Summary: rewriting of the story poised paradise with much more smut^^ for the record, no Dicks cover is not discovered here read to find out more, the smut first light than serious starts: -new starts here-^^

Age 17, Gotham

After the show

Richard frowned as he heard Damien outside. It was nearly 11 pm, no time for a child to be alone in a city. Worried he left his trailer only to see his master glaring at his little fan. After his little stunt today it wasn't surprising to see the man, but Slade in a glaring context with Damien? "Slade", he addressed the older male softly, truthfully he had no idea what Damien might have done to anger his master, the best course of actions seemed to appease his master. Seemingly successful as his master focus shifted to him completely.

"Isn't it a little late for you to be out kiddo?", he asked Damien. The younger boy looked at him as if he had lost his mind. "Your parents know you are here don't they?", that would be just perfect today. He couldn't really leave Damien alone, yet his master was waiting... "Who is that", the child demanded while looking at Slade. Being rude to his master? Richard couldn't remember anyone being rude to the man, hopefully he wouldn't take it as provocation. "that is my mentor, he is benevolent enough to teach me everything I need to know", his eyes shifted to Slade for a moment, the man seemed amused and... smug? Nevermind if flattery would make sure that nobody got hurt, than being a suck up was the way to go...

Slade was highly entertained with the display before him. Wayne's spawn wasn't a threat. Richards interest was based on pity. He viewed him as a boy from a loveless home. Damien also had destroyed any chance of a connection between Richard and Bruce in a way he couldn't have done himself any better. If he had been the type of man to enjoy a good psychotic lough this would have been the perfect time. However Richards attempt to placate him was an unexpected benefit. Correctly groomed it might become sexual. Slade saw nothing wrong for Richard to start using sexual actions for his own benefit. As long as he was the one on the receiving end of course. That Damien, who looked like he had found his wife in bed with another man, made the situation even better.

"Apprentice", his pet tensed at once. The term was usually only used during their training lessons. With an apologetic smile Richard told Damien a good night and if he was lost he could go to Amelia. Damien wouldn't be the first child to get lost during a trip to the circus. Amelia, an old grandmotherly looking woman, was normally the one to search for parents or deliver the child to the nearest police station. Richard entered the trailer and Slade closed the door, leaving Damien all alone.

He refused to believe what just had happened. His Richard didn't just leave him for another guy. He was the most important thing to Damien, Richard had to feel the same way, he had to. Maybe he was confused or scared of the man? That had to be truth, he would save the older male and return get his undivided love and devotion. A confident and slightly dreamy, smile danced on his lips. After all he was a hero, it would only be right to get a payment for his daily selfless actions. But first he had to collect information on the enemy, the best thing would have been to stay, yet he had to return home, no matter how much he had wanted to stay and listen.

Damien looked disbelieving at the monitor. This couldn't be true...
Truthfully he hadn't expected much as he had searched for people missing their right eye. Maybe an unpaid parking ticket to give him a name or a fight in a tavern. Instead, as he added white hair to the list of features, one name appeared in a red box: Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. The man had been the only survivor of a military experiment to create the perfect soldier. His body wasn't aging and he had enhanced healing abilities, senses and brain function. However what the scientists failed to do was to give him some sort of patriotism or something else which would have ensured the mans obedience. why should he bow to a system that didn't do anything for him? So Slade Wilson devolved into a textbook sociopath, killing for the challenge of the hunt, the money was more like a trophy to him than anything useful. In short he was dangerous, admittedly to dangerous or him to handle alone. But what business had such a man with his Richard? Hadn't he said something about Slade being his mentor? Yet what could Wilson possible teach his Richard? The carefree young man didn't seem like a potential murderer. Maybe a thief? Like Selina Kyle aka Catwoman a harmless thief. Images of Richard in a skin-tight latex suit entered his mind. The pre teen felled his face flush as his thoughts entered a whole new territory...

Bruce Wayne aka Batman was suspicious. Now that was hardly a new state of mind for the dark knight. That his so-called son was the reason was also sadly common. He still avoided to show weakness in front of the boy. A part of him still saw the boy as a threat. Damien wanted to be Batman, not to save the people. He could hurt people any moment and wouldn't regret it. It made him sick to have such a heatless thing in his family. If only Damien could find someone or something as an inspiration for his own...
The Batcomputer had still a few programs Damiens didn't know of, so he could watch the boy. Now why would he research Deathstroke? The man was to much of a threat to handle, even Damien had to realise that didn't he? Maybe he wanted information on the serum? Hoped to recreate the serum for himself? That seemed horribly likely. He would have to watch Damien more closely in future...

