Martin's eyes flickered open as the sunlight came streaming through the window. As he became more aware of his surroundings he felt Louisa's warm breath tickle his bare skin. He felt a warm fuzzy feeling wash over him, he'd been alone for so long and had gotten used to waking up alone in a big empty bed having no one to hold or make him feel wanted. Looking down at Louisa, who was lying on her side next to him, he noticed her head resting on his chest and her hand gently sitting on his stomach as if she was clinging to Martin so that he wouldn't leave. Her hair was sprawled across her pillow, down her back and a little rested under Martin's chin just tickling it. As he watched her sleep he smiled now and again as he noticed she was lightly snoring. This was a sound that he'd never been greatly fond of and would normally annoy him, however he knew that tonight when he went to bed alone he would miss it dearly.

He slowly began to realise that it had been so long since he last stayed in bed till late morning. Every day, he'd want to get up as soon as his eyes opened since laying in bed alone made his thoughts trail to what Louisa was doing or who she could be snuggled up to, which honestly made him sick to the stomach whenever that thought crossed his mind, as it was a reminder that she wasn't his. Once, no longer lost in his thoughts, Martin gently transferred his hand from around her petite waist to her head where he started to smooth her silk hair.

Louisa woke up, as she felt his hand caressing her hair. This feeling made her close eyes and almost drift away like she was on a boat drifting out to sea, but she did not want to miss the opportunity of this wonderful moment. Although, wanting to wake up and gaze up at her accompanist that she had towed in bed with over night, she pretended to be asleep at an attempt to fool Martin, with a glimmering hope that he wouldn't notice she was well aware of what he was doing, resulting in him being embarrassed and put an end to it.

On the other hand, Martin knew that Louisa had woken up because the tiny snores had stopped and there was smile lighting up her face. Martin moved his head slightly to whisper in her ear, "I know your awake." Of which, he added a kiss on her cheek.

Louisa broadened her smile and tilted her head up towards him, feeling an intense passion at whom she was in bed with.

"How did you know?" she asked, now resting her chin on the back of her hand.

"You stop snoring and then I saw you smiling." He replied.

"I don't snore!" Louisa sounded confused as well as offended.

"I'm sorry I don't mean to offend you, I liked it. It was nice," said Martin, awkwardly.

"How can anyone like snoring?" She questioned, one of her eyebrows burrowing into the top of her nose.

"I wake up alone everyday in the silence, I woke up today and heard the snoring, knowing that you were here, it's a lot nicer, I can assure you," he said, quietly.

Looking into Martin's eyes, Louisa felt herself becoming slowly lost.

"Morning," she whispered, a glint in her eyes.

"Good morning, how did you sleep?" He cupped her cheek in his hand, and when she continued to stare at him not saying anything he started to worry.

"What's wrong?" He asked her.

"Nothing, everything's perfect," she rose slightly and pecked his lips.

She rolled over to her side of the bed, resting her head on her pillow, so that she was facing Martin, just inches away.

After a few minutes Martin broke the silence,

"Should we be getting up?" He asked.

"Why? I have everything I need right here." She stated as she took hold of Martin's hand.

Not knowing how to respond he took hold of her waist and pulled her closer, kissing her gently. Louisa began to slowly pull away.

"Wait, don't you have surgery this morning?" She asked, slightly distracting by the attentive kiss.

"No, not until this afternoon," he said, eagerly waiting to finishing off the kiss, as he still had a firm grip around her waist.

"Good." Louisa kissed Martin softly.

Breaking away after a few seconds, Martin took hold of her firmly and soon enough things began to escalate and then soon enough they got carried away.


Louisa was wrapped up safely in Martin's arms, with his chin resting on her head. She looked up at him before saying,

"Maybe we should get up and get something to eat?"

"OK," he nodded.

"I'll go and have a shower." She said, leaning up and quickly kissing him before he released her.

Pulling back the quilt she crawled out of the bed and dashed quickly out of the room towards the bathroom.

Martin heard the sound of the radio playing and the water from the shower start up. Suddenly, the radio was turned up and the sound of 'Build Me Up Buttercup' came blaring from the bathroom, but there was something else, an even lighter sound. Getting up to inspect what it was, he realised, as he got closer to the bathroom, that it was Louisa singing softly.

"Martin." Louisa shouted to him.

Backing away from the door slightly he replied, "Yes?"

"Could you go into the cupboard by my wardrobe, the second shelf you should see a bottle of shampoo? Could you bring it here please?"

