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Summary: An 8 year old Dick Grayson saves his parents by making a deal with a stranger, a whited haired one eyed man named Slade Wilson.

Time travel AU

Warnings: Slash in later chapters, this is just plot^^

Slade Wilson looked at the small deceive in his hands thinking of the possibilities.
The small object had been heavily guarded, it had been difficult to get through the security even for someone as skilled as him.
In the right hands it could save the world, in the wrong destroy it, he fancied the thought that creating time travel devices as well as the way to create immortals should be left to competent people, or in other words to himself.

But what to do?

He could safe his marriage, all he would have to do was stopping his younger counterpart from taking the serum.
Without the serum he wouldn't get a power high and never endanger his family, living his happily ever after with a wife and two sons in blissful mediocrity.
No that wouldn't do, his past was painful but he didn't regret it.
He didn't really see himself as a 9 to 5 worker, he wanted more, needed more.
Being a hunter has always been his nature the serum only enhanced his abilities, made him the biggest predator, it didn't turn him into one.

What he really wanted, needed was the perfect prey.
Someone worthy of his time and effort...
Now that question was easily answered.
Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing which ever name you prefer.
The young man had the marking's of an immortal, such a fervent soul, it didn't hurt that he grew into this beautiful young man either.

He wanted him but how to get him?
The most obvious would be to get him after Tony Zucco killed his parents.
With his whole world destroyed the child would be easy to manipulate to twist him into whatever he wanted, such a tempting idea...
But what if it twisted him to much, Slade didn't desire an echo of the young man he knew, he wanted the original.
Taking the boy in would most likely break him, he hadn't been good for his own children, why would it be anything else with Dick?
If he cared, like with Grant, or stayed away like with Rose and Joseph, somehow he would ruin it...

If only the young man wasn't so devout to the hero community, as if they deserved his loyalty and devotion.
Either rising him as hero was out of question or a villain was out of question, but what did that leave?
A new concept slowly built it self, yes that should work nicely...

A young boy stormed frantically through the crowd.
He had seen a strange man moving around the trailer with their performance stuff.
The same rat like man who had talked with their director a day before.
What if he did something?
What if someone gets hurt?
Why didn't anyone believe him?

His thoughts were interrupted as he ran into someone.
Giving a quick apologize he moved onwards, or at least he tried to, a strong grip on his shoulder stopped him from getting far.
He looked back, the tall man had white hair and wore an eyepatch, the single unveiled eye looked straight at him, "Why are you so distressed child?" asked the man with a smooth voice.
Intimidated by the tall man, Robin tried to avoid a conversation, "Nothing sir"
The man just looked at him as if sensing his lie, "I sincerely doubt boy, now tell why you seem as if you get a panic attack in minute."
Dick calculated his options, maybe if he told the truth the man would dismiss him?
"I'm worried about a man who was watching our trailer, what if sabotaged something?", here now the man would tell me not to worry and leave everything to the adults, honestly grown ups thought the knew everything.
Surprisingly the man kneeled down in front of him, so their eyes were on one level.
"I know, a man has been hired to cause some damage, your director made debts with the wrong crowed of people."
Robins eyes grew wide, "how do you know? What will the man do?"
The man smirked, "I know of people in such crowds it is my job if you will."
"You are a policeman?", it would explain how the man knew, maybe an undercover cop?
"Not quiet, my skills are for hire," the eye seemed to bore into him as if trying to sent him a message,"You didn't say what Zucco will do."
"Smart bird", why did the man knew his nickname Robin shifted uncomfortable from one foot to the other, "Zucco wanted to prove his point by attacking the main attraction of the circus, the flying Graysons."
It felt as if the whole oxygen had been sucked out of his lungs, Zucco was here to hurt his family possibly even kill them, his breathing became difficult...
"Clam down" a commanding voice spoke harshly, Robin blinked, the man before him knew what was going on he could stop Zucco couldn't he?
"You are going to stop Zucco don't you", his voice had a desperate edge to it.
"Why would I, nobody paid to me to do anything Robin."
To panicked to notice that the man obviously knew how he was, he said the first thing that came to his mind.
"I will hire you, please I give you anything", his voice now outright begging.

"Anything?" the voice had dropped to a low pure and the smirk wouldn't have been out of place on a shark.
"Yes anything", he confirmed hastily.
"Well I've been looking for an apprentice.,,", the man trailed of.
"An apprentice?", somehow the word made his stomach hurt.
"Yes, my pupil would be under a strict training regime and requested to follow my orders, in return he or she will have my protection," was the man saying what Robin thought he was saying?
"If I were to become you apprentice, you would protect me and my family", he asked hopefully.
The man outright laughed, "Of course I would."
Robin made the decision to ask in second., "Might I become your apprentice?"
The mans other hand took his right hand and hold it firmly, the answering voice was colored by dark satisfaction and amusement, "Yes Robin I accept your request to become my apprentice."