Avalon Collection: Tales of The Magic Web

Story One: Broken Promise

Chapter Three

Brilliant sunlight danced through the rustling leaves casting shadows on the soft worn earth. Emily and Kara walked silently along the path to the glade only breaking the silence to call Adriane's name. Emily kicked up dust with the toe of her sneaker as she followed Kara. The girls rounded a bend and were suddenly in front of the glade. Though something was wrong. The air held a certain tension to it and the place reeked of fear. 'What's happened?' Emily gasped.

'What?' Kara exclaimed. 'Can't you see it? The magic is twisted and tangled all together . . .' Emily said a nervous edge creeping into her voice. She had discovered her power to see magic and read auras after becoming a level two mage. It was still unbelievable to think Kara couldn't see the massive, throbbing clot of magic. It seemed that it had no sense to it. Just a heap of tangled and broken lines of magic. Emily shook her head and the vision disappeared.

Both girls walked to the edge of the glade and pulling of sneakers and stiletto sandals, lazily dipped their feet in the crystal waters. Emily furrowed her brow and with a smooth motion of her hand, a tiny stream of thin water raced out of the pool and noisily splashed back in. Kara giggled and Emily gave her a sly, playful look. Her hand darted in a quick wave and a arc of water splashed directly into Kara's face. Kara sputtered and pulled her wet bangs away to reveal two slitted eyes.

'Oh no you didn't!' Kara said in a fake angry tone. 'You're going to get it!' she said leaping up. Concentrating with all of her might, Kara slowly raised her hand with a weak ball of water trailing it. For Kara, water was her opposite element, smooth, cool, and flowing. Fire was more her, quick, sharp, and powerful. The ball of water shuddered and twitched. Kara flung her hand across the glade and water splashed Emily in her shin trailing down her leg.

Both girls screeched and chased each other, forgetting Adriane and their feelings of anxiety and stress. But not for long. Kara suddenly tripped and landed in a perfect pile of blonde hair and pink stilettos against a sharp rock. Dazed and disoriented she slowly rose to a crouch. 'Ow – I hit my shoulder' Kara said wincing. 'I can – . . .' Shock and disbelief suddenly clouded over Emily's eyes. Her mouth fell open and she trembled slightly. 'Emily!' Kara said shaking off the last of her pain and running to her side.

'What is it?' Kara said frantically. Emily continued to gape but pointed a shaking finger at – At what? Kara thought. Suddenly she saw it. 'Oh no . . . this can't be happening!' she cried sheer terror in her voice. 'Who could have done this?'