Jojo finally grown up and decided to adopt a child of his own, just so that someone could feel how it was to have someplace to call home and to feel loved and accepted. And that is exactly what he did, but how far will this journey take him?

Chapter 1. Got to find it

It's a Saturday afternoon and Jojo is on his way to the orphanage to go and finally meet his new son, waiting at a stoplight he begins to talk to himself and ask himself questions, thoughts begin to plague his mind on how and what type of a father figure he would be.

"Jeez this light is taking forever, ugh come on I gotta go pick up my new son" Jojo grunts angrily as the light finally turns green and off he zooms down the road and drives for about 45 for minutes before finally coming to a halt as a young who black fur with brown stripes jumps up from the curb and runs up to Jojo wrapping his arms around his waist.

"I didn't think you were going to come" The young who whimpers

"Why would you think that?" Jojo asks kneeling getting to eye level with the young who.

"Because the last families that were going to adopt me didn't show up" the young who says

"Well you will never have to worry about being alone ever again...I'm here now" Jojo says lifting the who's chin so that their eyes could meet.

After filling the paperwork Jojo gathered what little cloths the young who had which was only the cloths he had on his back.

"Jojo where are we going first?" the young who asks

"First of all call me dad if you want because you are my son now, and second we are going to get you some cloths" Jojo said giving the young who a smile.

" name is Lance" the who replies back to Jojo.

After driving for half an hour Jojo stops the car as both him and Lance get out of the car and walk towards the mall, getting near the entrance Jojo and Lance is stopped by a who wearing a uniform.

"Ahh Jojo so this must be your new son huh?" the who says

"Yups Arizona, he is my son do you think you can hook him up with some cloths?" Jojo asks

"Jojo of course for a pack member I will give you the best stuff"

Jojo and Lance Follow Arizona into the store and at a good time too because 2 teenage who's come into the store and are trying to rob the store.

"Dad shouldn't we call the cops?" Lance asked concerned

"No Arizona has this taken cared of just watch and enjoy the show"

"Hi umm can i assist you with anything today gentlemen" Arizona asks

"Yeah you can give us all the money in the register" says one of the who's walking up to Arizona with a small knife

Arizona quickly runs and slides pass them on his knees before quickly spinning around and wrapping his arm around the who with a firm grip on his neck.

"I do have to apologize for this but you threatened me" Arizona says before kicking him to his knees and tossing him on the ground.

"You're just lucky my brother was here to stop me"

After Jojo and Lance got the cloths they headed back home but on the drive Jojo noticed that Lance was fairly thin.

"Lance are you hungry son? We are gonna stop by Jack in the Who for lunch ok" Jojo says as he pulls into a drive through.

"Hi welcome to Jack in the Who can i take your order?"
"Yes Hi i would like 2 breakfast Who's with s medium curly fries, and ummm what do you want Lance?"

"Just a cheeseburger and a drink dad"

"Ok and 1 cheeseburger a small sprite and a medium faygo" Jojo says as he gets his total and drives up to the window. After paying for the food Jojo and Lance finish their drive home eating their lunch. Jojo gets out of the car first and grabs all of Lance's new cloths and heads into the home, Lance following not far behind. just then a girl with brown hair comes into Lance's room.

"Hey I'm Heidi Jojo's youngest sister what's up?"

Lance just stares at her and chokes up on his words, which Heidi just laughs and walks out.

"Jeez I cannot believe I just did that, she must think that I am a total goof now" Lance said feeling disgusted with himself.

"Now I wouldn't say that Lance, no1 thinks that you are a goof nor should you be ashamed or disgusted with yourself" Jojo says walking into the room.

"I know dad it's just that the things that I went through the lies I was told was so unbearable that I just felt like I could not live with myself any longer" Lance replies.

As night fell Jojo is laying in his bed when he heard the soft creek of his door open and footsteps steps slowly creep into his bedroom.

"Umm, dad….I was wondering something; can I ugh sleep with you tonight?"

"What's the matter son?" Jojo asks with concern in his voice.

"Nothing it's just that I never got to sleep with a parent before so I wanted to see how it felt like" Lance says

"Well that's fine with me son" Jojo says moving over in his bed allowing Lance to get in next to him, Jojo thinking that Lance wants some room, moves further down the bed only to have Lance move down right up against Jojo laying his arm on his dad's shoulder and slowly fall to sleep.

"I love you…Dad" Lance says in his sleep.

"I love you to son" Jojo replies tossing an arm over Lance's body wrapping his son in his arms.

"You will never have to feel alone again." Jojo whispers to his son before kissing his forehead and falling to sleep as well.

The next day Jojo notices that Lance is still sleeping; thinking nothing of it Jojo wakes up and gets himself a cup of coffee. An hour later Jojo notices that Lance is still not up so being a dad now Jojo goes to check up on him in his bedroom, and just like the night before there is Lance sleeping comfortably on Jojo's bed.

Jojo wanting to go wake his son up decides to walk over and place a hand on him but quickly places a hand to his forehead when he realizes that his son is getting really hot and breathing heavily.

"Damn, Heidi" Jojo screams out the door which causes Heidi to come running from her room in a state of panic.

"What's wrong Jojo!" Heidi says in a panic

"I gotta take Lance to the Doctors, he is really sick and I am starting to get worried, I gotta go so call some of your friends over and make sure they stay with you" Jojo says in a serious tone.

"Got it" Heidi says as she calls some friends over. Jojo on the other hand quickly picks Lance up and carries him to the car. Jojo places Lance in the backseat and buckles him up, and is about to jump to the front seat when Justin comes along.

"Hey Jojo what's up?"

"Justin thank god you're here, I need you to drive me and Lance to the hospital" Jojo says jumping into the backseat with Lance.

"On it J bro" Justin says jumping into the driver's seat and driving down the road.

They finally get to the hospital 20 minutes later and Jojo jumps out of the car with Lance in his arms running into the hospital while Justin goes to park the car.

"I need to talk to someone, my son is really sick he needs help now" Jojo pleads with the front desk.

"Shit Jojo, I got you bro" Jonah says picking up the phone.

"doctor Alucard, please come to the front desk immediately, we have a code winter" Jonah says into the speaker, and not ten seconds later does the doctor show up.

"Jonah what is it?" the doctor says

"It's Jojo's son, Hawk, he needs medical attention now" Jonah says to his brother.

"On it" Hawk says as they get a gurney and rush him into a room.

"Babe what is it?" says another female doctor

"Jonah said it was a code winter" Hawk says to his wife

"Damn, I'm on it honey" his wife says as she picks up a phone and begins calling people.

"Shit honey I called but no1 has any extra hearts" his wife says with worry in her voice.

"Then he only has a exactly 8 hours to live before he dies" Hawk says with grief in his voice as he goes into the front waiting room to let Jojo know the details on his son's condition.