Chapter 7

Reid, and Luke came back to the table Chris smiled as Henry sat down too.

"Took you all long enough what was going on in there"?

"Nothing Chris just eat, and mind your own business". Luke said, Reid smiled Luke was blushing, it was kind of cute, and it actually turned Reid on, but he had to behave, but it was going to be hard.

Henry smiled, "They were talking Chris but they were using their lips, if I didn't walk in, I bet we would still be waiting for them out here"

"Oh gross a bathroom"

"Shut up Chris , and Hank be quiet, I swear you have to have the biggest mouth in Oakdale"

"You have to have the biggest ego Reid, you know what I saw"

"Yeah OK I wanted to make love to Luke, and forget about you two jerks out here. I would love to make love to Luke right here, right now but I would be arrested. He has the sweetest lips, and I want to kiss him right here, and right now"

Chris slammed his beer down, and whispered.

"We get the picture enough that is gross"

"Really Chris you jealous"

"Oh my God are you insane"

Reid smiled he loved making Chris feel uncomfortable he deserved it for being such a jerk.

The waitress came over, and asked them if they wanted a another drink.

Reid, Henry, and Chris said a beer, Luke said another Pepsi, she walked away as Reid was eating, but Chris, and Henry were staring at Luke making him feel a little angry.

"What are you staring at , we are in love we were making out in the bathroom nothing happened so get over it"

"Like I would ever do something like that in public". Chris said, and Reid smiled.

"Oh I'm sure you have done plenty of things in public that would be immoral"

"Like what"?

"Enough both of you lets finish dinner, than we have to hang out somewhere for at least 2 hours so Katie will give up this crap about us four being friends. It is obvious it is not going to happen since you all are 3, and I'm the only mature one here"

"Really Luke you acted like a teenage boy in heat in the bathroom, well that is what Henry said anyway". Henry glared at Chris, and Henry whispered.

"Like I will tell you anything again Chris Hughes you make things worse with your fowl mouth"

"I'm just saying Luke is acting all high, and mighty but I bet his Mom, and Grandma would be shocked that he lowered himself to this" . Chris looked at Reid with a smirk

Reid got up, and walked toward the bathroom's, and Luke put his hands to his face.

"What the truth hurts Luke your Parents hate the guy, I heard your Mom badmouthing him to my Mom, she thinks he is ruining her babies life"

"You had to say that to him, Chris you are so cruel"

"He is acting so smug, I can't help it"

Henry jumped up, "I will go get Reid we are going to finish this evening if it kills us. Katie loves you Chris, and she loves that guy in the bathroom not sure why but she does. I know she cares about me, and she wants the four of us to get along. I think for Katie we can try. I will go in, and try to get Reid to come back here but when he does you will shut up Chris , and don't say anything else to Reid unless it is nice, so I guess we won't be hearing from you the rest of the night"

"Who do you think you are Henry Colman"?

"I'm Katie's friend, I will do anything for her will you "?

"Go get the baby, I will be nice, but he better not say anymore rude things to me". Henry walked away, Luke was staring at Chris.


"I don't like you right now Chris , and I will not tolerate you bad mouthing Reid anymore. I know Reid can be a jerk sometimes, but he is a good man, and Katie loves him, and if you can not let this thing with Reid go she may end it with you Chris"

"Doubt it Luke she knows a good thing when she sees it"

"Oh my God you are so conceited, it is no wonder Reid can't get along with you"

Chris smiled, and Luke looked to see if Henry, and Reid were coming, he was worried Reid left already, he hoped not because he didn't want Katie to blame Reid for the night being a big waste of time, but it was turning out that way.