"Yes, just hang on."

He scanned the cupboard shelves until he came to the group of bottles, all neatly lined up, he searched for the correct label identifying each bottle, muttering at how unorganised the cupboard was. Finally, he read the label, 'Softening Shampoo' reaching for it he managed to knock over a few plastic bottles causing several banging noises as they bounced off the floor, just missing his feet.

"Is everything OK? Have you got it?" Louisa's voice shouted over the gushing noise of the shower and the music.

"Yes, fine I'll be there in a minute." He yelled back, surprised that she heard, but he supposed it was due to the thin walls of her cottage. He hastily tried to stand everything back up with his big hands knocking things about.

He closed the door on the cupboard, now in a much larger mess than when he opened it and awkwardly pushed the door to the bathroom open. He shuffled in and the sound of his feet announced his presence, and Louisa opened the door on the shower and grabbed the bottle from Martin's grasp.

"Thank you," She said and saw that he was trying to shield himself from looking at her, "Martin, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." He mumbled, clearing his throat as he headed for the door.

"Why are you trying to avoid looking at me?" Louisa asked, worriedly. She stuck her head out of the door of the shower and watched as he had his back turned to her.

"I'm not." He protested.

"Yes you are! You're looking at the floor with your back turned on me!" She was slightly amused at the fact he was trying to give her some privacy, but at the same time slightly hurt by the fact that they had just spent the night together and the confidence was gone from him.

"I thought you would want some privacy, that's all." He declared, now realising that it would be completely normal for him to look at her considering last night's events.

"Thank you, but you've seen me all night and again this morning." She said, confusion in her tone.

"I know I was just…" he stumbled.

"I'm hoping that I'm correct in thinking you mean, that you still respect me?" Her face was beaming with a smile, understanding Martin as Martin, a respectable person, who was always protective as her.

"Yes, that's what I wanted you to know." He said slowly, annoyed he couldn't say it himself.

"Thank you." Louisa closed the door and carried on with her shower.

Just before he closed the door he heard Louisa start singing along to the radio, she had such a sweet voice he could have stayed there all day, but left the door open a tiny bit so he could hear from the bedroom. He lay back down and could vaguely hear her. A few minutes later the shower was turned off and the radio to go along with it. Minutes later Louisa came through the door with her hair wet and ruffled up, her body wrapped up in a white towel.

Looking over at Martin she couldn't help but laugh and shake her head.

"What?" He questioned gazing at her.

Louisa stopped what she was doing and came over to the bed, crawling over to Martin she kissed him again.

"What was that for?" He asked cupping her cheek in his hand.

"You're so much sweeter than what I took you for."

"I didn't say anything?" Puzzled at what she meant he felt her wet hair brush over his face.

"You didn't have to, you look at me as if you've never seen me before and I just walked into your house!" She was obviously flattered by the fact Martin looked at her like it was the first time all over again.

Pulling her in again starting off another kiss, she quickly broke the kiss, as it began to deepen.

"No, no we have to get up." She sat up pulling him up with her. "You'll figure the shower out its not complicated."

"Right." He exclaimed as if it was a challenge excepted.

Standing up Louisa walked over to her wardrobe, and contemplated what to where as she stared at the collection of clothes all hung up in front of her. She finally had to decide between to two skirts, she tucked the towel under her arm to reassure herself wouldn't fall down as she went to reach for her chosen attire, just when Martin came up behind her,

"That one looks nicer on you." He pointed at the other skirt, which was a light blue colour, with small white fish on.

"Oh, thank you Martin." She said, surprised he'd given her a small compliment even though he didn't realise.

Martin walked to the bathroom when he remembered that he still hadn't arranged the bottles in the cupboard. He quickly grabbed a towel and scurried to the bedroom.

"That was fast." She said in a week laugh.

"I haven't put the bottles back." He pointed at the small unit.


Louisa frowned as she watched him pace towards the cupboard.

"When I got your shampoo. My hands, they're to big and I knocked everything over…like I'm doing now." He said as many different cosmetic products were knocked over.

Louisa still in a towel knelt down next to him, while he continued to try and make the shelf organised.

"Here let me." Louisa took some of the bottles from his hands and stood them straight, she turned to Martin to see his cheeks slightly coloured. "Aw, it doesn't matter. I like your hands."

"Yes. Well?" They both stood up and returned with what they were doing.

