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Chapter 9

_Year: 2012, Location: Mount Justice_

M'gann and Superboy had nearly jumped out of their skins when Robin, Kid Flash and Artemis came crashing down in front of them.

"GET OFF OF ME, KID FLASH! OR SO HELP ME I'LL-" Artemis yelled, struggling to get out from underneath Kid Flash.

Kid Flash smiled, not hearing her threats. "You finally called me Kid Flash."

Artemis' face blushed slightly as she proceeded to kick Kid Flash's butt. Robin chuckled as he got up. Those two were SO getting together in the future. It was only a matter of time.

M'gann chuckled too but stopped when she noticed pain radiating off of Robin's left arm. How did she not noticed it before? The pain was immense! She grabbed Robin's left hand and slipped off the glove dispite Robin's protests. When the glove was off, she gasped. His hand was completely black and so was his wrist. After that, she didn't know because his hero outfit covered it.

Robin tugged his hand out of M'gann's. "Don't worry, M'gann. It's nothing."

"How bad is it?" M'gann whispered.

Robin slipped his glove back on. "It's almost near my heart. My left arm is completely black now and now some of my chest."

M'gann gasped. "But that means you'll-"

"No, I won't. Not if the spell works," Robin interrupted her.

"Oh," M'gann said, her heart calming now.

"M'gann, could you keep this a secret? I don't see why we should worry everyone else when this isn't even going to last another hour," Robin asked her, rubbing the back of his neck.

M'gann smiled with understanding. "Of course."

"Thanks," Robin said as he grabbed one ear of both Artemis and Kid Flash, dragging them with him.

M'gann then went to Aqualad's room where Superboy was.

"It's time," she told him, smiling.

Superboy gave her a soft smile as he picked up Aqualad's sleeping form. He would never admit this but after some thought, he regreted the chance of never getting to know Superman. But now he would be able to. That is, if Superman was willing.

_Twenty Minutes Later_

"Everyone ready?" Robin asked.

Everyone nodded. They HAD been ready since the day that Zatanna had found the spells that would fix everything. They had been so happy to find out that they would get their mentors back.

Zatanna, seeing their nods, breathed in and then out. Focusing on her powers, mumbled a string of ancient words and the room spun in circles.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Artemis muttered, leaning against Kid Flash who only smiled in response.

Zatanna then said the last line of words and then suddenly, everyone was where they had been in the morning of January 11.

_With Artemis_

Artemis was now back to practicing her aim with Green Arrow which she hadn't wanted to do since she figured that she was as good as she was going to get. Tears stung her eyes. She had missed him so much! Blinking back her tears, she aimed her arrow and hit the bull's eye.

"See, you CAN get better!" Green Arrow said, placing his hand on her shoulder.

If only he knew how much she had missed that hand.

_With Aqualad_

Aqualad was very confused.

Was everything that happened a dream?

Aqualad frowned. He didn't think so. He didn't have dreams usually but when he did, they would be of being with his crush. Aqualad sighed. He had to let go of his feeling for her. He HAD to! If he didn't, seeing his two best friends happy would continue to break his heart.

Breaking off that train of thought, he called Artemis. After a few minutes of speaking to her, he hung up. It hadn't been a dream. It had been reality.

But not anymore, he thought as he went to go see the king he had missed for so long.

_With Superboy and M'gann_

Superboy was back at Mount Justice with M'gann.

"I'm going to go see my uncle. Do you want to got see Superman?" M'gann softly asked, playing with her fingers.

Superboy nodded. "Yes. He can no longer deny my existence."

M'gann mentally sighed as they headed towards the zeta tubes. At least Superboy was willing to see Superman now, she thought herself.

Now to go see her uncle who she had missed so much, the one who she could barely live without.

_With Kid Flash_

He was back home, sitting on the couch with his uncle. Unable to control himself, he threw his arms around his uncle and cried.

Barry (A.K.A- Flash) hugged Wally back, understanding everything. Wally tried to speak but Barry shushed him and patted his back.

"It's okay, Wally, it's okay," Barry whispered.

_With Robin_

Robin was now back with Bruce and Alfred eating breakfeast. He didn't cry though. He was too happy to have them back.

Bruce glanced at Dick, noting the change in his facial empression. It seemed to be so happy as if he hadn't seen them in a long time. Understanding hitting him, Bruce got up and crashed Dick in his embrace.

"What . . . ?" Dick asked, confused.

Bruce tightened his arms. "It's been a while, hasn't it Dick?"

Dick's confusion melted into understanding. "Yeah, it has."

The End . . .

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