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Chapter 8: Daddy's calling the shots

"I have him on hold for you," Mrs Cope said, handing me the phone.

I mouthed a thanks and took the phone downstairs so I didn't disturb Little Bell.

"Good evening Aro. Thanks for calling me back."

"Of course, Mr Cullen. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Well I'm afraid I'm rather displeased to find out Isabella is not as untouched as she was supposed to be."

"Whatever do you mean? Is there a problem with Isabella's virginity?"

"Not with her virginity no, but there is a problem. Before the auction you assured me these girls had not been touched sexually in any way, yet Isabella tells me different."

"I'm afraid I don't understand. Isabella still has her virginity yes?"

"Yes, Aro, she does. However, your good doctor has gone above and beyond his duty of care and taken it upon himself to test my Isabella's sexual responsiveness to touch."

"Isabella told you Dr Demetri sexually stimulated her?" Aro asked sounding confused.

"Yes she did, and before you go questioning Isabella's word, she knows exactly what would happen should she be dishonest with me."

"Of course, my sincerest apologies Mr Cullen. I had no idea a member of my staff was acting so unprofessionally, he certainly knows better."

"Well he's not the only one. I've also had to correct Isabella's loyalty. A member of your staff had her believing she would belong to him."

"Ah, I assume you mean James? He was quite taken with her. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have the means to pay for her."

"If by quite taken you mean telling my little girl, she'd be his slut because she'll be so bad I won't want her anymore, then yes I mean James," I growled, making it clear i wasn't happy.

"My, my, it seems I'm having some rather embarrassing issues with my employees. I will see to it that this is taken care of. Do you wish to return Isabella?"

"Not at all, she's too delicious to give up but I'm not happy that I haven't got what I paid for."

"Nor should you be. Can I offer you another little girl, free of charge of course?"

"Thank you but I think I have my hands full for the moment, however I may be tempted to take on another once Isabella's been thoroughly broken in,"I replied, regretting every word. Wishing i could get another girl out of his clutches. Unfortunately i needed to save this opportunity as leverage we might need later on.

"Well whenever you're ready, just let me know and I'll have one all ready for you."

"Please keep me updated on your staff's indiscretion. I want to know that if I decide to do business with you again in the future, that I will get what I pay for."

"Of course and again my apologies," Aro said, sounding more annoyed and inconvenienced than sorry.

Just as I hung up the phone Isabella came in whimpering for me, tears sliding down her cheeks.

"What's the matter baby?"

"I had a bad dream daddy, 'nd when I woke up you were gone."

"Oh I'm sorry little one, I was on the phone. Do you want to tell me about your dream?"

She shook her head.

"Okay," I said kissing her forehead, leaving her dream alone for now. "Are you hungry? Dinner should be nearly ready."

"No daddy, don't want any dinner."

"You don't want some of Mrs Cope's lasagna?"

"Nah-ah." She shook her head vigorously but her growling stomach disagreed.

"Isabella, are you lying to me?"

"No daddy, I just want ice cream not dinner."

"You can have ice cream after dinner."

"No! Don't. Want. Dinner!" She whined, stamping her foot to emphasise each word.

I gave her a firm swat across her backside in return. "Then you don't get ice cream."

"But daaddyy…"

"No buts. Dinner before dessert," I said, sending her storming into the dining room where she dramatically slammed herself down into a chair.

I did manage to get her to eat all her dinner, but she would stop after a few bites to ask if she could have dessert yet. When I was finally satisfied she'd eaten enough, I asked Mrs Cope to make up some small ice cream Sundays hoping they would satisfy her sweet craving.

When my girl was full of sugar we settled down to watch a movie we found on one of the TV channels. I must have fallen asleep at some point though because when I woke up the film had finished and Isabella was sat watching the porn channel.

"Isabella!" The sudden sound of my voice made her jump slightly.

"Daddy are you gonna fuck my cunty like that?"

