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Pairing: Ann/Luffyko; Luffyko/Ann

Notes and Warnings:
-Genderbending... everyone... and not being clever enough to come up with names for everyone...
-Shoujo-ai (almost on the brink of hardcore yuri! Not really lol)
-Naughty Ann xD
-Even naughtier Luffyko! xDDD (cuz Luffy's such a pervert in my headcanon)
-...not sure if this chapter requires M-rating as it's not anything too explicit...

Summary: It just wasn't fair. What did she do to deserve this?

-Not Fair -

Ann didn't know how she had managed to avoid looking directly at those things all day. Finding something to distract her attention hadn't been a easy task, let me tell you, but she preservered and braved it out till the sun was lost underneath the horizon and the blazing weather of the morning was replaced by a sudden bitter cold at night.

Everyone else who didn't have the privilege of practically being a walking heater were all huddled up for body warmth, their forms shivering under the darkened sky. Ann could still remember how they were all fighting earlier because of her stupid little sister's usual greedy moments but looking how close they were at this moment, it brought a smile to her lips.

Until she glanced over at the StrawHat wearing captain and accidently caught a glimpse of those horrendous things again. A scowl came to her face and she immediately looked away. Only to come face to face with a certain blue-haired prince. Who happened to be wearing a pretty mischievous smile.

Inwardly Ann panicked, Shit he can't know right? It was only a split secon-

"You worried about Luffyko-san?" Vivio's voice broke through the girl's worries. It was a simple endearing question that made the other pause.

The fire user had to take a moment to recompose her thoughts. Only just a moment though.

"Ah, not really. Luffyko hadn't changed much since childhood. She always had this strange aura about her that drew others in" Ann's face softened as she recalled her past with her darling little sister, a comforting nostalgia settling in. Back then, the siblings were nearly inseperable, always supporting each other and taking down the most impossible of beasts for their age; scaring the crap out of the banits who were supposed to be taking care of them and receiving harsh tongue lashings from their grandfather. But now, seeing Luffyko grow up from that little crybaby Ann was familiar with to a young woman capable of earning the complete trust of such great nakama... well, it was almost sad to see that independence develop so fast.

Vivio, who had kept quiet throughout Ann's self musing, only chuckled to himself and slowly walked away. It was clear he had misjudged the atmosphere and was going to leave it at that.

Too wrapped up in her own little world, Ann didn't sense a certain rubber woman's approach until it was too late. The older one almost hissed in surprise when Luffyko grabbed her arm and cuddled closer. Shit. And the fire user was actually damn proud of herself for lasting this long. Normally, it'd have taken only a few seconds for those blasted things to rise a reaction out of her and it seemed as if she would have been able to at least last a whole 24 hours without losing it. But now, with those despicable things pressing right up against her arms, it was becoming unbearably hard to not snap at the other.

Luffyko, having noticed her sister's unusual silence all day was becoming worried. After their little reunion on the Going Merry, Ann hadn't said a single word to her. In fact, the two haven't even made eye contact since then. Maybe it was because they had always spent their days in close proximity living on the mountains, or maybe it was because she used to always love it when Ann doted on her and pat her head whenever she did something right, it might have even been because after Ann left the island, Luffyko hadn't ever gotten used to sleeping all by herself in their bed. But whatever the reason, Luffyko was beginning to feel neglected.

Three years was a long time to miss someone, especially if it was a wonderful big sister that one always clung to no matter where they went. And if Ann wasn't going to her, then Luffyko would make sure she'd get her long earned affection by her own hands.

But the young captain noticed, with just the bit of irritation, that Ann was still not looking at her. With a pout, she stood up and shifted to stand right in front of her sister. The woman didn't even so much as look up from the ground.

Luffyko growled low in her throat as she bent down to eye level with the other, determined to get Ann to at least look at her.

Ann, for her part, was trying so very hard to stare anywhere else but what was right in front of her. No doubt, if she did, things were going to turn ugly very soon and the quiet peace that surrounded the camp was going to be squashed into little bits. So to stop that from happening, she moved her dark brown eyes towards a small spec of sand to focus on instead of those stupid incomprehensible objects that were mocking her.

Oh look, that spec is red compared to the other grains of sand around it. It must feel left out...

