Another short story. Poor Reid, he is in for a fun night. This is a Reid, Luke, Henry, and Chris story.

Boys night out

Chapter 1

Boys night out

Katie was tired of all the bickering, and fighting between Reid, and her boyfriend Chris, and Henry. She asked Luke to arrange a boys night out, and she hoped maybe spending time together would make them all become a little closer. She hated that she couldn't invite her two best friends over for dinner. Reid didn't get along with Henry, and he really didn't get along with Chris. Luke said he would try, but he couldn't promise anything. He called Reid up, and asked him to meet at the bar, they both love to go to. They love the music,and the food is amazing. He phoned Katie, and told her she had to get Chris, and Henry there because he had his hands full with Reid. He said to tell them to be at Ben's Bar on Main street at 7pm. He knew Reid might never talk to him again when he arrived at the bar only to find Chris and Henry there to. Luke smiled he was going to do it for Katie, and hope for the best.

Katie called Chris, and he was happy to hear from her.

"Honey I know this is going to freak you out, but Reid and Luke want you , and Henry to go out on a boys night on the town"

"You are joking this is not April fools day Katie"

"Well it isn't a joke they really want this, and I told them you would do it"

"Are you insane, I thought you loved me. Reid wants me to have a night out with him, and Luke, and with Henry"?

"Yes, and if you loved me you would do it. You want to marry me right"?

"Oh so if I don't say yes no wedding"

"Well I'm not having a wedding if my 2 best friends can't be there, and be civil to each other"

"OK this is crazy, are you sure he wants me"?

"He said he would like to put a end to this fighting, and bickering"

"Fine but if he is rude, I'm out of there"

"You will do it"?

"Yes for you". Katie smiled, "Great meet them at that bar called Ben's on Main street at 7"

"I will be there, but I will be home later in the evening wait up for me"

"What if your having to much fun"?

"Like that would happen, I will be home by 10 I'm sure"

"OK but try Chris" Katie said goodbye, Chris hung up, he sat for the longest time wondering why on earth Reid wanted to spend time with him"?

Katie clapped her hands she did it, now for Henry. She called him on his cell phone.

"Hey Katie"

"Hey Bubbles"

"Henry are you busy tonight"?

"No Barbara is out of town, I was going to sleep"

"Well forget that , you, Luke, Reid and Chris are going to have a boys night out"

"I didn't hear you clearly, I could have swore you said, I'm going out with Luke, Reid, and Chris for a boys night out"

"I did"

"No I need my beauty sleep"

"You do this for me Henry Colman, I don't ask for much"


"For me, I want you all to get along. Reid wants to get to know you too, so this is the best way to break the ice"

"Yeah I'm more afraid he will break my neck"

"You won't do this for me"?

"Fine Bubbles where should I meet them"?

"Ben's Bar on Main Street at 7"

"I will be there, you owe me Katie "

"I love you Henry, thank you" She hung up sitting down, but she realized she was in serious trouble she just told them both Reid wanted them, and she knew that was a lie, but she giggled she didn't care, this was going to be fun, well maybe not for Reid.