It all started on Friday afternoon with the usual Martin and Louisa greeting, running directly into each other. Martin was walking swiftly back to the surgery to carry out the afternoon, when Louisa walked around the corner straight into him, which made her drop the pile of books, permission slips and folders she was carrying home to look through over the weekend after a hectic week at school.

"Oh! Martin? I'm so sorry, I didn't see you." She gasped.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine, but my books aren't." She reached for the flying papers in the air, then went for the ones which had fallen to the floor before they had chance to take flight.

Bending down, trying to help Louisa pick up her things, Martin accidentally aimed for the same bit of paper, forcing their hands to meet. Louisa blushed slightly as whenever they both touched something just made her veins flow with excitement and her mind fill with desire.

"Thank you." Louisa whispered as she stood up with an innocent smile on her face. "Bye Martin."

Louisa held her hand in the air.

"Bye." Warmth in his voice made her look up to him as he disappeared around the corner.

Louisa smiled at the thought of him, as she often did once he had left and she remembered the small thrill she felt around him. She turned around and gazed up at the surgery to see that he hadn't entered the house yet. Regret ran through her, she'd done it again. That little voice in her head stopped her from developing their relationship, but to be fair to herself there is a place an+d a time for everything and that probably wasn't either.

She continued on her way towards her small cottage, thoughts rushed in head about when she would see him next. She pushed her key into the door and allowed herself in after banishing the nagging voice in her head long enough to decide it was time to make a change. Instead of wondering the next time this would occur she would make it happen like normal people do. She would invite him to dinner. Glancing at her watch she worked out he should still have about 10 minutes before surgery is meant to begin again, so there was no time like the present.

She hastily dumped her books on the kitchen table and rushed towards the French doors to the rear of her house, where she just about made out Martin stepping into his surgery across the harbour. Louisa sighed and walked towards the phone, still ignoring the insecurities trying to stop her, and scrolled down to where it read Martin in her phone. With a deep breath she pressed the green button.

"Ellingham!" he barked down the speaker.

"Hello, Martin," She said calmly after jumping at the sudden abrupt greeting.

"Louisa is that you?" he asked in a gentler tone.

"Yes, Martin it is."

"What is it Louisa?" She was usually the talker, he began to worry something was wrong. Had he said something to upset her? After a while, he asked, "Louisa, are you there?"

She cursed herself for acting like a love sick teenager, not being able to speak. "Yes, sorry Martin I wondered if would like to come round for dinner, tomorrow night?" That was it, she'd finally spat it out. She took a deep breath.

"Yes. Er, thank you."

"Good around 6:15 alright?" she smiled, shyly glancing at her nails.

"Yes, that will be fine." He sounded somewhat happy.

"So see tomorrow."


"Bye Martin." The smile continued to tug at the corner of her lips as she stared at the phone in her hand.

"Bye." Slightly taken aback by the random invitation, but he felt his mood lift after quite a long morning and afternoon. He had something to actually look forward to.


It was finally Saturday morning; the rest of Friday seemed to drag for both Martin and Louisa, they just couldn't wait to see each other. Louisa woke up at around 10a.m feeling a bit groggy after not being able to sleep because of fretting about her decision to cook for Martin Ellingham. Nevertheless, she was determined to make this day perfect although part of her prepared for the worse.

She kicked her brain into gear as she poured tea into her cup. She had made the invitation for dinner, therefore it would make sense she had to cook dinner, fish seemed the best option as she knew Martin loved it, luckily that made life a lot easier knowing it was easy enough to get her hands on and wouldn't grant her some lecture about her eating habits. Walking over to the fridge she looked for something to accompany this, so far it looked like steamed potatoes and some form of vegetables. Not too difficult but still nice, well she hoped so.

Meanwhile Martin had started the day off bright and early as he usually did. While dressing for morning surgery, he thought about what he would wear this evening. His eyes diverted to the new bag hanging alongside his other suits in the wardrobe. It was a new suit he had bought about 2 weeks ago, he took hold of it and laid it on the bed ready for later on in the evening. Doing so he hoped perhaps it might even impress Louisa if he wore a 'special' suit for her, then he frowned as he questioned if she would even notice.

