Morg: Heyo! How tired are your arms?

Ikuto: What? Why?

Amu: Oh no. Please don't.

Morg: Because I left you hanging from that cliff!

Ikuto: Please stop.

Amu: This is why we can't trust her to own anything.

Morg: Love me~

~Guardian of Light~

Ikuto stared at the hole in the ceiling of his underground castle. Sunlight streamed into the dark cave, causing most of his creatures to back away towards the shadows. The Angel was so much in shock that he didn't know how to respond. Amu was the Guardian. Amu. The girl that had been with him the entire time. Now that he knew, the signs were rather obvious. Everything he had told himself was the dragon's doing was actually the girl herself. She'd known the whole time and never told him. After all the talks they had, the fights, Amu had never come clean. Ikuto had never felt so betrayed.

Seeing that his master was in such turmoil, Nagihiko calmly approached the Angel of Darkness. "She didn't know."

Snapping his head towards the dark elf, Ikuto didn't want to hear what the other had to say. "She had to of."

"She didn't."

Narrowing his gaze, Ikuto took in the dirt covered face of the other. "You were here. You were here from before they escaped and you did nothing."

Standing his ground, Nagihiko tried to remain brave in the face of wrath. Ikuto was rather scary when he was angry. "I only knew moments before the ceiling gave. It wasn't long enough. She came in with her hair so pink to make certain that Rima was okay after the castle started shaking. Amu didn't know. She was more than surprised when the Knight of Light came in."

Scowling, Ikuto turned towards the door. It was the middle of the day and not the time to pursue the creatures that had just broken into his castle. He would get his revenge. "She must be a fantastic actress if she even fooled you."

Nagihiko couldn't do anything but watch the Angel storm out of the broken room. Other creatures followed his path, already preparing for their attack that night. The dark elf couldn't do anything but sigh.


After they landed, Amu had smiled and thanked the eager creatures around her before retiring to a small hut. Despite all the smiles around her, Amu couldn't forget the look on Ikuto's face when the Angel saw her on the dragon's back with Tadase right behind her. Amu wasn't entirely certain why it mattered so much to her if Ikuto seemed to be in pain. Granted, she understood now that he was the Angel and she was the Guardian and they were supposed to be together, but none of that mattered. She was Amu and he was Ikuto. That's what mattered. Down there while she stayed in his castle, Amu got to know Ikuto. She liked Ikuto. The Angel was scary. The Angel was who she saw when they took her away.

The Guardian felt rather stupid now that she knew. There were more than a few signs as to who she really was. Ikuto wasn't the only one that felt betrayed. Tadase and Tsukasa had been with her since she could remember and had never told her. In fact, Amu realized now that she'd been under a spell the entire time so that she wouldn't know the truth. How could she trust them?

The now pinkette's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Looking up, Amu was met with the sight of a rather tired looking Tsukasa entering her little hut. She looked away from his smile. Amu didn't want to see it.

Tsukasa, never in all the years he'd been alive, had thought that this was to be how Amu discovered the truth about herself. All while she was growing up and living with him and Tadase, the older man had made certain to make sure that the girl knew that she was special but that she shouldn't talk about it. He didn't blame her for how she responded to him now. "Amu-chan."

Tears welled up faster than Amu could blink them away. Before she knew it, the young girl was being hugged by a man she thought she couldn't trust but still felt safe in his arms. "Why didn't you tell me!?"

Tsukasa carried some of the blame. He would always carry his fair share, but the decision to keep Amu's identity a secret from her even after she was old enough to know how to handle the information was Tadase's decision. "That's a question for my nephew. How are you doing, Amu?"

Leaning back, Amu wiped some of the tears from her face. "Terrible. I'm terrible. Yes, I'm thankful for what they've done and I love them because I'm the Guardian and they're my Creatures, but I fell so torn. I didn't want to leave Ikuto."

More than certain that the Guardian felt as she did because she was once again separated from the Angel, Tsukasa moved to give her another hug. "Then you should figure out how to get back to him."

"How can I do that? How can I just leave and go back when everyone just risked so much to get me? I can't be that selfish."

Standing to his full height, Tsukasa regretted many things he'd done in his life at that moment. "Amu, you are the Guardian of Light. We were wrong to keep it from you for as long as we did, but you know now. You know who you are and what your duties are. As long as you carry them out, everyone here doesn't care where you are. If you want to be with Ikuto then be with Ikuto."

Drying her face, Amu nodded to the man she'd always looked to for advice. Tsukasa may not have told her everything, and she understood why, but he'd also never lied to her. "You weren't there. You didn't see his face. Even if I go back, Ikuto isn't going to want me. He thinks I knew. He thinks I betrayed him."

