A/N: Here's a little add in scene for the end of the first episode of Silent Scream. Remember the first scene where they were together without anyone else there (Team wise that is), well this the scene rewritten from a Travis/Langton shipper POV

Anna was sitting watching one of Amanda Delaney's films trying to gauge what sort of actress and person Amanda was. She was so engaged in the film that she didn't hear Langton come up behind him until she sees his leg out of the corner of her eye and she quickly pauses the film

"Sorry" She was uncomfortable and tries to look productive "Umm" She hurriedly tries to find something interesting to look at before speaking to Langton "So ehh are couple of things have cropped up ehh turns outs Amanda was concerned about late payments from her agent Scott Myers and Ben Hutchins said so and it turns out I've found someone involved in her memoirs a publishing company called Gold Arrow, I called them but I just got their voice mail" Anna looks up at Langton, who didn't seemed bothered

"Right" Langton leans over and taps the space bar, beginning the film again. Anna looks up at him then towards the computer screen again

"I'm sorry you didn't get your promotion" Langton's eyes never left her as she spoke to him

"Not as sorry as I am" He had that determined look in his eyes that Anna knew so well; she knew that someone must have dropped him in it and that was the only reason as why he couldn't have gotten it. It was then something catches his eye on the film. "What was that?" He and Anna watch closely to find out what he had spotted that was so interesting. The Crucifix; it was the goddamn crucifix. "There it is, it's the crucifix"

"Rewind it" Anna watches as Langton tries to rewind the film with no success "Here I'll do it" She manages to rewind the film and hits the correct scene before pressing play

"There!" Langton was fast to press pause on the film. There had found out where the mystery crucifix had come from; one of her films. Shaun O'Dell was going to get grilled tomorrow Langton was sure of that "That's it" Langton had that distinctive happy smile on his face


"That's the exact one"Anna turns to look at Langton to say something but words fail her. She was so happy to have him back in her life if not scared as well. Her feelings for him had not diminished in anyway but had grown stronger. Having him standing beside her, so close to her was driving her crazy. "Right you make sure you question O'Dell about that in the morning" Langton looks at her. The face of Anna Travis had haunted him since the moment he met her. She was her father's daughter and a hell of a good detective. His admiration for her had grown into love and that scared him to death

"Will do" They couldn't take their eyes off one another. The incident room was quiet with only the cleaner still hanging around of whom wasn't taking any notice of the couple. Langton made the first move by moving forward towards Anna, who met him half way. Their second kiss was so much more passionate than the one they shared on the staircase during the Red Dahlia case. Their tongues battle for domination until they both are in need of air; Anna breaks away first and looks Langton directly in the eye "I love you James" Just as Langton was about to answer, the distant sound of an alarm clock sounds. Anna wakes up and looks around her.

It had all been a dream. A very nice dream too.