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~Guardian of Light~

In the beginning, the world was created out of nothing. Out of the nothing came the powers of light and dark. To control these powers and bring order to the world, two were chosen. The Guardian of Light to watch over the day and the creatures that thrived by the light. The Angel of Darkness to watch over those that thrived during the night.

Their balance was complete. Day gave into night and night surrendered to day. The two became lovers, taking none other but each other. Their rule was absolute since it would take one to destroy the other.

The Guardian of Light was much loved by all she protected. The Angel of Darkness harbored fear in his creatures' hearts. Greed overtook him. He did not want to rule the day but he wanted to covet her. Out of his greed, the Angel of Darkness betrayed his lover and attempted to take her for solely his own.

The Knight of Light was created to try and restore the balance that was harshly overthrown. Due to his efforts, the Guardian was able to escape from the Angel. Being apart was not enough, however, without being together the two would age and reincarnate until they were once again reunited.

Until that day comes, the Angel of Darkness continues his rule over the world, leaving only pain and fear in his wake as he searches for his missing lover.


"It is my responsibility to watch over her. I will take the child into my care. No one shall know that she is different."

The older of the two smiled knowingly at the younger. "I will help you. We'll have to hide her powers and differences. You'll need my help."

The young man assigned to his queen smiled at his uncle. "Your help is greatly appreciated. We have much to protect her from."


"Amu-chan, you know that Tadase-kun does not like it when you wander outside without him."

The young girl lifted her big honey golden eyes to one of the men that had raised her. The sun was just setting and for some unknown reason, she felt a pang in her heart every time the night took over the day. "I'm sorry, Tsukasa-san. I like watching the sunset by myself."

The older man knew, he knew why she was awake the moment the sun rose and why she felt sadness when it set. Amu, however, could never know. "Come inside when you are done. Make sure you don't stray too far. I'll talk to Tadase-kun."

Amu nodded her thanks before turning back to the increasingly darkening sky. She did miss the sun when it went down for the day, but that wasn't the real reason that Amu now stood outside their small cottage on her own. If Tadase or Tsukasa were out there with her then she wouldn't show up. With Tsukasa now heading inside, Amu knew that she'd get to see her.

The trees shifted a little as the wind was disturbed. Amu loved it. She loved every second of her hair whipping around her face and the trees rustling their disapproval of the creature's entrance. Giggles filled the air as the giant beast landed once more upon the earth and tucked its massive wings to its sides. "Amu-chan."

"Rima! I'm so glad that you were able to make it today!"

The giant serpent slithered its head so that one giant eye was staring at the girl before it. "I enjoy visiting you, Amu-chan. Of course I'd come."

The young girl flushed excitedly upon hearing that a dragon enjoyed seeing her. Not many people could attest to that. "How was your day?"

One giant wing stretched out as Rima settled further down upon the earth. "Spent it soaring above the clouds and soaking in the sun's light. Today was a beautiful day to be out."

Sinking to sit on the ground with her legs crossed, Amu rested her chin on the palm of her hand with her elbow on her bent knee. "Is there anything bad about being able to fly?"

The dragon was silent for a moment before she turned to look back down at the girl she was visiting. "From the air, the destruction that the Angel of Darkness has caused is more visible. I see all the towns that were destroyed during the night and the fields that were burned. Graves, I see many graves."

That admission left the young girl to sit in her thoughts for a few moments. The world that she lived in was no mystery to her. Amu had heard, since she was a little girl, all about the wrath of the dark angel. Should anyone attempt to hinder his search in finding his lost lover, they would be put to death. The worst part of the story, at least to Amu, was the fact that rumors said that the only reason the Angel of Darkness wanted to find the girl he lost was so he could kill her. She didn't believe they could've been real lovers if he wanted to kill her now. "Rima, have you ever seen him?"

The dragon did not need the small human beside her to explain who she meant. "Yes, once. A long time ago when he called upon the creatures that roamed during the day to help in his search. Though, we will never truly serve him. We're to be looking for a girl with pink hair."

"Amu-chan! Amu-chan! It's dark out now! You need to come in!"

Hearing Tadase calling for her only meant that Amu had a few moments before she needed to be inside or else he'd come out and get her. Tadase had met Rima in the past, though the two didn't get along well with each other. They did, however, respect each other. "I wish I could stay out here with you longer, Rima. I enjoy your visits as well! Come again soon!"

