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Here: Damien reaction and the heroes learn of Richards mentor while smut between Slade and Robin ensues^^

-Bats conclusion: that a child is sold seems more common than a kid making the deal himself

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There was a new thief, it was his Richard, but why become a common thief? Well he did defeat Superman, he had to give him some respect for beating that annoying Gary Stu. Yet why would he steal? It wasn't about money was it? The older male could earn it easily on a legal way. Maybe for the thrill of the act? He did grow up doing death-defying stunts, maybe he just wanted an adrenalin kick? Well he had claimed Wilson as his mentor, yet shouldn't the apprentice of a mass murderer be a murderer, too? Damien just couldn't image Richard going around hurting others on purpose...

Maybe Wilson was forcing him somehow to do his dirty work? And if the man had such power of his Richard, what else could he force him to do? Beating answers out of Wilson seemed sadly like wishful thinking, maybe he could capture Richard? The beautiful thief would be easy to defeat in fight, he didn't have such an obvious weakness like Idiotman after all. Yes, finally he had a plan, he would capture Richard and turn him into a proper member of society again, even if he had to cage him in Wayne manor for years, it was for his own good...

His home was bugged with cameras, how charming. Well he could destroy them and give the enemy a warning or he could ignore them and make a little show. Seeing Richard acting like whore should be enough for the heroes to dismiss him. He loved to be in control and having an audience only made it sweeter for him. so he removed every camera but one in their gym...

They trained, at first his pet was allowed to stretch his muscles and play with the gymnastic equipment while he started to do push ups. 45 minutes later they started to spare, he made sure to press his growing arousal against his birds beautiful body and left some lingering touches. Richard couldn't look like he was hesitating, as if he was raping him. No it had to look natural and judging by his flushed face and slight panting his boy was in the correct state of mind now.

He stood behind him and wrapped his arms tightly around Richard.

"You did very well today, my pet. I believe a reward is in order", his bird blushed slightly, yes his mind was going into the right direction.

"Master?", oh how he loved that the title came so natural form Richards lips, making his cock grow harder.

His hands moved along the younger males body, the right one starting to massage Richard through his pants while the left slipped to his ass.

"Now pet, what do you enjoy more? My right hand," here his right hand speed up, "or my left hand?" The left hand slipped between Richards cheeks and he forced two fingers inside him, hitting his pleasure spot at the second attempt.

The younger male simply moaned and started to rock on Slade's finger's back and forward, unable to decide which source of pleasure was bigger. He just stood there, allowing his pet the pleasure, he wouldn't go as far as actually fuck him in front of an audience.

JJ Headquarter

Bruce looked at the screen, lost in thoughts, the boy hadn't actually initiated the act, hadn't tried to entice the older male. No it seemed almost endured? Yes, he hadn't protest as Slade touched him, just complied as if it all he could do. Was the young male pleasing him because of some sort of obligation?

"Did the circus have trouble in the past?", he asked Clark, who sat next to him, "The circus han't had trouble since a rather gruesome murder, but it couldn't have involved Richard, he had been 8 years at the time."

"Was there no investigation?"

"Actually after that incident the circus had no more trouble, be it with police or criminals."

Bruce didn't comment Clarks thoughts, he had gotten a rather clear answer to what might have happened, Richard had been sold. One of the artists couldn't pay their dept and offered Richard as payment for protection from Wilson, or rather the mercenary offered them such a deal. The man hadn't been distracted on his job by sexual offers before, because he had groomed his own lover all the time? Not that abnormal and it would explain the disparity between Richard actions and general behaviour. The child didn't have a choice, if Wilson wanted a partner that could hold himself in a fight and had a reputation on his own, then the poor kid had to comply. Getting him away from Wilson would be a rescue, nothing else...

- so Bats and Babybats have a good reason for kidnapping Richard now^^

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