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I Edward Cullen, am two things. One of them is a Dominant and the other is a psychologist at my parents' clinic. For the last two years I've also worked with my brother, Emmett, to help him and the FBI save a young girl from the men who held her captive for the last fifteen years. When Emmett first asked for my help I wasn't so sure. I had only recently qualified as a psychologist at the time and I didn't think I'd be much help. After Em showed me the case file, and I met the psychological consultant he would have been working with, I changed my mind. That guy was an idiot. You see this case wasn't just your normal human trafficking. Isabella was three when the Volturi family took her. She was raised in the mindset of a little girl, not the young woman she is. This was so that at eighteen, she could be sold to the highest bidder wanting to fulfil his daddy fetish.

Today, however, is the day she comes home with me. Yep, you guessed it. To those at the auction, I'm the lucky bastard that is now the new owner of a naughty little girl, who needs to learn to please her daddy, but to the FBI I saved her. Time was up. She was turning eighteen and going to be sold at an auction. We had no more time to prove her stepfather was involved. No more time to prove that the Volturi's killed her mother and forged documents placing her in their custody. Just no more time. When my brother first suggested I buy her I thought he had finally cracked, but when he pointed out she not only needed saving before she was sold, but that she would also need a lot of psychological help, I agreed. To him, I'm kinky and professionally qualified, therefore I was the man for the job, and unfortunately he was right. This girl was raised not knowing any different. She didn't understand that most other eighteen year olds didn't suck on pacifiers or play with Barbie's while wearing frilly dresses. I knew what I had to do. I had to be the hard dominant daddy she had been taught to want, while I slowly introduce her to life as an adult, teach her to have freedom, and to live the normalcy other eighteen year olds live.