The question

Shiba made her way through the ground of very loud teenage girls, gritting her teeth as one of them elbowed her.

These girls are insane he thought as she finally reached the centre of attention, huffing and panting from the effort that got her there.

"Saa, Shiba, isn't it? What are you doing here?" The resident tensai asked in his ever happy voice wearing his ever present smile.

"I'm here to do an interview for Protennis weekly, all the Seigaku regulars" Shiba stood up straight and tried to look as business like as possible as she avoided getting swooped back into what was starting to strongly resemble a mosh pit.

"Aaa, I'll gather the regulars then" Tezuka said evenly and got up from where he was eating his lunch, immediately the girls all quietened down, watching Tezuka like hawks.

"Excuse me" He said and they parted like the red sea, Fuji chuckled as Tezuka thanked them and left curtly.

5 minutes later ~ on the roof

"Okay, everyone's here… except Echizen we can't seem to find him" Oishi reported to Tezuka as he and Eiji returned from their mission of gathering the team.

"Aaa that's ok, lunch is almost over so we should just continue without him, Shiba feel free to ask your questions.

"Emm…" Shiba bit her lip

"67% chance that she didn't think of any questions before she came here. 30% chance that she prepared something and forgot about it" Inui chipped in and the others sweat dropped

"Actually I do remember the question, the thing is that I've actually only got enough room to put one question in this edition so I'll just ask you all and you can be on your way!" She explained sheepishly.

"… Okay what is the question ?" Momo asked a "fsshhh" of concurrence from Kaido.

"What do you love the most in the world?" She asked perkily.

"Saa…My cacti collection" Fuji said first

"My favourite toothpaste! nya!" Eiji beamed loudly

"The burgers at "the burger place"" Momo grinned

"Fssshhh, baka. Cats" Kaido mumbled under his breath and Momo laughed loudly, starting yet another fight between the rivals.

"Ehhm, my 'Friends' collection" Oishi blushed and Eiji laughed at him, calling him obsessed while Momo sang "I'll be there for you" as off key as humanely possible.

"My sushi making equipment" Taka blushed

"My notebooks" Inui said calculatingly

"Aaa, My tennis racquet" Tezuka said stoically

"Okay this is great!" Shiba exclaimed "Thank you all for~" Shiba was caught off by a very sleepy voice.

" *yawn* Why is everyone being so loud?" Questioned a very sleepy (and equally adorable) Ryoma Echizen as he sat up and fisted his eyes. Eiji, Oishi, Taka, Kaido and Shiba all blushed at the cute sight.

"Ehh?" Momo exclaimed "How long have you been here?"

"I always sleep here at lunch" Ryoma replied glaring (though it had little effect as his eyes were still sleep fogged)

"Can I ask you a question, Echizen ?" Shiba asked and received a shrug

"Sure, but I might not answer"
Fuji laughed at this and Momo noogied the freshman

"What do you love the most in the world?"

Ryoma didn't hesitate "My family, who else?" Suddenly everyone thought over their answers, they all chose material items and yet the anti-social openly admits that he loves his family more than anything else in the world.

"Well… I feel like crap" Momo said and they all nodded in agreement while Ryoma cocked his head to the side confused, as they all get up and leave him with Shiba who was fan girling over his cute answer.

"*sigh* Mada mada dane" he said and goes back to sleep.

Authors' note

Just a cute little one shot

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