Maria Sama Ga Miteru


A New Beginning

By Miracles79


Chapter 1: Part 1





Touko was deep in thought silently contemplating the events that had transpired all the way to this very moment. Both Yumi and Touko were resting comfortably next to each other, their hands occupied by the other, as the train moved noiselessly, taking them back home to their families and loved ones.

It had been an incredibly draining yet joyous day, in Touko's opinion, as was finally able to find the courage needed to open up to someone she cared deeply for about her past and the painful events that led to being adopted into the Matsudaira family.

After revealing her deepest secret, Touko initially became worried, and anxious, wondering if Yumi could accept her for who she was, scared that Yumi might push her away or refuse to talk to her again because of her unfair and almost brutish like treatment of the girl she secretly admired, prior to her confession to Yumi.

However she needn't have worried. Yumi had welcomed her with open arms, as well as an open heart. That room in her heart that she always intended to fill. Now, it was occupied by Touko who would occupy it until the day she died. Finally Yumi's heart was now complete.

Touko gazed down towards Yumi who was still nestled closely to her side. She was fast asleep unaware of the beautiful scenery which passed the trains windows but even though the scenery was indeed very beautiful, Touko ignored it as she continued to gaze with love and affection in the direction of Yumi.

She accepted me…

She accepted me for who I am…

If I had known Yumi would be so open I would have done this sooner…

And I wouldn't have hurt her or caused her any pain.

A rush of painful memories swam to the forefront of Touko's mind how she had embarrassed and humiliated Yumi by pompously refusing her rosary, how she had confronted Yumi about her past when in fact it was a complete misunderstanding caused by Touko's foolishness and immaturity.

After everything I've done to her she is still here…with me…

By my side…

Looking out for me…protecting me

It's almost like she is my family

Like she is my sis…

Touko's eyes opened wide showing the faintest signs of hope but also hint of worry and regret. It was too late now though, Touko had her chance and she had ruthlessly declined her offer of Souership.

But perhaps there is still a small glimmer of hope…

Even a small chance.

The thought excited her but at the same time doubt and concern flooded her mind.

Am I being inconsiderate…?

Surely I had my chance and I blew it…

Yumi offered me something precious to her and I just turned it away as if it was garbage…

Surely Yumi would want to find someone more appreciative of her kind and loving nature…

Yumi wouldn't want me…

No, Yumi deserves better than me…

But I know if she were to ask me directly, honestly, I will crumble and accept her rosary.

Touko managed to calm her beating heart and trembling body as she looked back down at Yumi who was fast asleep knowing nothing of Touko's discomfort. A few strands of Yumi's hair had managed to find their way onto the bridge of her nose. Touko carefully moved the stray hair around Yumi's ear being careful not to wake her and continued to gaze down lovingly at Yumi.

I will become her Petite Soeur…

Those girls at Lillian can offer Yumi many things…

But they can't offer what I can…trust.

Touko had trusted Yumi with her darkest secret and at her confession a bond had been formed between the two. A bond of love, worry, frustration and most importantly of all trust which would continue to grow in strength as the passage of time repeated its persistent cycle

Unbeknown to Touko, Yumi began to stir still half asleep as she slowly returned to her surroundings and when she slowly opened her eyes it was to see Touko looking absentmindedly out of the train's window. Yumi could see from her eyes that she wasn't looking at the scenery outside but was instead deep in thought. Yumi could see the clear signs of hope, concern and worry emanating from her eyes and Yumi instinctively tightened the grip on her hand in a reassuring manner.

Touko was pulled out of her revelry when she felt Yumi grip her hand tighter and saw out of the corner of her eye Yumi smiling widely as she stared at her through her big mocha brown eyes. Touko turned to look at Yumi when Yumi said "You're worried about something? aren't you Touko-Chan"

Touko knew that her emotions must have been seen through her usually opaque face, perhaps a trait from Yumi had rubbed off on her after all their time together, and she attempted to hide her worries by replying ,rather sweetly, "I have no more worries now that I'm with you Yumi"

Yumi instantly blushed, her face closely resembling that of a ripe strawberry. However Yumi wasn't going to be fooled by Touko's charm. She could see right through Touko's façade and had a good idea of what may have been concerning the young girl sitting by her side.