Martin went down to his breakfast, the usual boiled egg and toast. As he went to sit down, he heard fumbling at his front door to then hear Pauline rushing in. He stood abruptly and marched into the waiting room, to see Pauline bending over with her hands on her hips trying to take in oxygen.

"You're early." He grunted and looked at his watch which showed it was only half past seven, "Very early."

"Doc you have an emergency." She managed to say in between catching her breath.

"Where?" he asked sternly, whilst looking at his receptionist as she nearly collapsed before him. "Please try to steady your breathing."

"Down at the harbor boat turned over, there was a fisherman inside it at the time." She told him, and sat down on her chair whilst Martin ran into his consulting room and reached for his medical bag.

"I'm on my way," he called as he raced passed her adding, "Get a drink of water!"

Martin ran to the harbor and saw the man whose boat had been turned lying on the floor with dozens of villagers stood around him, most weren't even fishermen. He didn't want to question why half of the village was in the harbour this early in the morning. He pushed his way through the crowd, hearing a number of insults as he barked for them to move out of the way.

Martin eventually got to the fishermen's side, asking him a list of questions.

"Where are you hurt?" he asked.

"My left elbow," he moaned, and as Martin touched the area, he screamed, "OUCH! YES DOC THERE!"

Martin looked up at the man grunted at him.

"It appears that you have a broken elbow and no doubt a broken wrist, it will need an x-ray to be certain where. If you weren't so stupid and managed to control your boat when mooring into the harbour then this wouldn't have happened. Do you feel pain anywhere else?"

"Nope, just the elbow," he confirmed, resting his arm across his rounded belly.

Martin preformed a routine check, which told him that there were no further injuries or concern. "Everything else seems to be in order, you won't need an ambulance, is there anyone else who is able to take you the hospital?"

A woman stepped from behind Martin. "I'm his wife, I'll take him."

"Right." With that he walked away in his usual manner, without a good bye.


Later that evening, Louisa saw it was 11:15 so that would give her a good 45 minutes to buy the fish and get back for 12:00 to start the marking she originally planned to do in the evening but hoped she would be busy doing other things. Once she was ready to go she strolled down to the dock to buy a fresh fish.

She picked out two medium sized cod fishes.

"8 pound Louisa. Anything nice planned for the day?" the fisherman asked.

"Yes actually, Martin's coming over for dinner." She told him and immediately regretted it.

"Oh right, I normally serve him and you've picked the same type he normally requests." He smiled.

"Oh right." Another smile graced her face as she handed over the money.

"Have a good one. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" he called after her.

With that she left pretty swiftly so she could get on with the cooking. She made her way back past the sea, allowing the breeze dance on her skin; she felt the day so far couldn't go wrong.

As soon as got home, she placed the fresh fish in the fridge as there was no point in starting prep now. She looked at the time, there was plenty of the day left, she had planned her timing out so she would start choosing her perfect outfit and washing her hair at 4:15, start preparing at 5:00, start the cooking at half past and then get ready and 5:40. Happy with that she turned back to the daunting task of marking books, but it had to be done some time.

Martin however had no chance off relaxing before his dinner date, the surgery had been busy all morning. The one day he had hoped for a quiet day, of course everyone had to be 'ill', but he knew in many cases patients were wasting his time as usual. The day seemed to drag for Martin, seeing patient after patient, mostly with ridiculous complaints.

On the other hand, the day started to fly for Louisa, marking had run over from 12:15 to 4:20, mistakenly falling asleep across the piles of books. She glanced at her watch, her eyes widening, she stood up, almost knocking the chair over. "Bugger!"

She abandoned the books, shoving them back into the box she'd carried them home in. Thankfully she still hadn't mucked up completely yet, she had decided to put the fish on, so that was the main part of the evening done, but she hadn't yet focused on her appearance.

She jumped in the shower and washed her hair as fast as she could, her mind wandering all over the place, about how the whole evening would go, what was she going to do if her hair wouldn't straighten the way she wanted it to, whether the dress she picked out was going to look relaxed yet smart.

As she fiddled about with turning the hairdryer on, there was a knock at the door.