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Chapter 12

One year later.

Adam was pacing back and forth in Mac's office. Mac could tell he was nervous and it made him smile.

"So you'll make sure that everyone will be there, at the bar?" Mac was about to answer when Adam began again, "It's just I need everyone there on time. Then I want Jo to arrive with Beth. I've asked Jo and she said that was ok. Beth has no idea what it's about so don't tell her. Jo said she wouldn't' t either." he said. Once more Mac went to answer but Adam began chattering on again, "Don't tell anyone actually, I want it to be like a surprise. I mean I know it doesn't really matter if the guys aren't surprised, but Beth had to be, and well Danny has that face, you know'… that face…" Adam said as he held his own hand over his face.

Mac just looked at him a little confused. After a moment he shook his head, he'd never seen Adam so nervous. "I will make sure everyone is there, and none of them will know a thing." he said, trying to reassure him.

"Okay." Adam said, smiled and nodded. "Do you think Jo will definitely show up with Beth?" he asked anxiously.

Mac just rolled his eyes and pushed himself up from his desk, he was outside the door before a rambling Adam even realised he'd moved.

Suddenly he did notice, "Ooh, Mac, wait!" he called as he chased after him.


Jo was leaning against the wall just besides the bathroom door. She checked her watch; five minutes of silence had passed. "Well, have you done it yet?" she called out.

She pushed herself up when the door opened. Beth stepped out and held up a small box. "I can't do this." she said.

"It's easy. You just hold it there and pee onto it."

Beth shoved the pregnancy test kit into Jo's hand. "What do I do if this thing says I am pregnant?" she asked.

Jo just laughed and wrapped her arms around her daughter. Beth hugged her back, resting her head against Jo's chest. "I'm scared." she confessed.

"It is scary, but you won't be alone. You have me and Adam who will be thrilled, trust me."

Beth stepped back and looked at her. She smiled and said, "Thanks Mom."

Calling her Mom was a fairly new thing but both of them liked it. It always made Jo smile to hear it which made Beth smile. Jo's smile was contagious. Beth took a deep breath. "I have no idea how to even change one of those diaper things." she said.

Jo just laughed and gently pushed her back into the bathroom. "I'll teach you." she said as she pulled the door shut.

She stood there, outside the door, and waited. She listened but heard nothing. "Are you doing it?" she asked after another minute.

"I'm trying?"

"Sweetheart, you just pee."

"I can't pee on it because I know it's there…I'm too well trained!" Beth shot at her.

Jo just laughed. "Turn on the tap, let the water run."

She waited a moment then heard the tap. She smiled as she waited, finding herself becoming more and more excited at the prospect of becoming a Grand'momma.


The day had gone by quickly, which only seemed to make Adam even more nervous. He walked next to Mac as they headed down the street towards the bar where everyone was meeting.

He held tightly onto the small box in his hand. He shoved it in front of Mac and pulled it open again. "You're sure she'll like it?"

"It's a stunning ring, Adam. She'll love it." Mac replied.

"I just keep thinking maybe it looks cheap."

"Adam, it does not look cheap. It looks amazing."

"Yeah." Adam said as he tucked it into the inside pocket on his jacket.

Adam was clearly nervous. He came to a stop outside the bar and looked at Mac. "Wow, my palms are really sweaty. That's not attractive." he said as he rubbed them against his trousers.

"And now your trousers smell of sweat." Mac joked.

"Oh my God, you're right. Do you think I should go home and change?" Adam asked in a panic.

"No!" Mac said, unable not to smile. "I think you need to check the ring again."

Adam nodded and said, "Good idea."

He patted his left pants pocket and found nothing. He reached over and patted his right pants pocket, nothing. "OH NO!" he cried out and he patted his jacket pocket. "Where is it?" he cried out as he spun around and checked the floor.

Mac grabbed him and smacked his inside jacket pocket. Adam immediately remembered putting the ring box in there. "Phew!" he said.

Mac just smiled and pushed him into the bar.


Jo walked down the street towards the bar with Beth, who still had no idea what was about to go on. "I have no idea how I'm going to tell Adam. I mean, we're so close. We talk about everything and anything. After everything that happened the night he got shot and well…you'know…the rape, well we just grew closer. I always figured we'd have kids and everything I just didn't plan on it being so soon. You're sure he'll be happy?"