You're not getting me that easily Touko Chan…

Yumi giggled at this thought when suddenly an idea popped into her head. This idea wasn't pre thought out it was just a random thought which had pushed itself into focus. Yumi had a plan but she wouldn't dare tell Touko-Chan of said plan. She wanted it to be a surprise and she desperately hoped Touko-Chan would accept it.

Slowly Yumi came back to her senses to see a concerned Touko staring back up at her but before Touko could say a word Yumi asked "Touko-Chan…could I borrow your phone for a moment…I have to call my family and tell them I'll be home a bit later than I expected"

Touko-Chan, slightly confused, replied "Yes of course but don't you live 20 minutes away from M station?"

Oh Touko…always so clever and insightful.

But even though Yumi praised her she wasn't going to reward her for her expert intuition by revealing her plans instead she quickly gave her a little hint of the truth so as to avoid suspicion "Oh…yeah but I was hoping we could take a quick detour before we headed back home" Yumi replied casually.

Touko Chan looked surprised but complied with Yumi's previous request without complaint. She watched as Yumi headed towards the other end of the carriage until she was out of sight. Many possibilities entered Touko Chan's mind at this point as she was unable to understand the need for secrecy if it was really Yumi's mum.

Yumi moved further away till she was sure that Touko-Chan wouldn't over hear her as she quickly hit speed dial 3 and waited patiently for a reply. Unsurprisingly, a man's voice answered the phone and Yumi informed the man of who she was and asked that she be passed over to another, to the person who she desperately wanted to talk too right now at this moment very moment.

The man handed over the phone, bowed and left the room. Yumi waited patiently till she heard the voice she had missed for so long answer the phone.



Sachiko smiled to herself at the sound of Yumi's excited squeal. If Sachiko wasn't honest she had deeply missed hearing Yumi's voice and was glad to hear her once again. Sachiko was however actually surprised, if you could imagine such a thing, to hear from Yumi considering she was supposed to be on a date with her cousin, Matsudaira Touko, she instantly became worried and anxious to hear of the events that led to this surprising phone call.

"Yumi how was your date with T…Touko?" Sachiko ignored the slight stutter at the mention of Touko's name and instead contended herself to listen for Yumi's reply. "It was great, Onee-Sama, I was very happy with the date thank you for asking" Yumi replied rather excitedly which made Sachiko chuckle but she couldn't help but notice a feint twinge of jealousy hidden beneath her chuckle after hearing of her successful date but she was able to quickly overcame that particular emotion.

"That's very good to hear Yumi, so, what is the reason for this call?" Sachiko said a little sternly. Sachiko was even more shocked by her own change of tone.

Why was she being so stern with Yumi?

Who had found the time to tell her of her date which had been a success by, the sounds of it?

Sachiko berated herself for her unladylike behaviour and was about to apologize when Yumi replied rather shakily "Um…I was hoping if it is not too much trouble…whether you could spare a little time and meet Touko and myself at Lillian High School…in around half an hour"

Sachiko could hear from the anxiety in her voice that Yumi needed her and she had a reasonable idea of why she was needed. Sachiko smiled to herself she knew Yumi too well, of course she knew what Yumi was planning. She even knew where she would go to…

No Sachiko, now is not the time to be thinking about such things…

Yumi is waiting for your reply…

She's probably worried that I will decline the offer.

Sachiko knew if anyone, outside of her closest friends, had called to ask her this she would have declined in an instant but it was Yumi, how could she possibly deny her Petite Soeur's generous offer. Sachiko wanted to be there and watch Yumi take her first steps to…

Sachiko, stay on topic…

Sachiko exhaled slowly steadying herself then replied "Of course Yumi, I will be there in half an hour… Now if you will excuse me I must get dressed for the big occasion"

At this response Yumi almost dropped the phone.

Big occasion…?

How could Sachiko…?

No, surely she doesn't know what I'm about to do.

Sachiko was very pleased with Yumi's clumsy reaction, it was one of the many reasons Sachiko adored her Petite Soeur although she would never admit it to Yumi. Ignoring her previous thoughts she waited patiently for Yumi's response. Uneasy silence past between the two until Sachiko, sensing an opening, continued "I am your Onee-Sama after all Yumi…I know exactly what your planning and I couldn't be happier for you but now I have really got to leave you if I'm going to make this event"

Yumi was happier then she could have ever believed possible and quickly thanked her Onee-Sama for her generosity but not before she made one more request. After a couple of minutes of hushed talking between the two Sachiko replied "Of course Yumi I will inform them at once and make all the necessary arrangements… I'll see you soon Yumi"

Yumi once again thanked Sachiko from the bottom of her heart then ended the call closing the cell with a, seemingly, exaggerated exhale of breathe. Yumi eventually returned to Touko beaming from cheek to cheek. "What are you so happy about" Touko asked with a questioning look

"Nothing just you wait and see" Yumi replied as she held Touko's hand in hers. As she did this Touko snuggled in closer resting her head on Yumi's shoulder. Touko sensed something was coming but had no idea what it could be but whatever Yumi had planned she knew she would enjoy it no matter what. So Touko let the matter drop as the train pulled into their final stop.

