Castiel stood trembling, as he looked down at the deep gorge below him, his feet half hanging off the cliff edge. Fear ran through his body as he thought about the fact that if he moved barely an inch forwards he would plummet down the rocky crevice to meet an endless sleep. The notion was terrifying; he gulped.

He instinctively reached out to clutch the oh so familiar hand that belonged to his elder brother.

"Don't worry Cassie, I've got you", Balthazar's humourless laugh did nothing to ease the unsettling feeling in his stomach. He was comforted however; not by Balthazar's words, nor by his voice, but instead by the fact that Balthazar was squeezing his hand tightly, in a fashion which showed that he would never let go.

"But what if I fall?"

"Castiel, I will never let you fall"

But he did fall, and his words were spoken wrongly as a sharp gust of wind sent Castiel over the edge of the gorge. And Castiel tried, he tried unfurling his wings, having them powerfully beat and save him, but they didn't and he was falling…




He was flying, soaring away from the impending rocky floor, and he had never known what it felt like to fly; what it felt like to have the wind streamline over his body, at the beautiful view he would get from the height or the indescribable heavy feeling under his arms… his arms? And with a look he realized that he wasn't flying. Balthazar was.

"I told you Cas" Balthazars comforting voice said from above "I'll never let you fall"