Jo just smiled and pulled Beth into a hug. "I know he will be." she said before she placed a kiss on Beth's head, "Now let's get inside because it's freezing and there's a beer in there with my name on it." Jo said with a smile.

She took hold of Beth's hand and they walked into the bar together.

Inside Jo walked up to everyone and shared hello's. Beth walked straight over to Adam who immediately pulled her into a hug, both of them smiling like fools. Beth loved being in Adam's arms. She really did feel so safe with him.

Jo walked over to Mac who passed her and beer which she took a greedy swig from before she thanked him. Mac just smiled at her, she really did have an ability to make him smile for the slightest reason.

"So, how's he holding up?" she asked Mac quietly.

"He's nervous." Mac told her.

"That's so sweet. So is Beth." Jo replied.

"Does she know?" Mac asked.

Jo smiled and shook her head. "Let's just say she has an announcement to make too, but not just yet, give it a few months." she said with a telling smile.

Mac caught on to what she was saying and her proud smile was more telling than words. "Jo, are you telling me that Beth is…"

"Pregnant! I'm gonna be a Grand'momma!" Jo squealed with delight, but quiet enough not to draw attention.

"That's fantastic!" he said and gave her a hug, "But there's no way you look old enough to be a grandmother." he said with a smile.

Jo turned to face him and a smile spread across her face. She linked her arm through Mac's and stood close to him as they both watched Adam and Beth.

Beth smiled and kissed Adam, he then did the same thing. She was about to tell him she needed to talk to him when Danny began to tap his and Flack's beer bottles together, getting everyone in the groups attention.

"Okay," Danny began, "What's all this about? I mean I'm happy for an excuse to drink but I'd kinda like to know what's going on." he said as he wrapped his arm around Lindsay.

"Okay." Adam began, "So I wanted you guys all here tonight because I'm about to do something I never thought I would." Adam said. He then reached into his pocket and grabbed the small velvet box.

He concealed it in his hand as he took Beth's hand and got down on one knee. The others all shared the same shocked expression as Beth, except for Mac and Jo of course. Jo could barely contain her excitement.

"Beth, I really, really, love you and I will do anything to make you happy for the rest of your life and I will do everything to prove to you how much I love you, every single day. Please, will you marry me?" he said as he opened the box.

Beth wanted to scream yes but she was speechless. For so long she had thought she was unlovable and now someone who she totally loved and adored was asking her to marry him. She smiled and nodded, it was all she could do until finally she was able to choke out "Yes!"

Everyone cheered as Adam slid the ring onto her finger and then stood up and scooped Beth up into a hug. She clung on around his neck as he kissed her. "You just made me the happiest man in the world." he told her.

"How would you feel if I told you that I found out that I'm pregnant today?" she asked.

Adam pulled back, still holding her up in his arms. He looked at her and asked, "Are you being serious?"

"I did the test earlier on today." She nodded nervously.

A huge smile spread across Adam's face and he began to kiss her again. "That's fantastic!" he said as they held each other close. "I'm gonna be a Daddy." he said, only the two of the hearing what they were saying.

Adam had to put her down as the others all came in for hugs and to offer congratulations. Adam and Beth barely took their eyes off each other. That was until Mac walked over to Adam and Jo walked over to Beth.

"So did you tell him?" Jo asked Beth, talking hold of her hands.

Beth nodded and smiled. "You were right. He's so happy he's gonna be a Daddy."

Jo could only smile and pull Beth into a hug. "I told you, baby." she said as she held on to her daughter.

"Didn't I tell you she would like the ring?" Mac said to Adam.

Adam just smiled back at him. "Okay, so I should have trusted you. I was just so scared she would say no."

"Why would she say no, Adam?" Mac replied with a smile.

Adam couldn't resist, he put one arm around Mac and pulled him into a hug. "Thanks, Mac." he said.

The whole group gathered close together and held their drinks up. Beth managed to wrap both arms around Adam so no one questioned why she didn't have a drink in her hand.

"Congratulations to Beth and Adam!" Mac toasted.

"Congratulations." Everyone said as they all took a swig of their drinks. Except for Beth who could only look forward, to her wedding and to the baby she and Adam would have. Her life was finally good and she wouldn't let it be any other way.

The End

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