Chapter 6

Reid was eating his fries, and lifting his burger to his face.

"God Reid you eat like a pig, chew for God sake". Chris said making Luke speak up.

"OK Chris leave Reid alone let him enjoy his food. I will not allow you to bully him, and put the blame on him that this night was a failure. We are going to eat, and we are going to get along, and you will be nice to Reid just like he will be nice to you both"

Chris smiled, "Wow you have a pit-bull Reid, and I thought you were the tough guy"

Reid didn't say anything he was rather proud of Luke it kind of turned him on having Luke defend him like that. Luke smiled at Reid, and they were staring at each other. Luke just wanted to leave, and go home, and have Reid all to himself but he had to compose himself so he picked up his coffee, and was taking a sip when Reid touched his thigh under the table making him choke, and Chris, and Henry look over.

"You OK Luke" Henry asked.

Luke smiled, "Yes the coffee went down the wrong way but Luke felt Reid's hand move closer up his leg making him laugh as he jumped up.

"I will be right back, I'm going to the washroom". Luke walked away quick he had to get away from Reid he was driving him crazy, Reid put his burger down.

"I better go check on him, I think tonight is getting to him"

"I think he is a big boy he can go to the bathroom by himself". Reid ignored Chris, and followed Luke into the men's bathroom.

Luke was by the sink splashing water on his face, he didn't hear Reid come in. Reid smacked Luke's butt making Luke jump, and turn to Reid.

"Oh my God Reid are you insane go back to the table"

"What is wrong sexy you all hot, and bothered"?

"Like I wouldn't be what got into you we are in a restaurant remember"

"I know but you were so cute defending me like that I got all crazy"

Luke smiled, "Lets get back out there can you imagine what they are thinking right now"

"Who cares"

"I do Reid Oliver"

Reid brought his lips over Luke's making Luke touch Reid's chest.

"Reid not here in a washroom not the most romantic place to make love"

"Anywhere with you would be fine with me"

"Oh the man that won't share his toothbrush with me but will make love in a public bathroom. You know if anyone walked in here right this moment we would be in serious trouble"

"Fine lets go". Reid washed his hands, and Luke touched his back.

"I'm not rejecting you, I just want to wait you understand that right"?

"Of course it was a stupid idea anyway , I don't know what got into me"

Luke smiled, "I love you Reid, and I'm dying right this moment too let me tell you just feeling you this close is making me want you so bad"

"Oh I can see that you better cool down, I will go back, and than you can". Reid went to leave but Luke grabbed his arm.

"Thanks Reid". Reid moved close kissing Luke as the door opened, and Henry walked in.

"Oh my God we were worried about you, and your just fooling around in here get a room you two"

Reid smiled, "Be quiet we were just talking, and a kiss isn't fooling around but if I had my way you would have walked in, and saw more than kissing but Luke is a good boy, he wants to wait until we are home". Reid walked out, Luke was a little embarrassed as Henry stared at him.

"Luke you really love him don't you"?

"Yes Henry very much so"?

"You two are so totally opposite, I guess it is true opposites attract"

"Guess so but Reid is the most amazing man I know, and I am so lucky he is all mine"

Luke smiled as he walked out, and Henry smiled thinking maybe Reid isn't all that bad when someone as nice as Luke loves him so much.