"Oh come on big sis! At least look at me" Luffyko finally had enough and reverted back to the plan that always caught her sister's attention: being loud and obnoxious until she was no longer ignored.

The other members of the crew all looked up from whatever it was they were doing at the sudden commotion, finding the cause to be the two bickering(?) siblings.

Ann was still pretending that she hadn't heard a single word even when Luffyko's pout turned into a glare. But seriously, 'Look at me'? If she did that... oh no, she didn't want to even think about it. 'Surely things will be fine, Luffyko will become bored eventually and then everyone can have a nice sleep' was what came to mind in an effort to convince herself that things will work out and the night won't turn into a disaster.

Of course, even Fire Fist Ann knew that was as likely to happen as Blackbeard appearing out of nowhere, clinging onto her and begging to be put six feet under. Although that would have been nice too.

"Ann!" Luffyko yelled again but this time took hold of her sister's face, forcibly initiating eye contact.

Of course the clumsy Gomu Gomu user had miscalculated the timing and distance and instead of having Ann's eyes meet her own, they instead landed somewhere just a bit lower. To her chest in fact.

Her horrendous, despicable, unbearable, stupid, incomprehensible... overly endowed, bouncing-!

Ann couldn't control the sudden twitch in her eye as she noted those huge breasts shake enticingly everytime Luffyko so much as moved. Her fists clenched and she breathed hard through her nose, trying to calm her frying nerves. No, this would not do. It's been three years, you know better Ann!... Three years and look how much they've fucking grown!

One could swear the size had doubled since then. Sure back on the island they were already big enough, and no it's not as if Ann had anything to be jealous of, they were both still growing after all! Luffyko must have just hit some scary growth spurt for breasts or something, ignoring every other feature (it would explain why she's still so short, Ann reasoned). But good lord, there should be a fucking limit!

And then the way Luffyko had the nerve to call her big sis while clinging onto her and pushing those gigantic-argh!

Just who is the big sis? Ann's body began to shake slightly.


How in the world could Luffyko of all people-?

"Um... are you ok?"

I mean really? REALLY?

"...hey, what's wrong?"

It's just... it's not...!


"It's not fair!"

"Wha-? Hey wai-ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow ow ow ow! Ann quit it that hurt-OW!"

"What is with these?" Ann didn't pay any attention to the other's screams of pain as she released all her pent up rage on those over grown breasts. Her hands were squeezing with much more force than necessary as she glared at the offending objects held in her tight grip.

"What do you mea-ow! They're breasts right-ow?" Luffyko whimpered as her chest continued to be assaulted by non too tender touches.

"Who in their right mind has breasts like these?" Ace ground out through her teeth.

All the while the other inhabitants of the camp were more than a little baffled at what was happening between the two. All of them were staring with wide eyes and open mouths. Namizou even had to hide a small nosebleed from the explicit show the two girls were giving them.

"Um, shouldn't we be helping Luffyko?" Choppi questioned, although a little nervous to be going near the enraged Mera Mera user.

"...well, I mean... it... seems like Luffyko-san is distressed" Vivio agreed weakly but didn't move from his spot. Neither did the rest of them.

"Hold on..." Sanko spoke up, catching everyone's (excluding the... 'fighting' siblings) "If Luffyko is a rubber human, why would grabbing her ahem-chest be painful?" she managed out trying hard not to blush. But her words did get them to think.

Why would it hurt? Unless...

Zora coughed awkwardly, "Could it be... it doesn't hurt-but in reality she's actually liking it?"

All eyes turned towards the green haired swordsman who fidgeted under their shocked stares. Well all except Choppi who was too young to understand what she meant.

"Oh, you mean the captain's a perverted masochist?" Robin pointed out with a smirk.

"Ow! You're squeezing too hard, Ann! Be more gentle!" Luffyko whined from the side, her face expressing pain every now and then but it wasn't as if she was trying to push her fuming sister off of her. Actually her hands were still planted at either side of her body, and her legs looked no where near kicking the angry girl away either. All in all, it was if the young rubber woman was letting it happen. In fact, some of the others could have sworn they saw her smile happily for a split second.

And then all the other StrawHat pirates (again except for the poor confused underaged reindeer) groaned in embarrasment.

Trust their captain to have such a weird fetish.

-End -

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