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I sat on one of the comfortable couches in the main foyer, close to the front door of Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center, waiting to see if for once, a new, interesting person would finally walk through the door, hopefully a hotter, older woman. Hell, they were the best kind of women. Late April sure as hell hotter here in the heart of Los Angeles, and it made me a little bit happier that the nurses refused to let me outside into the one hundred degree weather. After many months of being trapped in this looney bin, all I wanted was my chance to escape. I saw my chance as a man walked into the mental hospital, already seeing the intriguing way he dressed in different fabrics and patterns of sorts, not to mention the lack of shoes on his dirty, scruffy bare feet. The top of his head was bald and shiny, while the rest of his hair around his head was sticking up in different directions, giving off a crazed appearance around his pale skin and blue eyes. I stood up and walked over quickly to him, inspecting him from head to toe. Rather than be taken aback for my behavior, he smiled warmly, as if it were perfectly normal for someone has insane as me to be up close in his face.

"Why, hello there," he greeted me. He stuck out his hand and I jumped back slightly, before realizing that he only meant to shake it. I hesitantly stuck my hand out, and the man shook it powerfully.

"Hello," I murmured.

"Well, aren't you the curious one?" I couldn't tell if the man was being serious or not, but, then again, it didn't seem as if he had ever been serious a day in his life.

"Step away from the gentleman, patient!" the security man, Derek, boomed. I glared at the taller darker man, knowing that he wasn't any type of a threat to me at all.

"I happen to have a name, Derek," I pointed out, rolling my eyes.

"Well, you better knock it off, you little punk, before I-"

"Derek!" We both turned to look at the woman in command of the place, Helen. She could be very sweet to some people who she thought was any form of attractive, such as me, but to people like Derek, she takes an immediate dislike towards.

"Mrs. Dubois!" Derek stood up straight and faced her, his face turning slightly redder. I loved watching how much Helen frightened Derek, and the awfully creative remarks that she usually had for him whenever he would begin to act up.

"What are you doing to my poor Brad?" she asked in a pouty tone as she hugged me tight to her chest. I grinned at Derek as he stared at the ground in defeat.

"I'm going to go make sure Festus doesn't burn down the kitchen," Derek grumbled to himself. I smirked as Helen let go of me. I stood into an upright position and brushed myself off. I then took notice of the bland yet angry looks that Helen was giving the the crazy-looking man who I had stared at.

"Helen," he muttered.

"Sikowitz," she replied coolly. "I could have sworn that you would know better than to check yourself back into my mental hospital."

"Actually, I came here only because this is the one place that I could trust with the kids I'm about to bring inside," Sikowitz stated, shrugging. He motioned for Helen to lean in closer, so she did, as did I, wanting to know about new kids coming here. This was more exciting than when we started a food fight in the mess hall and someone accidentally hit Derek with a giant glob of macaroni and cheese.

"Who are they?" Helen asked in the regular tone she used.

"They are the kids who survived that plane crash from the mental hospital in Seattle," Sikowitz whispered. "Well, technically, three of them were actual patients, and three of them are from Los Angeles. Anywho, there are going to be five new patients, and I can entrust them to only one person, and that's you, Helen."

"Well, you're lucky that I accept flattery," Helen said, smiling and giggling like she did when she was being complimented.

"I'll see who's outside right now." Sikowitz leaned back and smiled. "Robbie, can you come in here?"

"Robbie?" I asked, widening my eyes. I loved new people and how interesting they could be. My high hopes fell from Cloud 9 fast the second I laid eyes on an awkward guy with a dark, short afro and thick-rimmed glasses. He smiled and waved shyly, while I faked a smile and gave a very quick wave back. This was one of the new guys? Oh, boy, someone please kill me now. I may not be able to handle another geek freak!

"Hi," he muttered.

"Yo, Robbie," I heard a newer, deeper voice come from beyond the doors. In walked a very tan guy around my age. I felt as if they were all going to be my age at this point. At least he was way cooler than Robbie. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his dark skinny jeans and stared at me with a amused look.

"You a patient here?" he asked.

"Yeah," I answered. He nodded.

"I'm Beck," he told me. I smiled and nodded as I saw two more people walk in; a girl and a guy. The girl was short, with many blonde curls hanging off of her head and a few bruises and scars here and there on what was seen of her pale skin. Her blue eyes told me that there was something dark behind those marks on her. The guy was slightly taller, but not by much. His hair was standing up in the front and combed down in the back. He was extremely buff-looking, and obviously together with the blonde, as he kept a protective arm around her waist.

"Hello," the girl greeted, smiling. "I'm Sam."

"Hey," I said back.

"Freddie," the guy grunted.

"Where is Trina?" Robbie asked, looking around.

"I'm here!" I looked past the others, and my jaw dropped instantly. In came a taller, tanner, and probably Latina girl, who was most definitely older than the others. Her dark brown hair hung down straight with a upwards curl at the end of every strand. She wore a tight pink shirt and shorts that were barely seen underneath of the hem of her shirt. Her heels made her as tall as I was, which made it more perfect for me. I never saw anything more beautiful in my life, and something told me that I needed to have her. I was snapped out of my hypnotic trance as I felt a hand come onto my shoulder, causing me to jump far back.

"Can you show our new patients around?" Helen asked me gently, a broad smile on her face. "I would ask Derek, but he's... Ick."

"Sure thing, Helen," I said, shrugging as I tried to keep my cool around the glorious Trina.

"Let's go," Beck said calmly as he and the others walked towards the hallway. As I was about to follow them, I felt Helen jerk me back so that I was close enough for me to feel her breathing on me.

"Watch your behavior," she warned in a whisper. Rarely did she whisper, and this meant that she was one hundred percent serious right now.

"I will, I promise," I said quickly. Helen smiled and let go of me. I shook it off and followed the five newbies, who were standing by the hall entrance, waiting for me with an amused look on their faces. "What?" I asked, slightly defensive. Everyone shook their heads and shrugged, as if saying 'nothing'.

"What's your name?" Sam asked me. I could see Freddie give her a quick glance before giving me a slight death glare. I have to watch these two; definite trouble if I was around Sam too much, undoubtedly.

"I'm Brad," I said, running my hand through my short brown hair with nervousness.

"Brad," Trina repeated. "I like that name." I smiled, glad that she likes my name. SHE LIKES MY NAME! I was going to make sure that she was shortly going to like more than just my name.

"Well, let's begin the grand tour, shall we?"

(P.S.: This is the only chapter that's going to be in first-person point-of-view. Just wanted to make the beginning a little bit more interesting, just like this series.)