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What now? He couldn't let a criminal, no matter how skilled, run around knowing his identity. That would be beyond stupid. Maybe he could knock the younger mal out and get help from the other heroes? Batman had an emergency plan for almost everything, surly the man had a plan for such a situation, too. Feeling more comfortable with a plan he looked at the younger male again.

"I ask you once to come peacefully with me, if you resist I will be forced to use violence." This didn't have the desired effect, instead of being intimidated the thief only smiled at him."And I ask you to let me do my job in peace or I will be forced to use violence." A human thinks he can defeat him? It was rather unlikely that the child had any kryptonite with him, so Clark felt secure in his victory. "I will try not to hurt", he said as he moved towards Richard.

The younger male quickly moved away while taking a knife out of his belt. "For what is worth, I'm sorry but I can't fail my first mission, that would be rather pathetic on my account wouldn't it?" He threw the knife and it buried itself deeply in Clarks shoulder, glowing in a sickly green light from the kryptonite worked in landed on his knees, panting from the pain. The thief walked towards, was he going to mock him? More important where did a child get such a weapon? "Can you reach your friends?" Was that honest concern? The boy was worried about him? What the hell was going on here? "Here they should be here in a few minutes" said Richard as he pushed the emergency button on his communicator.

In the Headquarter of the Justice of League

"Let me recap", said Flash, disbelief colouring every word, "a total newbie defeated you only to call us to help you? That's putting the term gentleman thief on a whole new level."

"Maybe we should focus on the fact that there is a new criminal, whose name we don't know," Batman looked rather pointedly at Superman by this aspect and continued in his stoic voice," with access to weapons people Lex Luthor might use and knows who you are after meeting you in your civilian persona once."

"Well I know his identity", Clark said, or rather defended himself, his was feeling somewhat incompetent by now and needed to save his face," his name is Richard Grayson. A born circus artist who lives now in Buldhaven, because of a scholarship program he has at the local University."

"How do you know all that? Have you been stalking the boy?" asked Flash, sounding a little freaked out now.

"No, I watched him defeat several thieves a few days ago, showing more skill than a civilian should have, so I got curious." The other heroes looked at him without truly looking at him, everyone thinking about the Information they just got.

"So he is a non violent thief, that puts him rather far down on our priority list, yes their kind is annoying and they make for some bad press articles, but they are no real threat. From what I gathered it is rather unlikely that he will threaten you with the information he has, yet the question remains where he got the weapon from." The others nodded to Batman's analysis of the situation. "We will track him down and find the source of his arsenal. Maybe there is still some hope for him, it was, if we believe him, his first criminal activity and he has shown some sense of justice in the past." Is there the explanation for Damien obsession? Is Richard like him trained to be a criminal since early childhood? Does my son see in Richard a kindred soul? And if Richard is really such a good guy like Kent pictured him, could he be a good influence on Damien? Maybe like a big brother who understands him? He also could keep an eye on Richard this way, yes this was a good plan. Richard was going to stay with them in Wayne manor, even if he had to use force.

Slade looked at Richard with a smile, the first mission was a success and would gain his boy some respect in the villain community. Once word spread that he was the apprentice of Deathstroke the respect would skyrocket, yet he wanted Richard to establish himself first.

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