A/N: I got the idea after I heard a commercial on a radio, it mentioned a Chinese finger trap, but it also came from the episode where Stewie and Brian were stuck together because of glue.

Finger Trapped

Cilan enjoyed the carnival very much. Iris enjoyed it even more, since she didn't have anything like it at the Dragon Village.

He watched her giggle and laugh as if she were a little kid. Her favourite thing was the Ferris wheel. She had no fear of heights. Cilan liked it too, but it wasn't his favourite thing. Heights scared him, so he just looked out over the horizon while Iris looked at the 'ants' on the ground. She giggled at Cilan's wan face.

The two eventually moved on. They had made their way to a claw machine. Cilan inserted twenty-five cents. It took him several attempts to grab something. He eventually was able to grab a finger trap.

"That's a stupid object, Cilan. Why did you grab that?"

"I'll show you." He smirked. He grabbed Iris's hand and slipped the finger trap around her index finger. He did the same thing to his index finger. "Oh no! It looks like we're finger trapped," he said sarcastically.

Iris groaned and giggled slightly. "Yeah." Cilan leaned in for a kiss, taking her aback. "Is that w-why you put that on my finger, so you could kiss me?"

"Yes," he admitted.

"That's very cute Cilan, but if you ever want to kiss me, you can. It doesn't have to be when we're in this finger trap." She giggled and blushed.

Ash eventually caught up, looking at the two as if he had never seen them so close. "What are you doing?" he asked.

The two just giggled, not even bothering to answer his question.