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Dentai Vellax (Supreme Chancellor Falleen Male)

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I Am The Master Now

Two there should be; no more, no less

One to embody the power, the other to crave it…

These are the teachings of Darth Bane, passed down from master to apprentice. When the apprentice became master he or she would seek their own apprentice and if they were worthy, strong and competent. That person would kill his or her master and take the title dark lord of the sith. At present that mantle belonged to the Sith Lord Darth Omni, a male Bith, ruthless and powerful. His apprentice Darth Plaegus was tired of him and decided the time had come to challenge his master for the title. Plaegus was a Muun and he had been studying under Omni for the past twenty-five years.

He was just a child in an orphanage when his master came for him. He watched his master kill two Jedi and burn down the orphanage with a wave of his hand. All his childhood friends had died. He spent many days being drilled by the cruel Bith and if he failed a test or botched an exercise his master would beat him mercilessly.

The planet was Korriban the birth place of the sith and he thought it would be the perfect place to kill his master and claim the title from him. Korriban was a giant rock, no plant life to speak of, it was home to long dead Sith Lords. The Republic and the Jedi had quarantined the planet, but that didn't stop smugglers and pirates from using the old Dreshdae outpost as a base. A few more daring people had even built a town near the old outpost and paid the pirates and smugglers a tribute. When Plaegus arrived on Korriban he sensed them. He immediately became angry and with a thought and wave of his hand he killed everyone in the town and outpost. His anger wasn't satisfied so with very little effort he pulled down the outpost itself.

"Take this package to the Neimodian Ambassador… This will be the first stages in getting our revenge…" Omni said to Plaegus, but Darth Plaegus had his own plans. He took the package to the ambassador on Neimodia, but only after hiring a group of mercenaries. Plaegus brought the mercenaries to the ambassador's estate. Plaegus watched in delight as his hired thugs slaughtered everyone in the house and blamed the act on Iridonian terrorists. He set up his own network on Nemodia and gave them the package that would plant the seeds to establish the trade federation.

The Jedi investigated but the sith remained hidden in the shadows. When Darth Omni heard of his apprentice's treachery he became furious. He left their sanctuary on Bespin and made his way to Neimodia. The Jedi had been left so he wouldn't have to contend with them. Omni tried to learn the identity of Plaegus' new allies, but no amount of bribery could uncover that. He did uncover the place where his apprentice had gone.

Darth Plaegus waited impatiently for his master's arrival. He waited two weeks and finally his master's ship entered the atmosphere and fired on Plaegus' ship. Plaegus smiled at the act and said to himself; "Yes master only one of us will be leaving this rock…"

When the CR-77 star ship touched down the ramp lowered and down Omni came with his cape billowing.

"Welcome to Korriban…" Plaegus mockingly said.

"I am your master and I order you to address me as such… Bow to me…"

"The time has come you old fool… My time has come I am your superior now and I will destroy you and take what is mine…"

The Bith started laughing, "You think yourself ready to face me… I will give you one last chance… Bow before your master…"

Plaegus smirked, his elongated face making him seem older than he really was. "Fool… That is what you are a fool… Not a Sith Lord…"

Omni threw out his hands and unleashed a storm of force lightening on Plaegus whose body phased and became transparent. Omni gasped at the display of power, because he had never taught Omni the technique. He knew it existed but the art of performing had been lost three sith masters ago.

"That is only a taste of what I can do old man… I have been holding back now for the past twelve years… just enough for you to believe that I was your equal when in fact I was and have always been your superior…"

"There are still things I can teach you…" Omni replied uncoiling his lightwhip.

"I doubt that…" Plaegus replied igniting a gold handled lightsaber.

Omni leapt forward, but in the blink of an eye Plaegus was already behind him making a lazy swing for Omni's head. The Bith spun around blocking the attack and went on the offensive cracking his whip at chest level. He then struck low across the ground. All Plaegus did was dodge the attacks using his speed and agility. He rarely used his lightsaber to block and when he did there wasn't much effort to it. Frustrated Omni recoiled his whip and unleashed a force wave that tore up the ground and shook the very planet. A blast like that would have killed any Sith not ready for it, but Plaegus wasn't just any Sith. When the dust settled Plaegus was standing there laughing at what he considered a feeble attack.

"Do you feel it master… Do you see your week rule at an end…"

The Bith's face twisted in disgust and he uncoiled his lightwhip. At the same time he unleashed the power of his mind, because he was a Bith his mental powers far exceeded any sith before him, including the legendary Darth Zannah. He created illusions of the orphanage he found his apprentice in and all his friends. He also created two more illusions of himself. Plaegus wasn't fooled he responded with his own illusions of Darth Omni's Master Darth Romulus.

Romulus was human, a hulk of a man and a foot taller than Darth Bane was. "Omni you fool… I have come for my revenge… Darth Plaegus summoned me from the nexus of the force… His power is greater because of me…"

Omni lost control of his force illusions, it took two weeks to recover from his duel with his master and he had used sith assassins to aid him in his duel breaking the fundamental laws of the rule of two. The apprentice must face the master alone.

"This is impossible you are dead…" Omni yelled. He ran forward loosing control and forgetting all about Plaegus. As he approached the illusion laughed and when he struck his whip it dissolved into nothing.

"You are mine!" Plaegus yelled, but Omni spun around swinging his whip. He had been pretending to fall for the illusions. Plaegus caught the crackling charged energy whip with his bare hand. He smiled at Omni and stabbed him in the chest with his saber and at the same time he absorbed the energy of the whip and unleashed it on Omni. His feet left the ground and he flew thirteen feet before hitting the ground. His armor and robes had been shredded up in the force assault, his face had numerous cuts and slashes. His left arm had been severed and he was spitting up blood, dying a slow death. Plaegus walked over to his former master's body and stared down at him.

"You are Darth Plaegus… Lord of the Sith… It … h… as b… een an hon…. Honor… teaching you…"

Plaegus raised his sword and stabbed it into the Bith's head, "I don't need your approval old man…" As he withdrew his saber Omni's body imploded with a blast of blue darkside energy that billowed Plaegus' robe. The wind howled and the planet shook. The darkside had been awakened on Korriban. The ground split open as the ghosts of thousands of sith appeared to Darth Plaegus. The blacked robed apparitions stared at Plaegus. He returned their stare with defiance. The sea of sith lords parted and a brute of a man walked through the ghostly crowd towards the front. Plaegus recognized him from the holocron that been taken from master by apprentice down through the centuries. It was Darth Bane the founder of the rule of two.

Plaegus dropped to one knee, "My Lord…" He said it out of respect. It had been ages since the ghosts of Korriban appeared to anyone.

"The time has come…" Bane's apparition said.

Plaegus smirked, "I will decide when the time is…" He said in anger. He turned his back to Bane and took his former master's ship.

"I need an apprentice…" Plaegus said as his ship climbed into the atmosphere.