This is my second attempt at a CSI story. Being a huge Jo Danville fan it is based on her again. My thanks go to anyone who gives this story a shot.

Summary: All Jo Danville's friends asked her why she adopted a kid after her divorce, why not just rebound, go wild spending money? What if it was because Jo felt guilty about the child she gave up years ago for adoption. A girl who is living in New York city and who witnesses a crime, committed by two very, very dangerous violent men, that Jo and the team have been trying to put away, linking them to multiple homicides. Jo and the team find themselves having to protect her from the men, but at what cost.

Chapter 1.

Jo Danville tossed and turned in her bed. It was 3am on a cold winters night but her body was drenched in perspiration. She shot up in bed, the sound of a baby's cries seemed to echo around her. She put her hands over her ears and closed her eyes tight, stayed that way for a moment then moved them away. The cries had stopped, it was silent, as silent as New York could be.

She got up and walked over to her bedroom window. She pulled it open and leant out and took in three big gulps of cold air. She remained leaning out of the window, watching the city beneath her apartment. It still amazed her that New York was almost as busy at this time of the morning as it was mid-day.

All around her she could hear police sirens, car horns honking. and far, far off in the distant…a gunshot.


Across town a girl was running as fast as she could. Her apartment, or what she liked to call the shoe-box, was just five minutes away…but in the other direction. She could hear tires screech as they rounded the corner she had just turned at. She was out of breath now, the winters air seemed to stab at the back of her throat.

She turned into an alley and stumbled forward, almost falling flat on her face. She steadied herself and continued up the alley. She heard the car turn, heard it struggle up the alley behind her, crashing into trash cans and big dumpsters. Her heart fell out of her butt when she saw the metal gates just ahead, it was the only way out of the alley.

She ran faster towards the gate and jumped, she grabbed hold of it half way up it. She pulled her body up it, clinging onto the fence as best she could. She tried to slip her petite frame under the barb-wire at the top. She cried out in pain as it ripped into her flesh, scraping across her lower back, her shoulders and her scalp.

She heard a gunshot ring out and felt like she had been kicked off the gate as a bullet slammed into her. She landed in an open dumpster and cried out in pain, writhed in agony as her blood spilled out around her.

She heard two car doors open, then slam shut. Heard a voice say. "Bitch fell into the dumpster, finish her."

She quickly pushed herself up and dove out of the dumpster. She ran along the side of the dumpsters, trying to hide from the shower of bullets that rang out around her, buried themselves into the dumpsters, another into her body. She screamed and barely managed to stay on her feet, but somehow she did. She ducked out of the alley and ran across the street. She ran towards the first building she saw, the New York Police Department.


Jo walked into the hospital and met Mac who was stood waiting for her. "Have you spoke to her yet?" she asked him.

"Yeah. She witnessed the shooting. The description of the killers she gave is a match to our other witness statements. Our killers got sloppy this time, she got away before they could kill her. We can prove its them, we just have to find these sons-a-bitches."

"How's she doin?" Jo asked.

"She was bleeding badly when she got into the precinct. They found two gun shot wounds on her, not to mention deep lacerations on her back and scalp. "

"Good lord, that poor girl." Jo said as they came to a stop by her room, where an armed officer stood.

Mac gently grabbed Jo's arm and guided her back, away from the room slightly. Jo looked at the officer and found he was staring at her. "Mac, what's going on?" she asked.

"I need to warn you about something." he said.

"What?" Jo asked, laughing nervously. Mac looked at her without saying a word, finally she had to hit his arm, "Mac!" she said with an equally nervous smile. "What's going on?" she asked more forcefully.

"The girl in that room…she is the spitting image of you. When I walked in I almost thought it was you." he said. "Just a younger you."

Jo looked at him and he could see she looked confused. She shook her head and walked over to the door. She hesitated for a half a second before she opened the door and took a step inside. She couldn't see the girl due to the nurse who was standing in front of her, changing the girls IV.

It was only when the nurse stepped aside that Jo saw the girl and the she saw Jo. Jo looked at her wide eyed and mouth open. The girl had the same length, same colour hair as she did. It was slightly wavy, the way Jo's would go if she didn't straighten it. She had the same eyes, same colour. Same nose, same chin…

Jo had to step back out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. She took off down the corridor, walking so fast that Mac struggled to catch up to her. "Jo, Jo! Jo, what is it?" he said when he finally caught up to her, stopping her in her tracks.

Jo could only look him in the eyes. She suddenly heard a baby's cries again. She closed her eyes as a memory flashed before her eyes…

Jo cried out in pain as she pushed as hard as her exhausted body would allow her. Finally she felt that it was all over, the pushing could stop. She lay flat against the hospital bed and struggled to get her breath back as the room was filled with a helpless cry.

"It's a girl." a nurse informed her.

Jo sat up and saw the baby in the nurses arms. She closed her eyes as exhaustion threatened to consume her. When she opened her eyes again the nurse was lowering the baby into her arms. Jo had to move quick to ready herself. The nurse took a step back leaving Jo to look down at her child, her newborn daughter who immediately began to soothe in her mothers arms.

She looked at the baby's dark hair, her eyes, her nose, her chin. There was no way Jo could disown this baby, she looked exactly like her. Yet disowning her was what she was about to do. She looked up when she heard a knock on the door. A woman in a suit stepped into the room.

She looked over at Jo, holding her baby. "Do you want me to take her?" she asked Jo.

Jo looked down at the baby in her arms. The baby was looking up at her as if memorizing her face. Don't do that, thought Jo. She felt her bottom lip began to tremble as tears stung her eyes. She looked back up at the woman and nodded.

She then looked back down at her baby. She barely heard the woman's heel tapping against the linoleum floor as she walked towards her. Jo lifted the baby in her arms up and placed a soft loving kiss on her forehead. It was almost impossible for her to pull her lips away. When she did that would be it, she would pass the baby to the social worker and she would never see her again.

Jo pulled her lips away from her daughters forehead and forced back tears as she took one last look at her now sleeping baby. She kissed her again before she passed her to the social worker.

She had to look away as the social worker walked across the room towards the door, taking the baby with her. "Wait!" Jo cried out.

Both the nurse and the social worker looked at Jo. Jo hesitated, choking back tears before she said, "Her name is Elizabeth."

The social worker smiled and nodded and said, "You're sure you still want to go through with this, Jo?"

Jo nodded, replied, "I have no choice."

"You're doing the right thing." the social worker said before she turned and left the room.

Jo tried to believe what she had just said, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't. She brought her hands up to her face and hid behind them as her tears began to fall, she could force them or her sobs back no longer.

Jo looked up at Mac as she felt him place his hand on her side. "Jo, speak to me." he said to her.

Jo could only remain silent. She felt like this was all some dream, just like the dreams she had been having for the last few weeks. The dreams about the baby girl she had given up for adoption soo many years ago.

"Jo, please tell me what's going on?" Mac asked, placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Mac, I think that she's my daughter." Jo told him.


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