"That's about the fifth time you've said that," Petunia pointed out. "Come on, it'll be fun!"

"I don't know." She was uncomfortable. Singing the VeggieTales theme song with everyone? It was a little surreal.

"It's for the kids." She pointed out.

"Are you quoting the old theme song at me to get me to sing the new theme song?" Jenna grinned.

"Maybe," Petunia struggled not to laugh.

Jenna didn't, though. "Fine."

"Don't worry, you'll be great," Petunia squeezed her hand.

Jenna smiled back, then remembered what she was going to ask. "Why do we sing about vegetables when the show doesn't have much to do with them?"

Petunia shrugged. "Larry just said it was because it was funny, especially for new parents watching it."

Jenna shrugged. "Fair enough, I suppose."

"Is everyone ready?" They heard Bob's voice over the commotion.

"I've been ready, Bob. Can we start now? This thing is heavy." Larry complained.

"Alright. Camera ready?" The cameraman gave a nod.


(Offstage as the opening credits slowly fade in and out)

Bob: Okay, everyone, it's time for the Theme Song!

(Groans are heard)

Mr. Lunt: Come on, Bob, they know the drill by now!

Bob: You don't know that! What if this is the first time they're watching this show?

Larry: Can't I play a different instrument? I don't even like the tuba!

Bob: Oh, come on, it's funny!

Petunia: It is getting a little tiring…

Jimmy: Let's have lunch instead!

(Noises of enthusiastic agreement)

Bob: Guys!

(Everyone shuts up)

Bob: This is for the kids.

(A long silence)

Larry: Are they going to laugh at me?

Bob: Probably.

(A chorus of agreement)

Larry: (sighs) Can't say I'm not used to it.

(Larry finally emerges from offstage, tuba in tow. He smiles, though it's a bit strained, walks to the middle of the white room, and begins to play. Bob walks out from stage right.)

Bob: If you like to talk to tomatoes

(The ladies walk onto the set from stage left)

Bob and the girls: If a squash can make you smile

(With the guys appearing from stage right, the whole cast is now on the set, effectively blocking Bob as he tries to make himself seen)

Everyone: If you like to waltz with potatoes

Up and down the produce aisle

Bob: (slightly muffled) Uh, excuse me.

(The gang moves only slightly so that he is very visible. Bob tries to point towards the camera, anyway)

Bob: Have we got a show for you!

(Clips of all the VeggieTales episodes, excluding this one, begin to play over the singing)

Everyone: VeggieTales!








Bob: Broccoli!


Gotta be…

(Cut back to everyone trying to get as close to the camera as possible)

Everyone: VeggieTales!

Junior: Lima beans!

Collared greens!

Peachy keen!

(Cut back to the same scenario, with different people making it to the front this time)

Everyone: VeggieTales!

Larry: Brussel sprouts!

Scream and shout!

Check it out!

(Cut back to everyone charging the camera again, this time with Bob's face getting slightly smushed into the lens)

Everyone: (Bob in an odd voice, obviously) VeggieTales!

(Back to clips)

Everyone: There's never ever ever ever been a show like VeggieTales!

There's never ever ever ever been a show like VeggieTales!

(Cut back to the men all on one side, facing the right)

Everyone: It's time for…

(Cut to all the women on the other side facing the left)

Everyone: Veggie…

(Long shot of everyone jumping up and down and dancing, flower confetti falling all around them, with Larry playing the tuba in the center)

Everyone: Taaaaaaaales!

(As the note holds, we cut to Larry's face. His pupils shrink as he tries to keep up, but he eventually gives up and falls over. Everyone turns to him suddenly concerned, but we see him play the last note, confetti shooting out of his tuba. Everyone smiles to the camera as a laugh track of children is played)

Yeah, I knew I was going to be doing a new theme song anyway, so I thought, "Heck, might as well do it now." Next chapter will be the countertop intro and then THE ACTUAL STORY. Bum bum bum!

See y'all then!