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Slade plans and is sexually frustrated (I write a bit much about that no?) Richard starts to think and shows off some skill in front of Clark Kent (Superman)

On an abstract level, Richard knew that he killed, yet it wasn't the same as seeing the blood spill out of a body. Admittedly, he was afraid his boy would lose the trust in him once he finally realized what kind of man he was. The army had taught him that good men crumbled if they weren't prepared for a tough situation, no matter how noble their motives might be. What he needed to do was to introduce Richard to the dirtier side of the world. And what better place to start than Gotham?

Yet Richard would have to become a killer. He loved him enough to break, to bring him down here with him, so that they will never be apart he thought, smiling down at the younger male lying so peacefully next to him. Those stolen moments were very precious to him, but he wanted more, far more. Robin's costume was already designed, it was very similar to his old Nightwing suit, only instead of a blue bird, no matter how flattering it to his eyes colour was, it would be red. The name was also decided. Phoenix, the immortal fierce bird. With that name, most who knew him would believe Richard, as his student, to be immortal, like him. Another thing he planned to do on his twenty-first birthday was to give him the serum, even if he had to use force. One didn't go to such lengths only to have his masterpiece die.

Unconsciously, Robin snuggled closer to him as he turned in his sleep and was now spooning him. The boy was really testing Slade's self-restraint. How easy it would be to touch him now in a more intimidate manner…especially as his body matured enough. The shape of his plump lips wouldn't change anymore. The childish softness of his face was long lost. Instead, it was the face of an, admittedly, very young man. Still, a man nonetheless. His lusting after the young body had lost all of his self disgust with his last growth spurt. Really, what kind of man lusts after a child? There was good reason why he took certain jobs cheaper than others…

However, Richard could pass as eighteen. By now, there was nothing wrong with lusting after him in these days, was there? To teach him everything, he needed to know about pleasure. Slade's hand, seemingly on its own accord, started to caress the hipbone, his thumb brushing small circles and making the other body shudder lightly. It would be so easy to force himself on the unsuspecting male, so easy to overpower him, so easy— NO! No, he would not risk everything for one fuck; risk losing Richard's affections. He was a better man than that. So he remained still, his apprentice never knowing how close he had been to being raped.

Damien looked at the big screen. His father was, once again, entertaining some bimbo with his playboy facade. Something he really didn't get. Sure Bruce Wayne couldn't show his knowledge of fighting or his full intelligence in order to maintain his cover, but acting to such an extreme? The more time he spent with the man, the less he liked him, in all honesty. He was nothing like his fair, gentle Richard. With the Batcomputer at his disposal, he managed to gain every available information on him. So far, he had learned that Richard—or as his parents called him because of his athletic skill, Robin—was surprisingly well educated, having already taken his high school exams and been offered several full on scholarships to various colleges. Yet, instead of picking one, he seemed to prefer the simple circus life. Damien didn't know what to make of that to be truthful. To have acquired these skills in a rather self government life spoken of dictation, the refusal to make something of that raw potential seemed wasteful and lazy. He would love to get to know him better, but how…?

Age 17, Metropolis

Taking a sip of coffee, Richard looked around. It was two pm and he wouldn't have to be back until five, which was more than enough time to see some sights. Not that there was much, but it was nice to get away from his family for some time. As much as he loved them, being an artist slowly seemed to be more work than fun. He was starting to want something else in life. He almost felt misplaced, like he should be somewhere else right now, doing something else besides entertaining a crowd…

Another thing that kept his mind occupied was his master. The touching was becoming increasingly erotic. He admired the man and he was, in a physical sense, very attractive, but he was always so intense, almost overwhelming even, and Richard wasn't sure if that was a good thing… What if their relationship went wrong? Would he lose his master's protection and aid? Thinking a bit more about it, would he even want a relationship of a more romantic nature? He sure as hell wasn't going to lose his virginity to someone he didn't even have a relationship with, not even to his master.

Load alarm bells started across the street. It seemed the jewelery store was being robbed by two masked people. Unthinking, Richard reacted. In three swift movements, the two robbers were knocked out. It surprised him a little at how easy it had been.

"That was pretty impressive Mr-?" a friendly voice started suddenly.

Giving a sheepish smile, Robin answered the brown haired male. "That was nothing; just a little self-defense I learned."

The man didn't move, but simply said, "Ah, still, very kind of you to act. Would you mind giving an interview to the Daily Planet?"

Now Richard was really unsure and started to panic slightly. Slade was pretty clear on the fight training being a secret. Giving an interview to a newspaper seemed like a bad idea, so he replied, "Sorry, but I'm late in being somewhere right now, but it was nice to meet you."

Turning, Richard almost ran away from the reporter, leaving a very thoughtful Clark Kent behind.

Slade Wilson considered this new development. He could now claim what Richard had, while showing off his skills, attracted the attention of some of his enemies, which gave him a perfect excuse to take his bird from his family…