Title: A Whole Lot of Whatsit

Universe: Jeeves and Wooster

Pairings: None (unless you want to read into things ;)

Warnings: None

A/N: As stated in the summary this is a collection of drabbles dealing with the lovable Bertie and his ever-dependable valet Jeeves. Each will (most likely) be from Jeeves' point-of-view. I have 100 prompts and hope to work through all of them in time. Enjoy!

27. Winter

I was walking back from the Junior Ganymede Club the first time it happened. Stepping onto the sidewalk I tensed slightly as a collection of snow shattered at my feet, scattering bits of ice. Recognizing the muffled curse behind me, I kept walking.

The second time I was picking up Christmas dinner when the snowball whizzed past my shoulder. I returned to the flat to find Mr. Wooster's trouser cuffs soaked.

The third time, I may have deliberately stood still, allowing the snowball to hit me squarely in the back of the head.

His cry of success was worth it.