Louisa took out a blouse and laid it on the bed with the skirt, she also took out her dressing gown with yellow flowers on. Removing the towel she quickly swapped to the dressing gown. Louisa sat in front of her mirror and decided to tackle her hair first. Picking up the brush and hairdryer she went to work, after about 10 minutes or so it was dry, but had gone into its usual wavy style.

Martin then entered to find Louisa straightening her hair.

"Does your hair normally go like that?" He asked, as most of her hair was still wavy.

"Yes it does. I have to straighten it." She said with a bit of a jump as she caught her ear with the straighteners as she wasn't concentrating.

"Oh, I didn't realise, I've never seen it wavy or you with out make up on." He said still gazing at her.

"Sorry." Louisa's head dropped as Martin didn't sound enthusiastic.

"What for?"

"Disappointing you?" She said with an unsure tone.

"You haven't." Martin walked over to Louisa who was still doing her hair and sat on the bed corner.

"Well, I don't exactly look attractive like this and I am going to try and make an effort to meet your approval," She said, tears stinging her eyes.

"Louisa…" Martin said concerned.

"Yes?" She prompted.

"You're …very attractive, when you do your hair and make up, but even more natural." He said in a rush, "That's what I was trying to say."

"Thank you." She started to blush so Martin knew he had done well.

After a few silent seconds, Louisa span round on the stool and continued doing her hair and make up. Martin stood up and went to find his clothes which where in various places of the house due to Louisa removing them at different times. Walking to the small chair in the corner where his trousers and underwear were flung over, he slipped them on when he was sure she wasn't looking at him. When they were on he went round trying to find his shirt and tie. After a few minutes of searching and failing Martin resulted in asking Louisa.

"Do you know what happened to my shirt? It's just I forgot." He asked as he watched her finishing the liquid eyeliner technique.

"One sec-" Louisa said, in deep concentration, and then span around in the chair. "I think your shirt is by the door and the tie might be by the chair?"

"I go and look." Walking down the stairs to retrieve his clothes he heard music playing lightly.

Going slightly faster to find out what it was he reached the living room to see the small side light in the corner was still on and the TV had been running all night. In all the excitement nothing had been turned off. He walked over and switched all the appliances before walking over to the door to pick up his shirt and tie from the chair. He started to do his buttons up as he had memories of Louisa undoing them the night before and feeling warm inside; he then did his tie up and made it look perfect. Just the right sized knot and precise length was acquired for his adequate approval of self-appearance. He heard Louisa's footsteps descending the stairs and glanced over to see Louisa looking as beautiful as ever.

"I see you found them then." She walked over to the kitchen side to find something to eat.

"Yes they were where you said, we left the lights on all night so I switched them off." He informed her.

"Oh really? That should be a nice high electric bill, but thanks for doing that." She smiled at him. "So what do you fancy?" She opened the fridge door and rummaged through the food.

"What are you having?"

"I'll have cereal, do you want an egg or something?" She asked as he didn't seem too thrilled with the first option.

"That'll be nice, yes." He nodded, more pleased with that idea.

Louisa took out an egg and the milk before suggesting, "We can sit outside or anywhere."

"I don't mind, do you want any help?" He offered as he set about picking up his suit jacket.

"No, no. I didn't manage to cook dinner I'm going to do this if it kills me!" She sounded determined.

"OK. How's your hand?"

She glanced down at her bandaged hand, "Oh I'd forgotten about it actually, its fine thank you."


"Now off with you. I want it to be a surprise, so don't look over at the table." Louisa walked over and pushed him aside to the lounge.

While she was off cooking Martin lay his jacket down on the seat next to him when he heard a scrunching noise coming from his pocket. He reached inside and found a small envelope stamped and ready to post, but just had to be sealed. He had completely forgotten about it till now, he had to post this soon it was only right. It was important to keep in touch with the person it was for. He sat twiddling it in his hand for a little while before putting it on the coffee table in front of him when Louisa shouted him. He looked up and saw Louisa run passed him and rush out onto the terrace.

"What is it?" He asked coming to her side.

"Look Martin. The dolphins." Louisa pointed out to sea, "They're beautiful, aren't they?"

"Yes." He simply agreed, as Louisa seemed so fascinated by them.

"Why don't we eat out here? The breeze is quiet nice; the sun is out why not?" She asked.

"That would be nice."

"OK, you go back inside and I'll set up out here."

Martin scurried back into the lounge where he watched Louisa move a small tablecloth outside and lay mats, but doing as he was told he didn't look at how she set it.