Patting the girl on her shoulder, Tsukasa moved back towards the door he came in through. "All you can do is try. Tadase and the others are preparing for some sort of attack. They know it will come tonight. The Angel won't take the Knight of Light breaking into his castle and stealing you away easily. Ikuto will come, and he will be ready to fight. What will you do?"

A fight? Amu didn't want that. Tsukasa's question hung in the air long after the older man left her alone with her thoughts. What could she do? They'd only just 'rescued' her. Amu couldn't just give them smiles and say thanks but no thanks. It didn't work like that. Even though she hadn't known for long that she was the Guardian, Amu still knew she couldn't just walk away.

Whatever conclusion she was coming to was interrupted by the sound of the door opening once again. Amu knew without looking that it was Tadase. He was, after all, her Knight of Light. "What is it?"

Grinning at the girl he'd worked so hard to get back, Tadase couldn't help but pull Amu into a hug. "We did it! You're safe. We've been preparing for his counter attack. Don't worry, you'll be perfectly fine with us. Every creature here is determined to keep you away from harm."

Amu could barely listen to the boy speak. Before Ikuto had taken her, back when she lived a simple life with Tsukasa and Tadase, Amu would have listened with awe and respect to whatever Tadase told her. Now, now it was painful. Even though she was the Guardian and the Angel was looking for her, Amu had never been in any danger when she was with Ikuto. Tadase needed to stop. Everything he was saying was so wrong. "Why are you here?"

Smile faltering for only a second, Tadase took in the less than excited look that Amu wore. "To celebrate your safe return. Why do you look so… down?"

Taking in a deep breath, Amu felt the familiarity that she had with this man disappear. There was no longer the bond of friendship. He was the Knight of Light and she the Guardian. "I am thankful for the effort that everyone here has displayed. I'm proud of how well they worked together."

"What are you saying?"

"I belong by Ikuto's side. Not here in some small hut in the middle of the forest."

Appalled, Tadase pushed away from the girl before him. "You can't be serious! You want to go back to… to… Him!? Do you know what the Angel of Darkness does? Do you know what he has done? It was only a matter of time before he figured out who you were and imprisoned you just like he did all those centuries ago!"

"That was a different Angel. That wasn't Ikuto."

"You're the same! Reincarnation after reincarnation! I've seen it several times. He does the same things again and again and we do what we can to keep you safe! I will not let you throw this chance to right the balance away!"

At first, Amu was calm and collected and willing to let the other get his frustrations out. However, the Knight crossed the line the moment he tried to tell her what to do. "I am the Guardian of Light! Who are you to speak to me in such a way!?"

Backing away for reasons different from the ones he had before, Tadase dropped to his knees before Amu. Her pink hair was longer and the simple clothes she'd been wearing transformed into a suit of golden armor with a long red cape. Tadase had only seen the Guardian in battle gear once before. The sight silenced him. "Guardian."

"No, you shall listen now. I am the Guardian. You are a loyal and trusted servant, but do not forget your place. You will not command me."


Turning her face away from where the Knight kneeled, Amu let out a sigh. "I wanted to give you the chance to explain but I understand now. Your task to protect me is over. I am in charge of my own future. Leave."

Stumbling to do as commanded, Tadase opened his mouth several times to say something, anything to girl before him and couldn't. In the end, he left her in silence.

Tears once again began to pour down Amu's face. For selfish reasons, she'd been taken from the place she belonged. He'd used the good intentions of others to meet his own gain. Tadase was a fool. Though not as big of one as Amu herself. A fool for not realizing before what was right in front of her.


Ikuto smirked at the sight of his most trusted servant returning. The Dame of Darkness had spent much of her time outside the castle after Ikuto had kidnapped Amu. Now that he knew who the Guardian was and where she was, Ikuto wanted Lulu back at his side. Together, they would take back what was his. "Welcome back."


Motioning for the girl to get off her knees, Ikuto waved his hand towards the chair that was always for the Dame. "You found them?"

Smirking, Lulu took her spot by her master's side. "In the woods not far from here. They are fools for not going further. They should flee while they have the chance."

Returning the sinister look, Ikuto clenched his hand around the armrest of his chair. Amu would be his and this time, he wouldn't hold back. "Yes, they are. We strike as the sunsets."


Morg: So much happening~

Ikuto: I really wish I didn't know you.

Amu: You aren't the only one.

Morg: But come on! This story is totally epic!

Ikuto: Can you say that about your own story?

Amu: Conceited.

Morg: Be serious! It's true! I rock!