"Christ. Why are you even watching this?" I asked, not entirely sure i wanted her answer.

"The channel changed."

"How did it change?"

"I was looking for cartoons." The innocence in her voice almost made me want to laugh because she truly had no idea.

"This is not cartoons though is it?"

"I couldn't find 'em."

"Isabella, you are not to watch this stuff again."

"But daddy it showed me how to be good for you. Look, you don't have to show me no more. I just suck on it like a pop, see?"

"Jesus." Sure enough the young women on the TV was swirling her tongue around the head of the guys dick. "Turn it off please."

"But daddy I wanna do it too," she declared, pouting.

"You're not ready for any of that yet," I said, getting up to turn it off myself before my traitorous dick got any harder.

"Yah-huh. I am daddy, I'm big like that girl."

"Physically your body is like hers but in your mind you're still a little girl and she's a grown up."

"Nah-ah. She's little too, her daddy took her paci away cos she was bad."

Of course, she couldn't have just discovered regular porn, no, it had to be ageplay porn.

"Baby come sit with me," I said, lifting her onto my lap. My hands rested lazily on each side of her hips, gently holding her still as her pussy sat right on top of my crotch.

"Some people, like the woman on the TV, like to be little for a while and then they go back to being big. Whereas you stay little."

She stayed quiet for a minute thinking about what I had said before answering. "I want to be big but I like being little too. How do I sometimes be big?"

"I'll teach you."

"Kay. Daddy?"

"Yeah baby?"

"My tummy hurts again." It was too early for her to have anymore medication so I just sat with her gently massaging stomach until she felt better.

Over the next few days Bella's period stopped, leaving her slightly less temperamental. I'd had to send her to the corner twice and give her the occasional swat to prevent a tantrum but thankfully she hadn't needed to be punished again. We spent time a lot of time just watching movies and relaxing but it was now time to get back to the more difficult stuff. I hadn't had a session with her in a few days and then there was the matter of her dreaded shots.

"Baby, come sit over here, I want to talk to you."

"What 'bout daddy?" She asked, sitting between my legs.

Once she was sat comfortably, I wrapped my arms and legs around her, holding her back to my chest.

"We need to talk about your shots."

"Nooo daddy." She protested trying to wiggle free. "Noo."

"Shhh, calm down. We're just going to talk about it right now."

"I don't want anymore needles."

"I know baby girl but you have to. If you can be a big brave girl for me we'll get them all done at once and then you won't have to have anymore for a while."

"But how many?"


"But that's a lot," she sobbed.

"I know, it's okay," I soothed, lifting her into my arms, her head going straight to the crook of my neck.

Once she settled slightly, I carried on "Carlisle dropped some numbing cream off for you, and I'm going to be with you just like last time."

"Not today though right?"

"Yeah baby, today."

"No, no, no daddy," she protested.

"Yes, yes, yes," I replied with a chuckle. "We need to get it over and done with."

Reluctantly Little Bell allowed me to apply the numbing cream to each arm. Now though, I had to keep my girl occupied for the next 5 hours to give it a chance to work. I hoped Alice would be able to help do that so I'd already invited her and Jasper over.

When they walked through the door, Little Bell's excitement had her bouncing down the stairs and straight into Alice's arms.


"Hi Bell," my sister greeted, laughing as Little Bell tugged on her arm, pulling her towards the stairs.

"Hang on a minute. Alice I want you to do some shopping for Isabella," I said, handing her my card.

"Give her a limit Edward," Jasper added, from the door. "I took away her credit cards so she hasn't been able to shop for almost a week."

"She did it again?" I asked chuckling, not surprised my shopaholic sister had once again gone over her spending limit.

"Oh yeah. That little pixie just doesn't learn."

"Hey, I'm stood right here," my disgruntled sister said, as if we could have forgotten.

"Get her anything she needs that she doesn't have already but do it for five grand or less."