Yumi and Touko walked together arms locked as they approached the exit to M station.

Just you wait Touko…

Just you wait.




Yumi and Touko stepped out of the train station and headed towards the bus stop which was situated across from the station. Touko looked at Yumi wondering where she was taking her and for what purpose. Yumi seated herself on one of the benches while Touko took a look at the buses route trying to discern Yumi's intentions.

Touko rarely used buses. She was usually driven to her desired destinations by her personal driver or her cousin Kashiwagi-san.

Driven more like risking life and limb in a suicide car…

Touko would never forget her cousin's erratic and often at times dangerous driving style. She was surprised that Suguru was still allowed to drive considering he had broken the speed limit on various occasion's but I guess money and power helps to smooth things over when he is in trouble.

Touko then forced her thoughts further down to concentrate on finding Yumi's potential destination but before Touko could continue her search she felt a soft hand grip hers and as she looked down she saw Yumi's hand dragging her away towards a row of benches before she was forced to sit down beside Yumi while their hands still gripped one another in a tight embrace.

Yumi knew full well what Touko was trying to do and wouldn't let her know where they were going until the time was right. Yumi looked down at Touko and said "Nice try Touko-Chan" Then winked to show Touko that she was just playfully teasing her.

Touko held in both her nervous laughter and her blush which was attempting to ebb to the surface as they waited together, hand in hand, for the arrival of their bus. After 10 minutes the bus had arrived and Yumi dragged a rather surprised Touko, hurriedly, behind her. Touko glanced at the buses number trying to figure out where they were going.

That number I know I have seen that bus number before…

But where…?

Ahh… think Touko think.

Yumi and Touko decided to sit at the front of the bus after they noticed a group of young boys sitting far back their eyes wide staring at Yumi and Touko who were still holding hands. The boys, being the mature grownups that they were, made whistle noises as the girls entered the bus but where left disappointed when they decided to sit at the front.

"I'm starting to understand Sachiko's reasons for her hatred towards men" Touko whispered. Yumi had to hold in her laughter as they sat together ignoring the boys that sat far behind them still talking animatedly about something. Yumi was not impressed by their childish behaviour and instead focused her intention on Touko and their next destination, Lillian High School.

They both sighed a huge sigh of relief when the boys had finally left the bus; it was presumably their stop. Thus leaving Yumi and Touko to ponder what the other was thinking. Yumi's apprehension kicked in as they approached Lillian High not knowing what would happen if she…

No, Yumi you can't think negatively, not now…

Find your courage and do what is right…

Not just for yourself…but for Touko-Chan too.

Yumi brightened at this thought and looked at the window appreciating the beauty of the sun set which loomed over the houses. Then to Yumi's surprise she noticed a very familiar area and knew that they were at least 2 minutes away from Lillian High School. Yumi wondered if Touko-Chan had managed to figure out where they were headed yet as she looked down at her focused features.

Touko looked out the window for several second till she noticed a familiar looming building far away in the distance. She focused her gaze trying to figure out why that building looked so familiar. Then she gripped Yumi's hand in realisation.

We're going back to Lillian High School but why…?

Did Yumi organize a surprise party or something…?

What was she up to…?

Yumi stood up and Touko quickly following suit as they waited for the bus to stop at their station. Yumi left the bus and headed towards the entrance to Lillian High as Touko obediently followed behind until she suddenly saw a familiar figure waiting for them. A blue eyed, raven haired and beautiful figure, known as, Ogasawara Sachiko.

Wha…What is she doing here…?

Is this part of Yumi's plan…?

Suddenly a rather vile and scary thought crossed her mind the idea of it was absurd but she couldn't help it.

Did Yumi come here to ditch me and leave with Sachiko…?

Yumi sensing Touko's unease held out her hand which was nervously accepted by the rather shaken Touko and moved towards her Onee-Sama.