Waiting until the girl entered the safety of her own home, Rima spread her wings and took flight. She was a creature of the light. Rima knew what she knew. Nothing could fool her.


The darkness crept over the room, bringing to life its occupants. The woman stretched her body out, feeling her bones snap into place. Tonight she would do as her master wished. She'd bring the Guardian to him and the search would end. The Dame of Dark was created after the fall of her master to bring a tiny semblance of order back to the world. She carried out his orders to find his lover without sparing mercy.

In the next room, her master was waiting for her. "Lulu, I suggest that you hurry up and get in here."

Angering her master meant things worse than death. Things that could even scare her. "Yes master."

Sitting on his dark throne was the angel himself. Not many got an audience with the man that now ruled over both the dark and the light with the same iron fist. She'd been a lot more understanding and just whereas he simply told people what to do and punished those that didn't listen. "A dragon was spotted. Find it. Dragons are creatures that know more than they should. Bring it back here, unharmed."

Bowing her blonde head, Lulu obeyed the orders and left immediately taking Iru and Kairi with her to assist in the capturing.

Ikuto, the Angel of Darkness, sat back on his throne. Soon, soon he would have her back at his side to do whatever he pleased with. The replacements that he'd been bringing down to his castle never lasted long. Mere humans couldn't handle the amount of power that flowed through the air around him. At first they would get dizzy before their bodies would begin to deform. In the end, they'd change into some hideous monster with no sense of self left. Ikuto hated to be the one to kill them, but there was no longer a point to them if he couldn't use them. Their only purpose was to serve him with their bodies.

His latest snack had begun her transformations two days prior. Ikuto had only just killed her before meeting with Lulu. There wasn't a point in letting things get too bad. She'd cried when he'd told her that he no longer needed her, but Ikuto was immune to tears or sadness. Those emotions could not affect him from within or from out. He'd never felt sadness, just anger.

Realizing that life could get dull rather quickly without some kind of pet to distract him, Ikuto heaved himself up. At first he'd sent out one of his servants to bring the maidens back, but that quickly changed when they wouldn't bring what he wanted. Though, even Ikuto felt a little disappointed with every girl that he brought back to his castle. They weren't her so they'd never be right.

"Nagi, I'm going out."

The dark elf lifted his face to acknowledge what his master had said. "Sir."

Smirking, Ikuto made his way through the castle. Being the Angel of Darkness and it being night on the world at the moment, he could easily teleport or something along those lines, but walking seemed like a good way to kill some time. He did have plenty of it. The previous angels had left books and notes and other important information that he'd spent part of his eighteen years of life going through. They all said the same thing; he'd live a very long life but not forever without her. They should be reincarnating at the same time, making them the same age, but it was unknown to be a fact since they couldn't find her. Ikuto wasn't about to be like them though. He was going to find her and make her his. Until then, he'd just have to do with a replacement.

The cool air of the night wafted by him as he ghosted through the sky on dark wings. Flying was always a joy. The control he had over himself while in flight was unmatched by any other creature alive or dead.

The sound of wings, other than his own, met Ikuto's ears as he glided through the night. A burst of flames shot across the night sky. So Lulu had already met the dragon. Ikuto turned away from the battle. His second in command could handle herself and her prey. He needed to carry out his personal mission.

A roar filled the silent air along with the sounds of shattering wood. The fight had ended with them crashing into a small house alone on a hilltop. Ikuto paused in his flight when he heard the sound of a young girl screaming. The sound of her scream was just right to be the age that he was looking for anyways. Might as well save himself some time by checking to see if she was good enough for what he wanted. They never lasted more than a few weeks anyways.

Two men came into view. They both stood tall and proud with their blond hair gleaming whenever fire spurted across the sky. Between them was a younger girl. She looked to be about fifteen, but Ikuto wasn't certain. A girl that young was certain to be just what he was looking for. Experienced women had never held much for him. He liked them young and innocent.

The light gleamed off her wide eyes as she watched the creatures battle over their once standing home. Her own hair shone in the darkness but in a different way from the two beside her. Ikuto watched for a moment longer to see if she gripped one more than the other. If the girl was already in love with a man then the chances of her being pure were slim. This girl, however, held both hands tightly in her own without choosing one over the other. Ikuto smirked as he glided closer.

Before he could scoop her off her feet and wretch her free from the two holding her, the young girl turned her eyes to him. "Please! Please make them stop hurting Rima!"

