Dear Princess Celestia,

I've learned how important it is to go to the right friend for help. You might think that they might be having enough work to do, but they're the only realistic choice you've got. You should expect that there are no limits to someone as experienced with animals as Fluttershy. Even if she's beginning to stand for herself, she'll always be there whenever you need a favor.

From now on, I'll try not to waver away from the obvious again.


Rainbow Dash

The following early afternoon, Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, and Fluttershy were at the park, talking about the two days of events. Pinkie Pie was running a little late, but the others didn't mind. They knew she would make it before the picnic was over.

Not far away, the Cutie Mark Crusaders—Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo—and Pipsqueak from Trottingham were playing with the Wonder Pugs. Apple Bloom tagged along with Fleetfoot; Sweetie Belle, Soarin; Pipsqueak, Rapidfire; and Scootaloo, Spitfire. Every time each foal caught up with their puppy, they would be outsmarted, lose sight of them, and before they knew it, be knocked down and licked before resuming their games. Tank made sure that they were playing safe. It wasn't long before he got his share of kisses, too.

Rainbow watched the activity from the spot she was sitting. She couldn't be any prouder of the Wonder Pugs. It was good to have them around kids, teaching them the values of having a pet in the future.

Just then, Pinkie rushed in with a copy of the Foal Free Press, looking very excited. "Hey, Rainbow Dash!" she exclaimed. "Wonder Pugs! Looky here! You've made the front page!"

Pinkie's words reached the foals and yipping Wonder Pugs, causing them to speed right over to read.

"Huh?" asked Rainbow, raising an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"It's right over here," smiled Pinkie, showing the front page to her friend.

Rainbow took the paper and was surprised find a photograph of her being kissed by the Wonder Pugs at the scene where she rescued them. Underneath read: Photo taken by: Scootaloo.

Rainbow gave a glance at the little orange Pegasus filly, who smiled with pride at her accomplishment. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom joined in.

Seconds later, Rainbow found out why all the extra beaming. The story she read was even more of a shocker.

MY LITTLE PUGGY: Rainbow Dash Saves Puppies.

Written by: Gabby Gums.

Two days ago, last Saturday, the one and only Rainbow Dash was seen rescuing four tiny little pug puppies—all reaching 6 weeks old, according to some delivery papers—that were stuffed into a sack and happened to have fallen over the Ponyville Bridge, into Saddle Lake. The splash was heard only about five yards away from the photographer.

Shortly after, Rainbow Dash christened the puppies as "Wonder Pugs," each giving a name of a few famous Wonderbolts: Spitfire, Rapidfire, Soarin', and Fleetfoot. With the assistance of her trusty tortoise, Tank, she was able to find shelter for the night at Sweet Apple Acres and devotedly stayed in the little rascals' company. The Wonder Pugs are now living in the cottage of the ever lovable Miss Fluttershy, as confirmed yesterday by Miss Applejack. The other eyewitnesses will questioned for details for their encounters with such loving little angels.

As to the nature of how the Wonder Pugs fell overboard, police officers reported seeing this town's dangerous and least reliable mailpony, Miss Derpy Hooves, absentmindedly placing the sack on the left side of the bridge and leaving it there while finding lunch. The puppies were meant to be delivered to the Animal Shelter, her papers read, until a suitable owner could be found. As usual, those very officers arrested her shortly after she ate. It was fortunate that Rainbow Dash came to the rescue; otherwise, Miss Hooves would have been held at the police station for neglect of duty.

Rainbow lowered the paper to show her look of contempt so that everypony could see. "I guess we found out who that nut is," she sighed. "A very careless nut, if you ask me."

"Oh, come now, Rainbow Dash," protested Rarity. "From what we know of Derpy, 'careless' would be putting it mildly."

"Still," said Rainbow, "it's nice to see the Wonder Pugs have their first picture taken."

"And we have you girls to thank for it," Twilight pointed out to the CMC, making them blush.

As Pipsqueak read the article, he exclaimed, "Wow! Keep this up, Sweetie Belle, and you'll be editor-in-chief for sure!"

Sweetie Belle's face turned redder than Scootaloo and Apple Bloom's altogether. She gave out a sheepish giggle before replying, "Oh, um… Thanks, Pipsqueak."

"So do you think you can all give us more details on what happened with the Wonder Pugs days ago?" asked Scootaloo.

"We already got the stories at Sweet Apple Acres and the Carousel Boutique," confirmed Apple Bloom. "Ah reckon all we need is the whole shebang! Well, all that you have to say," she added. "Don't wanna make a scandal or anythin'."

"Okey dokey lokey!" chirped Pinkie.

"Sure," said Fluttershy, quietly.

"Absolutely," agreed Twilight.

"Y'all got it," Applejack affirmed.

"Ask away, darlings," lavished Rarity.

Rainbow looked back at the paper and reread the headline. "Hey," she chuckled, "look at that: 'My Little Puggy.' That sounds… pretty cute."

Then, the whole world stopped at once. Rainbow felt emptiness for a few seconds. Then, she realized what had happened and saw everypony else staring at her, their expressions blank. Even Tank was surprised. The Wonder Pugs, on the other hand, just smiled and panted, unaware of their rescuer's reputation whatsoever.

Feeling her cheeks go warm, Rainbow finally asked, "I didn't just say that… did I?"

There was another pause. And then, everypony laughed out of control. All the Wonder Pugs jumped at Rainbow and kissed her all over.

Maybe, thought Rainbow, as the puppies' tongues made contact with her face, "cute" isn't such a bad thing, after all.