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Anyway, quick update for OTR readers first (do any of my OTR peeps read this? If you do, pass this along to the ones that don't for me, will ya please?), so if you don't read that story feel free to skip this paragraph. So it seems in this case technology has failed me, which means I'm going to have to retype those two chapters up again. For clarification, they were written on my iPod a long, long time ago, and I was planning on e-mailing them to myself so I could copy-paste them into Word. However, the notes are refusing to e-mail themselves, so I'm gonna have to transcribe them to Word manually. So it's gonna be a while, but I am working on doing that, so hang in there. It'll be worth it. I hope.

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Okay, so a couple of things before we get started. As Music Person pointed out, this story really could do with a cast list. I thought of putting one at the beginning when I started this, but I wanted the characters to be big reveals, y'know? That didn't work out as well as I'd hoped though, as people understandably are still confused about who's who, so let me break it down straight-up. I'll use their vegetable names to make it even clearer.

CinderJenna: Jenna

Prince Christopher: Bob

Lionel: Larry

Yasir: Khalil

Stepmother: Madame Blueberry

Minerva: Penelope ("Harold's" wife from Lyle)

Calliope: Mabel ("Olaf's" wife from Lyle)

King Maximillian: Archibald

Queen Constantina: Lovey

Angela: Petunia

Chuck Lavoro: Mr. Lunt

James: Junior Asparagus

Tom: Himself (Last appeared in Grapes of Wrath)

Rosie: Herself (Ditto for her)

Grandpa: Pa Grape

Layla: Laura Carrot

Capelli Brothers: The Scallions (that's why I only talk about them by height-they don't have names despite being around since Show One)

Vincent: Jimmy Gourd

Victor: Jerry Gourd

Hmm…I think that's everyone so far. If there's any I'm missing, let me know.

And one more thing. UGH GET ON WITH IT I know, but I should bring this up, too. Music Person also wrote me a PM asking if we would be seeing more of Jenna's life, and the answer is OF COURSE YOU WILL. I already have a whole slew of (half-finished) chapters on the behind the scenes of this episode alone, not to mention a basic plot of the next "episode" that's gonna get "filmed". So yeah, don't worry, we're not gonna be leaving Jenna and the gang for a while yet, I just wanted you guys to see the whole episode before we went behind-the-scenes featurette with it.

Okay, NOW we can start. It ain't much, but it's…a chapter.


"Oh, I hate cleanups!" The Queen moaned. "They're so boring…not to mention depressing."

Everyone was cleaning up the ballroom from the previous night's festivities. Even the King and Queen were doing their fair share of work. All in the castle were present…except for one.

"Speaking of depressed, maybe we should take a break to talk to Chris." The King said as he threw a pile of streamers into the trash.

The royal couple found their son on a balcony, staring at that peculiar shoe as if thinking deeply.

"Chris, darling?" The Queen knocked.

His head shot up. "Oh! Hey Mom, Dad." His voice was a monotone.

"Chris, you really should come downstairs and help us." She rushed over to her son.

"Or come downstairs in general. You haven't come out of your room at all since last night." The King added.

Chris sighed. "I'm trying to think about how I can find her."

"This mystery girl, you mean?" The King asked.

"Chris, sweetheart, we've searched all over the kingdom, but there are so many girls that fit her description." She put both her hands on top of his. "You may have to accept the fact that you'll never find her."

Chris immediately stood up. "No! I'll find her! I…I have to." He went back to staring at the shoe.

"Is she really that important?" The King asked genuinely.

"I mean, all the girls last night were equally wonderful, darling." The Queen added.

"She's not like them," Chris said immediately, as if he'd prepared this speech months in advance. "She's different than anyone-male or female-that I've ever met. She's the only real friend I've ever had."

"Hey! Oh, I mean, uh…" They heard Lionel run away from the door.

Rolling his eyes, Chris continued. "I feel like I already know her, even though I know that's not possible."

"Christopher, honeycakes, how can you know that after one night?" The Queen put her hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know." He said softly, before turning around. "But I know it's true. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to find her again."

The parents looked at each other. After a moment, the King stepped forward.

"Well then, son…that's what you should do." He put both his hands on his son's shoulders. "Keep looking, Chris, for as long as it takes…and never give up."

Chris flashed his parents a grateful smile, before running out of the room.

"Lionel!" He called out.

"What was that noise?" Lionel looked around in feign shock. "I'm pretty sure I'm alone in here."

"Lionel…" Chris sighed.

"No, I'm sure I heard something." He continued to "search" the room. "It's almost as if it's the voice of someone who doesn't see me as a friend. Almost."

"Lionel, you know I didn't mean that. The only reason I said that was because you're more like family to me than just a friend." Chris apologized.

"Oh, Chris! Was that you makin' all that noise, buddy? " Lionel smiled at him.

Chris shoved him. "You're impossible."

He grinned "That's family for ya. Now, whaddya need?"

"See this?" Chris handed Lionel the shoe. "Careful with it." He added quickly.

Lionel looked at it. "Glass shoes? For a dancing party? I'll never understand high fashion."

"Look, that doesn't matter. Can you figure out what size it is?" Chris asked.

"Sure! Um…why, though?" Lionel looked the shoe over

"Because we're going to try this slipper on every woman in the kingdom with the same size shoe." His face was stone serious.

"Why would we do tha-OOOOOOH, this is your mystery lady's shoe, isn't it?" Lionel waggled his eyebrows.

"I wouldn't use that term, but yes." He sighed.

"Chris. You realize that there are going to be a lot of women with the same size shoe in the kingdom. This isn't exactly going to narrow it down much." He pointed out.

"It will narrow it down enough. Besides, I'll know her when I see her." Chris insisted.

"Are you-"

"Do as he says, Lionel."

Everyone was shocked to hear this come out of the Queen's mouth, even the King.

Lionel simply nodded. "Right away, Your Majesty." He hurried off.

Chris just stared at his mother.

"What? I can't feel a selfless compulsion towards my son's happiness?" The Queen responded to both her men's astonished looks.

In answer, Chris gave both his parents a tight group hug.

"Thank you both so much."

They hugged him back, smiling at him and each other.

"You and her would make such lovely children, besides-"

"MOTHER!" The Prince's face flushed as red as his hair.

Oh, mothers and their need for grandchildren. Always a source of comedy.

Anywho, stay tuned for a much more exciting chapter in the future!