Hey guys I am so sorry for not updating in a long time. This has been for an number of reasons: I needed a break to think, marching band all the time, school starting, and balancing everything else. I probably shouldn't even be updating because I know I'm not ready to get back to but I feel obligated to not let you guys down. Guys, I have changed a lot. I'm not the same always laughing, always able to please the readers, happy, bubbly girl I used to be. I miss that girl but I think she's gone for a little while. I know a lot of you want me to update so I'm going to try to get myself in one piece for this. I love you all and I will try to get an constant updating schedule for y'all as soon as I can.


I am writing the first chapter for the sequel now and it should be up on either early Saturday or sometime on Sunday. The sequel be called "Something To Fight For" yeah the title will make sense eventually and how many of you saw Step Up Revolution and tell me your Moose reactions in the theatre. I was with Raven when I saw it and it was AMAZING! So that's all I have for you guys today and keep commenting reviews of ideas for chapters!