Taken aback, Ikuto turned from staring into her eyes to the dragon fighting against Lulu, Kairi and Iru. "Lulu."

All movement ceased from his subordinates. They waited, frozen in the air for what their master had to say.

Ikuto smirked at their total loyalty. The dragon hung in the air, unsure of what was happening with her own battle but feeling the fear growing in her heart. The Angel of Darkness was there. One large eye shifted to where the young girl she'd been visiting stood with her protectors. Rima knew that even if her life was forfeit, she had to protect that girl. "What do you want with me, Angel of Darkness?"

A gasp was heard from the three on the ground. One moved to stand before the girl, but the other placed a hand on his shoulder while murmuring words to calm the younger man.

Ikuto ignored the humans to take in the large yellow dragon. "My business here tonight is not with you."

Rima lowered her massive body to the earth. She planted her feet firmly and curled her long tail around the three humans. "If you have come for the girl then you shall be disappointed. This may just be a human, but she is also my friend. I will not allow for you to take her and do unto what you have done to others."

Anger was always his quickest emotion. Ikuto felt it burn through him now. How dare a mere dragon try to fight with his orders? "To see you try and stop me will give me great pleasure, Creature of the Light."

Amu gasped again as Rima shot a line of fire towards the angel hovering above the ground. This man, this angel was the Angel of Darkness. The one she'd heard so much about. He was a man that was supposed to put more than just fear into people's hearts. Though the young girl didn't understand, he was here not for Rima but for her? What could he want with her?

Tsukasa's hand on his nephew did not move throughout all of what was happening. Luckily the dragon had enough sense to watch what she was saying and who she was saying it to. "Tadase, we must get Amu-chan out of here."

Nodding his head, the younger man pulled his shoulder free of the grasp and touched the side of the dragon. His thoughts were instantly transmitted to the creature's brain. You know who she is and why we must protect her now. Give us the chance we need to escape.

Whether the dragon heard or not was not shown on the outside. She did, however, lift her wings to shield the fact that Tadase was now pulling Amu and Tsukasa onto her back. "I will not try!"

Throwing her body into the air caused her passengers to jerk. Tsukasa sat just behind his young charge, holding onto her carefully so that she wouldn't fall as the dragon picked up speed. "It will be alright, Amu-chan. Just don't let go."

Seeing as the dragon was attempting to not only escape but also steel away the girl he had his eyes on, Ikuto smirked. The sun was gone. What the dragon hoped to accomplish without it was beyond him. The night was strictly his domain. "Iru, retrieve the girl."

Rima beat her wings as fast and as hard as she could. Her long body as stretched to its limit as she pushed herself to go harder than she knew she could at night. If the sun was up, she'd have already been long gone. 'They are pursuing us. I don't know how much longer I can keep us out of their reach!"

Tadase heard the dragon's words above the sound of the wind. He'd known that flying with the dragon would be risky, but they didn't have another option. Turning around where he sat, he faced the young girl behind him. "Amu-chan, if you want to be free you must do something for me. Wish with all of your heart that you'll make it out of this alive. Call out with your mind for anyone to help us."

Amu sat there and stared at the man she trusted before her. Never before had Tadase asked her to do something as he was now. Not knowing what her thoughts could possibly do to help them, Amu complied. Please, if anyone is there. Help us now.

With a puff of smoke, Iru appeared on the dragon's back. Rima felt her land and tried to shake her off without being able to do so. Tadase had no idea until the young demon had her arm around his throat. With a flick of her shoulder, she tossed him off the dragon.

Amu screamed. Tadase had always been there for her and now he was falling. "Rima! Catch him!"

The dragon could not disobey. Her body doubled back as the demon closed in on the young girl. Tsukasa kept his tight hold on Amu as he stared up at the young demon. "You won't be able to take her."

Iru smirked as she moved closer. One of her hands found its way onto Tsukasa's arm. A hot burning pain shot from her palm and up into his shoulder. "Let her go now and I'll let you keep your arm."

Tsukasa held firm while his eyes went blurry. The pain was almost too much for him to bear. Just before he let go, a puff of white smoke appeared and the demon was knocked off her feet. She fell, crying in anguish into the sky before puffing in a cloud of black smoke back to her master. "Angel, more creatures defend her than just the dragon."

Ikuto narrowed his eyes before he nodded towards Kairi. The young werewolf let out a howl, signaling to any other dark creature to come when their master called.