"Only five?!" She screeched. "But Edward she'll need…"

"Mary Alice, five grand is more than enough and you know it. She already has most things but I want her to choose some stuff for herself." I said, giving her a pointed look.

"Why i gotta choose stuff daddy?" Little Bell asked looking adorably confused.

"Well you said you'd never shopped and chosen anything for yourself before, so Alice is going to help you do that on the computer."

"You've never…she's never…" Alice stuttered.

"No, Alice, she hasn't. Now go give her that first experience and feel free to drag it out awhile," I said, pointing to my arms to indicate what I meant.

With a look of understanding she led Little Bell upstairs to the laptop in her room, leaving me to turn my attention to Jasper who was still stood patiently by the door.

"Hey man, sorry if you had other ideas for your day off."

"Nah. Well yeah actually but I'm guessing screwing your sister isn't an acceptable answer."

"No, Jackass. Don't talk to me about screwing my sister."

"Sorry but you needed a bucket of cold water."


"You were staring at Little Bells ass as she walked away."

"No I was n…" I started to protest but the 'oh really' look on Jasper's face stopped me.

"Come on, you look like you could use a drink," he said, heading for the den.

"Or ten," I muttered, following behind him.

"That bad?"

"No. It's just... it's hard and I knew it would be, but I didn't'..."

"…think it'd get so personal," he finished, handing me a glass of Scotch.

"Well yeah."

"Are you fucking her?" He asked flatly.

I looked him straight in the eye before answering hoping to convey my sincerity.


"But you want to."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement. He knew.

"Yes. But I won't."

"But you've touched her." Again it wasn't a question.


"Edward, please explain to me why on earth you think that's a good idea."

"Isabella has been raised with the idea that sex is all she's worth. That, that's what she's here for. That sex of all forms is what will please me. When I tell her she's not ready for sex, she pushes me to teach her what I like because she feels inadequate not knowing. She's scared if she doesn't learn what I like and she doesn't keep me sexually happy, that I won't want her anymore.

She's incredibly eager to perform sexually but I'm trying to teach her that she shouldn't feel she has to want sex if she doesn't. That she'll still be wanted if and when she doesn't but also without teaching her wanting sex is wrong.

She needs to learn the difference between what she thinks she wants and what she actually wants.

"And you have to touch her to teach her that?"

"No of course not. She may act like a child but she's not one. She gets sexually aroused just like the rest of us. You need to trust I know what I'm doing."

"Professionally I do but you've said yourself that this is more personal than you thought it would be."

"You're right and I'm not saying the lines aren't blurred because they are. I love that girl Jasper, more than I should when she's my patient."

"She's never just been a patient, to any of us. These circumstances are very different to those with your regular patients. There's nothing wrong with you loving her, Edward, so long as it doesn't hinder the help she needs, even if that help is a little unconventional. I just needed to know that you weren't living in some fantasy land."

"Oh, I promise, I'm well aware of our reality."

After my talking to from Jasper, we headed into the games room for a few hours before he and Alice left to make their dinner reservation. Bella and I on the other hand, sat down with Chinese takeout. Again it was something she'd never tried before, so I bought multiple dishes for her to try. She flat out refused to try the deep fried squid, not that I blamed her. That one was all Mrs Cope's. Instead she stuck to the chicken dishes and spring rolls.

Eventually the intercom beeped to tell me someone, who I presumed to be Carlisle, had driven through the front gate. Little Bell must have come to the same conclusion because her brown eyes widened with fear before she abandoned the couch and ran upstairs. I sighed and went to open the front door.

"Good evening son."

"Hi Dad. I need to go find Isabella, she ran off upstairs."

He chuckled and waved me off, leaving me to go in search of my scared little girl.

It didn't take me long before I heard a quiet sniffle coming from behind the closet door in our bedroom.

"Isabella, baby. Can you come out of the closet for me?" I asked gently.

She stayed quiet ignoring me, except for the occasional sniffle.