-new starts here-

"Tell me apprentice, do you always entertain your fans like this?", asked Slade lightly even though he already knew that Dick's feelings for Damian were only brotherly affection at best. Still it was a great chance to establish Bruce Wayne as horrible human being and later he could twist even his role as Batman into something ugly self-righteous, successfully making Dick wary of the hero community in general.

"Oh its terrible master", answered his pet predictably, "Damian, the little boy, truly believes that nobody cares about him, that everybody he meets only cares about his father. What kind of parent lets his own child develop such a low opinion of himself?" By the end of his little speech Dick was pacing angrily up and down his little trailer.

Slade pulled him into a hug, the left hand on his neck and the right slightly above his ass, unconcerned Dick leaned into the offered comfort, letting his head rest on his masters broad shoulder.

"So you look after him?", asked Slade," you know he is a Flatie and seeing you leave him again and again must be hard of the little child,"he stated in a slightly concerned tone.

Dick froze, he had never questioned what he did, was he hurting Damian?

"Master?", he asked in a trembling voice," do you think I'm hurting Damian?"

His master gave a small heavy sign as answer and Dick felt his eyes filling with tears, lord what had he done?

"I know you only meant well little Robin", cooed his master into his ear,"but I believe it would be better if you kept your distance from people outside the circus, you will only end up hurt or hurting those you care about."

Dick nodded, not daring to speak, emotional exhausted his closed his eyes...

Damian glared at his meal, a tense silence filled the room. The patrol just finished he was a little tired and the butler? He had attempted to get him into a conversation about his habit of visiting the circus. There was nothing he wanted to talk about, the circus in general and Dick Grayson specially were his, and his wouldn't understand and his father? What if he decided to visit the circus and managed to charm Dick with his light, carefree billioner fa├žade? Dick would not ignore him for his father would he? They had something special, yet better safe than sorry, the two would never meet if he had any say in that matter

"Ah, master Bruce", greeted Pennyworthy father once the man entered the room," guess who was at the circus again?" The question was light, almost delighted. Was it really such a big deal for him to engage into 'normal' age appropriate behaviour?

"Haley's circus again," stated his father, since when did father know of his habit?

"Yes maybe you should visit the performance together", suggested Pennyworthy in a tone that didn't leave room for arguments.

"Today 4 pm", obeyed his father at once. Great a trip to the circus with his father, without saying anything he stormed into his room, leaving two suspicious adults behind. In his room he couldn't shake of the images of Dick and Slade, what if the older man was raping him at this very moment? Dick was strong, yes, but those muscles were from acrobatic exercises, he would be helpless against such a man like Deathstroke the Terminator or even him for that matter. How easy it would be to tie Dick down, cut his meager clothing of his body and play with him until he agreed to anything just to let the sweet torture stop. Daman's face flushed red and his breathing hitched as the images became more and more life-like. A sudden wetness in his pants destroyed his thought, looking down he recognized that no, he hadn't lost control of his blader..., angrily he went to shower and made the decision to get Dick into protective custody, who knew what kind of sick and twisted people the older male met during his travels, staying here would be for his own good...

Dick awoke trapped under a large body, his upper body was pressed into the mattress by a larger one while his right leg was caged between two legs. The sudden panic died down as he realised that it was just his master. Had he fallen asleep on his master? So he undressed him to the boxer shorts and carried him to bed? Than he grew tired and decided they could share a bed? Well. it explained the situation, no matter how strange. Moving slightly his right leg brushed something hard, something hard between his masters legs,oh...Oh.

Dick blushed deeply and turned his head away, missing the amused smirk on the older male's face. Suddenly there was a pressure on his cock, his master was slightly moving, causing the hard body to stimulate his growing morning wood. He desperately wanted to move away, but trapped as his squirming only managed to arouse them both further. Deciding for a different tactic he stopped moving, hoping that without stimulation their interest would decrease. A deep moan destroyed his resolve, his master was still moving and obviously enjoying his warm, muscular naked leg. The sudden image of Slade drenching him with his juice made Dick moan lightly, his master was indeed a very handsome man.

The heavy gaze of a lust filled eye ripped him from his day-dream his master must have awoken as he moaned...

"Master", he stuttered breathlessly and averted his eyes again, the shift of his body causing Slade to rest his head on his left shoulder with his mouth next to is ear.