In the Blood

A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction by Mutt N. Feathers


The Summoning

1 December 1995

It had started out as any other Friday morning for Harry Potter. He'd gotten out of his bed, showered and wrestled with his hair and then admitted defeat. He'd dressed, roused Ron out of his bed and then went to the common room to wait for his roommate and Hermione to be ready for breakfast. He'd had toast, bangers and porridge and listened as Hermione complained about the abysmal reporting in the Daily Prophet and Ron bemoan having History of Magic first thing. It wasn't until a grey and very regal-looking owl flew in and delivered Harry a letter that things began to change.

Not until after he untied the missive and gave the unknown bird a bit of banger did Harry turn his attention to the parchment. The weight of the paper was very heavy, and it felt odd in his hands, as if it wasn't made from wood pulp. He broke the iridescent wax seal and slid the long strand of reed which held the cylinder tight and unwound the parchment to see the words it contained.

Harry James, head of the Noble and Most Ancient house of Potter,

Your presence is required at the gathering of the Yn caethiwo Amgarn,

Twenty-one December, Nineteen Ninety-five

On the Isle of Avalon.

Your magic will transport you to the isle two hours past high noon. Please ensure you are in a location in which you are unimpeded from transport.


the Twenty-fourth Seat

"Huh?" Was all Harry could so eloquently respond to the strange letter. "Hermione, can you figure out what this means?" He passed the parchment across the table to his friend, who quickly began reading it over.

"Avalon? Merlin? As in King Arthur? I didn't know any of it was real."

"Of course it's real," Ron rebuked her, his mouth still filled with slightly chewed toast. He swallowed and then continued. "Muggles got too much of it right, so they had to start a campaign to make them think it was a story. Why are you asking about Avalon and Merlin? Are we studying them in History?"

"No, Ron. My letter referenced them," Harry explained as Ron moved so he could read over Hermione's shoulder. "What is the name of that gathering? How do you even pronounce it?"

"It looks like Old English, or maybe Welsh," Hermione mumbled, still perplexing over the words and the strange golden ink they were written in.

"Blimey, Harry, I didn't know the Potters were a Noble and Most Ancient House. You're like royalty!" Ron said rather loudly, attracting the attention of Ginny and Neville who had sat down recently, although they'd been ignoring the trio.

"It doesn't make him royalty, Ron," Neville retorted. "It just means his family is really old. The Longbottoms are a Noble and Most Ancient House as well. Gran said there are things I'll need to learn, and some responsibilities and stuff, but it really doesn't mean anything."

"I don't know," Ginny said with a pensive look on her face. "That title seems like more than nothing." Neville shrugged and went back to eating. Ginny looked at Harry with a thoughtful face. "Maybe you should talk with Sirius about it? If it's some old family thing, he probably knows."

"That's a good idea, Ginny. I'll write to him later," Harry resolved, taking the letter back from Hermione and curling the parchment before slipping it into his rucksack. He grabbed his goblet, drank down the last of his pumpkin juice before standing to head to class. He didn't look up at the head table, so he didn't have a chance to notice that Professor Dumbledore had also received an identical bit of morning post. The headmaster, however, wasn't excited about this summons. He was deeply fearful of what the meeting in just twenty days might produce.