I slowly cracked open the door, not wanting to startle her, to find her sat up against the wall, curled into a ball. Her arms were holding her knees to her chest and her head buried against them.

"Oh Baby, come 'ere," I said, getting down on the floor next to her and coaxing her onto my lap. Her head went straight to my chest and her thumb into her mouth.

"Do you remember when you first came to stay here and I said sometimes you'd have to do you things you wouldn't like?"

She reluctantly nodded her head against my chest.

"Well, I'm afraid this is one of those times baby girl. Come on, sweetheart, let's get this done with and then we can do whatever you want."

I carefully got up off the floor, managing not to drop her as I used one hand to steady myself while the other kept a firm hold on Isabella. I carried my trembling girl down into the living room, where Carlisle was waiting patiently.

"Hello Isabella," Carlisle greeted, as I sat on the couch opposite him. Little Bell just turned her face into my shirt, effectively ignoring him.

"Edward told me you like to draw, so I brought something I thought you might like to look at," he said, leaning down to his bag and taking out and what looked like a big scrapbook.

"Esme's made many of these and this one, is of Edward's art work from when he was a child."

This perked Little Bell's interest enough for her to lift her head and give the book a hesitant look.

"Really dad. I still draw stick figures. Why on earth has she kept those."

"She's kept many things from when you kids were little," He laughed, handing me the book.

I shook my head not wanting to know what other little treasures my mother had decided to keep.

"Would you like to look at it baby?"

Her eyes lit up and she smiled slightly around her thumb as she looked up at me and nodded.

"Okay, well, while we do that, Carlisle's going to take the cream off your arms," I said, shifting her to the side slightly so that she was still sitting in my lap, but so that I could hold her with one arm and the book with the other. It wasn't really the best position but Carlisle could still get to both of her arms without her being able to see too much of what he was doing.

I opened the book at the first page where the first is picture had been stuck. Underneath it, Esme has written how old I was when my masterpiece was created.

"My art skills don't get much better." I told her chuckling as we looked at the scribble of a 3 year old.

As Carlisle started to remove the clear band-aids holding the numbing cream in place, I tried to keep Little Bell's attention focused on the book. When his hands first touched her skin she watched him carefully for a minute before I was able to distract her again. Keeping Isabella occupied meant Carlisle was able to give her both her subcutaneous MMR & Meningitis shot's without her even noticing. Unfortunately the tetanus and HPV were a different story. The moment the needle went in; she tensed and tried to pull her arm away from the sharp object.

"Owwie! "She cried out, tears quickly spilling out onto her cheeks.

"It's okay baby," I soothed, trying to comfort her.

"Relax your arm sweetheart," Carlisle said, noticing how tense her body was and that it would only make it worse.

"Dadddddyy," she sobbed.

"I know. That one's done, just one more," I said, kissing the top of her head.

"N...n...n...nooo," she stuttered out, unable to breathe.

"Isabella, breathe baby. "

She took a big gulp of air but tried squirming off my lap, not happy to stay for the next one.

"Ah, ah, no stay here. Look at me baby girl," I said firmly before waiting until her eyes had locked with mine to carry on. "Take a big breath in. That's it, and another. Good girl."

I leant forward placing my forehead against hers and encouraged her to keep taking deep breaths. When Carlisle felt she had calmed down enough to carry on he administered the final shot creating a fresh set of tears.

"Ahhh...daddy that burns!"

"I know, shh baby, you're okay."

"Owww," she whimpered and sobbed.

"All done now sweetheart." Carlisle said, placing the final band-aid before gently massaging her arm.

"I'm so proud of you baby girl. You did so well." I praised, cradling her tightly to my chest while she cried.

Carlisle packed up and quietly excused himself leaving me to cuddle Isabella until she had cried herself to sleep. I was relieved she wouldn't need any more shots for a few months. I hated putting her through it when she hated them so much but they were far from the thing she should fear most in her life. Now it was time to focus on bringing down the Volturi family and get back to helping Bella overcome what she's lived through.

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