Tadase had resigned himself to using his powers when the dragon's claw wrapped around his falling body, halting his descent. "Rima?"

"She bade me catch you."

Tadase understood why Rima had not refused. It was impossible. "Get us out of here!"

Using her wings to push her harder, Rima continued her flight. "I'm trying!"


Amu clamped her hands down onto Tsukasa's arms. "What did she do to you?"

Feeling that her touch was already canceling out what the young demon had done to him, Tsukasa's breathing began to calm down once again. "Do not worry; I'll be just fine in a moment. Just hang on."

Amu did not like this one bit. Tadase had almost died and Tsukasa had been injured. She also knew that the dragon would not make it much further. "Tsukasa, what was that thing that saved us?"

Before the man could respond a loud howl filled the air. Amu remembered the creature that had been there trying to capture Rima. He'd looked like a dog but a human at the same time.


Sliding her eyes to the side, Amu noticed a girl she'd never seen before. "Who are you?"

"I came because you called. I am Eru, a cherub. I'll protect you."

The young angel like girl vanished in a puff of white smoke just as the same demon girl from before leapt onto the spot she'd been sitting in. "Iru will not fail her master twice!"

The puff of white reappeared as the two girls tumbled while wrestling off the dragon and into the night. Amu didn't want anything to happen to either of them as they fell, but there was little she could do to help the girls. Besides, they could both disappear and reappear. No sooner had she thought that then Eru was back to sitting beside her. "I will protect you, mist-"

The demon girl reappeared and snatched the cherub from the back of the dragon, disappearing into the night. Amu saw no more of either of them.


Rima was growing tired. She knew that their flight was going to be over soon, simply because she did not have the strength to keep going. A silvery figure caught her eye as it raced across the ground. The horn upon its head shone bright in the night. Rima knew that the unicorn could be trusted. Creatures of the Light could only obey one master and she was not the Angel of Darkness. "Tadase!"

"I see her! Bring us lower, Rima!"

As soon as he was close enough to the ground, Rima released the boy she held in her claw. Tadase leapt as he felt the tight grip on his body loosen so that he'd be able to control how he fell. Just before he hit the ground, he rolled into a ball and used his momentum to spring to his feet. "Unicorn! The mistress has need of you!"

The bright white animal turned in its gallop to circle back around to the man. "My mistress shall be served!"

Tadase nodded his approval. "You shall carry her to a safe location. Do not say anything to her since her identity is a secret even unto herself."

The unicorn tossed its head in acknowledgement before racing after the lowering dragon. Tadase sprinted right after her.


Amu knew that they were getting lower to the ground, she did not, however, know why. "Rima! Rima, are you okay?"

The large dragon would have laughed if she'd had the energy to do so. "I'm fine little human, just tired."

Glad to hear that her dragon friend was okay, Amu shifted her gaze to see an object approaching through the night sky. Before she could point it out, the creature seized her by her shirt and lifted her and Tsukasa off the dragon and into the air.

Tsukasa knew better than to let go of the girl he had his arms firmly around. "Pegasus, let go of us!"

The horse snorted through its nose as it continued to fly off into the night. Tadase watched from the ground for only a second before he leapt back onto the dragon and bid her to fly. "Rima!"

The exhausted dragon once again lifted into the air as she pursued her stolen passengers. "I won't be able to catch them."

"I can't transform unless I want to give her away. The Angel only thinks that we are protecting a human girl from him. If we reveal who she is…"

Rima didn't want to hear about that. Her vision was failing but she could feel the sun returning to the earth. The night was far from being over but if she could just hang on a little longer than she'd be able to save Amu and escape. Then her vision went black.


Tsukasa didn't know for how much longer he could hang on, but he knew he had to try. The flying horse had begun to shake his burden in an effort to lighten it, but the human man refused to let go of the girl.

Amu knew that if this held out for much longer then they'd both end up getting hurt. "Tsukasa, please just let go." Someone save him.

Before Tsukasa had a chance to respond, a puff of white smoke made him disappear from Amu's sight.

Feeling that his load was now significantly lighter, the Pegasus turned his body around and shot back through the night air to where his master stood waiting. Amu was dropped at his feet.

Leaning down, Ikuto a handful of her blonde hair and pulled her to her feet. "Foolish creatures thought that they could win against me in the night. You are mine now until you go crazy and I kill you."

Amu swallowed hard. This angel was beautiful though his words were harsh. Even though she knew she should be frightened, no fear entered her mind.


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