Back by popular demand! Here is an epilogue to let you get to know the family a little bit. The Levin household is a little bit… colorful. I'll just leave it at that.


"Dotty, I swear to God that if you don't stop that I will call Dad in here."

Dot stopped the popping noise that she was making with her mouth instantly and pouted. "But I'm soooooooo booooooorrrrrreeeeed! All you do lately is study."

"I'm trying to get into college, here. Not that you would understand."

"College is for brainy dweebs like you. I'm going to be an actress."

"Good luck with that."

Dot stared at her sister and her eyes started to water and her bottom lip quivered. "Are… Are you saying… Are you saying that I'm a bad actress?"

Parker sighed and ran a hand through her brown hair. "I'm sorry, Dotty. I didn't mean it that way. You're a great actress. I'm just-…"

"Hah!" Dot exclaimed, grinning. "I got you! Those are my mad acting skills at work!"

Parker's face turned bright red in anger (and a little bit in embarrassment at having been tricked once again by her sister's puppy-dog face). "Dad!" She yelled, jumping to her feet and running out of the room. Dot's eyes widened, remembering when their mother warned her against tricking her sister. The punishment, of course, was a week with no phone.

"Parkie!" Dot called. "I'm sorry! I won't do it again! Don't tell Dad!"

They both found themselves in the living room, looking around for their father. The only person in the room was their little brother, Robin. "Roe, have you seen Dad?"

Robin looked up from painting his nails black and shook his head of dyed black hair. He hadn't spoken in over a week. He'd written a note saying that it was in protest to get rid of all the meat in their diets (he was one of those in-your-face vegans that decent vegans tried not to be associated with) but the girls just thought that it was because he was addicted to drama.

"Cordy!" Dotty yelled as Parker went to find him. "Don't tell Parker where Dad is."

Their other brother, Cordell, looked up from the book he was reading. He was like a clone of Parker when it came to books and school, but he was much more outgoing than she was. He had brown hair, but it was a lot darker than his sisters' and was almost as black as Robin's, only natural. Even though he and Robin were two of a set of triplets, they didn't really look alike. "Dad? He's gone. He went to go get Mom and Holly from the grocery store. The car broke down and they needed a ride home. They should both be back any time now."

They heard their dad's Camaro pull into the driveway and Dotty turned to her sister desperately. "Please, please, please, please! Don't tell on me! I won't do it ever again."

"That's what you said last time. And the time before that."

"I mean it this time! Please, please, please, please, please, please, ple-!"

"Fine! But only if you shut up and leave me alone in the room so that I can do my homework."


The front door opened and the third triplet in the set skipped in, a gigantic smile on her face. "Mom got me a new dress," Holly said excitedly, spinning around and showing it off, her super-long, dyed blonde hair spinning around her. She could be a bit of an airhead sometimes.

Dot's eyes widened and sparkled. "So cute!" She exclaimed, running over and gently grabbing her sister's shoulders to stop the twirling. "Where'd you get it and did they have it in grey?"

Parker rolled her eyes and went outside to help her parents carry in the groceries.

Ben was huffing as he tried to carry in ten bags all at once. Kevin chuckled as he watched him, grabbing ten bags with ease. "You're going to hurt yourself, Dear," he teased.

Ben glared at him and continued toward the door, smiling at Parker when she came out and held the door open for him. "I don't care if my arms pop out of their sockets. I will get these groceries inside in one trip."

Kevin rolled his eyes and followed his love inside, sitting the groceries on the floor in the kitchen. He raised an eyebrow at his son painting his nails and almost went over to confront him, only to be stopped by a stern look and shake of the head from Ben. He grumbled something about 'Boys don't paint their nails' (which is sort of ironic when you consider the fact that most boys don't fall in love with their best friends, either, but that's beside the point) and started helping Ben put away the food.

Later that night, after the kids were all snug in their beds and dreaming of sugar plums (or whatever it is that teenagers dream of) Ben and Kevin were laying together in their room, just staring out the window idly.

"We have some good kids, don't we, Kev?" Ben asked, smiling.

"Yeah. Even if they fight sometimes and my son thinks that its okay to paint his nails, all in all, they're pretty good kids. A lot better than I was at their age."

Ben rolled his eyes. "If my kids were like you were at their age, I'd kick their asses to Mars and back twice."

They got quiet again, hearing Cordell's obnoxious snoring (he definitely got that from his father) down the hall. They both chuckled quietly when Parker groaned loudly in annoyance and banged on the wall separating hers and Cordell's rooms. "I swear I'm gonna castrate you, Cordy!"

It got completly quiet after that and they just lay in bed, enjoying each other's company.

"Hey Ben… Parker is going off to some Ivy League college next year-."

"Not if I'm paying for it."

"-And Dotty will probably be moving Hollywood-."

"In her dreams."

"-What do you say about us… having another-."

"If the last word in that sentence is 'baby' I'm going to kill you. The last time you wanted one more baby, we got three."

"Yeah, but-!"

"No! And that's final."


"Ugh!" A voice exclaimed from down hall. "Cordell, I could hear that fart from in here!"

"You're listening to my farts?"

"No, that was just very loud! Stop being so gross!"

"You stop being so posh!"

"Posh! You're not British! I don't think you're even using it correctly!"

"Will both of you just shut up!"

"Hey, Robin's finally talking again!"

"You too, Dotty. Shut up!"

"Hey! I forgot how mean you were!"


"Holly? What are you screaming about?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to be a part of this yelled conversation too."

"We're not conversing! We're arguing!

"Only you would use a word like 'conversing', Parkie."

"No, not only me! A lot of people use it!"

"Hah, ha… Use it. It sounds like you're talking about a toilet."

"Shut up, Cordy!"

Ben glanced back at his lover with a raised eyebrow. "What were you saying about wanting to have even more kids?"