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Pairing: Luffy/Ace

Notes and Warnings
-Nakama: a Japanese word that directly translates to "friend", "comrade", "partner" and under context such as One Piece, "crewmates". Most fans of the series believes the word means "people who are considered closer than family", though that is not a part of the official dictionary definition of the word (taken from wikia). I'm going to be using the untranslated version of this word from now on because I think it fits better.
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-Dark chapter... ish
-Probably some misspellings and grammar mistakes (and for all my other chapters too... I no longer have Microsoft Word...)

Summary: He had waited 4 years for this, the day he would be able to meet him again.

-According To Plan-

Vaguely Monkey D. Luffy could sense the other inhabitants of the room were trembling in terror. Their reactions were hardly noticed, not with what was happening in front of him and subsequently the very matter that was causing such tension around the room in the first place. No, he wouldn't tear his eyes away from the sight.

How could he?

Four years.

For four years he had travelled the grand line. For four years he had endured the hardships of aiming for the top. For four years he had kept the painful memory of that day hidden deep behind a mask. For four years he had secretly suffered every single moment, feeling empty and without purpose because he wasn't there by his side. For four years, the emptiness developed into bitterness. For four years, he cursed the world.

For four years, he kept his promise to Ace.

I'll become the Pirate King one day!

"All it took was four years, Ace" Luffy smiled down at the unmoving figure lying on the metal table. Reaching out a hand to gently caress a cheek, the young pirate king's mood dampened when he noticed,

His brother's body was cold.

By all rights, logically dead bodies were supposed to be cold. Hell, it had been four years; rather than just cold, the man before him should more or less resemble Brook. The thought almost made him shudder.

But Chopper was a great doctor. In four years time, his skills had far surpassed that of Hogback. Of course, Luffy hadn't known exactly why his reindeer nakama had begun to cry hysterically when he had arrived with his request. And the miserable stares he received when visiting to check up on the body's progess almost made Luffy feel guilty. He couldn't imagine why though.

In any case, he knew he had made the right decision. Chopper was the one of the best after all.

The bodies he reconstructed didn't even have those horribly unattractive stitchings.

"Still..." he began, his thumb softly tracing familiar spots of freckles. Dark kohl eyes, full of affection, turned from his brother's face to glare icily at the devil-like pale giant standing on the opposite side of the table.

All heads turned his direction. A few gulps of apprehension and fear filled the silence.

Gekko Moriah began to sweat under that deadly stare.

Luffy tilted his head, expression turning into one of silent anger. "Why is Ace still cold?"

It was the trigger to start the end of the pirate king's four year long pain.

The long awaited reunion with his beloved brother would go according to plan. He'd make sure of it.


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