"Gokigenyou, Touko-Chan…Yumi" Sachiko said as they approached smiling widely. Sachiko was proud of how well Yumi had matured in such a little period of time. She came into Lillian anxious, closed off and god knows what else.

And now look at her…

She has matured beyond my wildest dreams…

She is bolder, happier and more open than ever…

But she hasn't left behind what made her so unique…

Her loyalty, kindness, clumsiness, her readable emotions which are always shown clearly on her features and of course her undeniable charms…

Sachiko blushed slightly at this last thought wondering why it had even crossed her mind before she pushed it away and focused on the pair standing in front of her. Touko and Yumi greeted her in a similar fashion before Yumi continued "Come, let's head to the Rose Mansion"

So Sachiko, Touko and Yumi left through the entrance of Lillian High side by side as they headed towards the Rose Mansion which could be seen and heard in the distance.

The Rose Mansion why are we heading to the Rose Mansion…?

Maybe the surprise is a party after all.

Touko's heart warmed at the sentiment. That's why Yumi had asked to borrow her phone to prepare people for their arrival but what more could she expect from kind and caring Yumi.

As a group they arrived at the statue of Maria Sama and prayed silently all of them deep in thought wishing for Maria Sama's blessing. Sachiko, unbeknown to Touko, took a couple of steps back while they prayed leaving Yumi and Touko side by side as she observed them from afar. Touko however didn't notice this as she was deep in prayer.

Please Maria, I beg you, give me the strength to live with my decisions…

I hurt Yumi so badly and all I ask is that you heal those wounds that I have opened…

Because if you don't I will never forgive you…

I need your strength Maria-Sama because I can't do this on my own.

Touko stood their motion less as she slowly unclasped her hands and slowly rested them at her sides. She opened her eyes as she saw Maria Sama staring back at her. As she contemplated what she always contemplated when she saw her?

Why Sapphire?

Touko looked down towards her feet and noticed the sudden absence of Sachiko who had previously stood beside her. As she turned around she almost shrieked in shock and surprise.

Standing in front of her was Yumi hands out stretched holding out her Rosary. Touko was instantly overcome by emotion and she could feel herself beginning to well up.

After everything I've done to you…

After all the pain and agony I have put you through…

You still chose me.

"Touko" Yumi said her eyes glistening with hope "Will you accept me to be your Onee-Sama?"

Touko froze in complete shock staring from Yumi to the rosary and back again. She was confused yet happy, incredibly happy, taking a deep breathe she calmly uttered the words she had longed to say for so long "Yes…please make me your Petite Soeur."

Yumi's heart soared as she rather shakily approached Touko her hands still outstretched holding the rosary aloft. "Could I?" Yumi asked motioning to Touko of her intentions "Yes…Onee-Sama" Touko replied.

And as the words passed her lips she felt an indescribable warmth flow throughout her entire body.

This must be what heaven feels like.

Touko lowered her head stretching her neck out ever so slightly as Yumi carefully put the rosary around it. After this had been done Yumi placed a hand on her Petite Soeur's shoulder and gently squeezed it.

Touko picked up and stared intently at the rosary. By this point, Touko was on the verge of tears she had hoped for so long that Yumi would care enough for her to become her Onee-Sama but yet this feeling right now was like nothing she had expected or even experienced before in her life.

She smiled to herself as a single tear brushed past her cheek. Touko felt a warm hand gently brush away the tear then cup her cheek which Touko leaned into enjoying the warmth and tenderness of the moment.

Yumi finally embraced her Petite Soeur completely oblivious to Sachiko's presence as she looked on her heart feeling warm and satisfied and before she could react she noticed a single tear fall and slowly trail down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away hoping that no one saw her in her moment of weakness.

The two people I love the most in this world are together…

Is it any surprise that I feel weak…?

Slowly Touko and Yumi released each other from their prolonged hug and stared lovingly in each other's eyes. "So, what now?" Touko asked. "Now we celebrate my Petite Soeur, let's go to the Rose Mansion everyone is waiting for us" Yumi said her eyes dancing with merriment.

Sachiko approached the two and hugged them individually at first before she hugged them both at the same time. "My little sisters come let's go tell everyone the big news" Sachiko said as her head was buried comfortably on Yumi's shoulder

They turned in the direction of the Rose Mansion, holding hands, as they made their way to the Rose Mansion for a well-deserved party with their closest friends.




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