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Harry POV

I looked around. I had died, been killed by a dark wizard Ron and I had been chasing.

'Where am I?' I thought. All I could see was gray. Not black, not white, gray. A man in a red suit walked out of the gray-ness.

"Who are you?" I asked. He looked up at me.

"Why I am your escort to the demon relam. My name is, Adrian Scott."

"Wh-what! The demon relam what's that? Why am I going there?"

"Well, it would seem that you have killed many people. While they may have been evil or insane and a threat, the Angels are not loving of someone they claim unclean. You are called thus because you did not believe in thier God. However he has shown you mercy. Rather than being sent to Hell as a puinshment, you are being welcomed as one of our own. There will be humans who will learn of you should you take an animals form. Few of us do, contracts are tedious and long. There is Sebastian, he takes the form of a crow; and Claude he takes the form of a spider. So, do you wish to take the form of an animal? Your information as a demon will be placed in all of human history for anyone any time to call upon you unless your in a contract, if you wish to do this simply tell me of the animal you wish to take." I thought.

'Go to Hell and work there or take contracts and help people? Could I really do that? What animal would I take? Perhapes a snake? I can already understand them any way and it's less out there than a Gryffen.'

"Have you decided?" I nodded.

"I'll become a contract demon."

"The animal form you wish to take?"

"A snake." The man nodded. He pulled out a book and wrote in it.

"You have been added. Sebastian is not on a contract at the moment so he should be able to teach you the ropes." He made a follow me motion and I did. We walked for a bit until coming to a black door. He knocked a few times before it was opened by a tall man with medium length black hair, red eyes, and a fancy looking coat-tail butler outfit.

"Hello Adrian. I see you've brought a friend."

"Sebastian this is Hadrian 'Harry' Syrpent." I looked at the man with a lifted brow. That was not my name.

"Yes, you brought him here?" He asked.

"You are to show him to ropes. He is a new contract demon choosen form snake."

"Hmm, well it would seem that you will be coming on a contract with me. For it seems that You arrived just as I made one. Very well. Come along Hadrian."

"Please call me Harry. What are we going to do?"

"I am going to be a butler for Earl Ciel Phantomhive, also known as the Queen's guard dog. The contract is that I will help him to avenge his parents. Upon finishing this task I will eat his soul. Your job will be to listen to what I say and do as I tell you. At night I will train you in the ways of the demon and on how to be one hell of a butler." I nodded. It made sense.

"Very good. Now, you will need clothes that will help you to blend in... is there anything your oddly good at?" He asked. I nodded.

"Well, I was quite the Seeker for my house team in Hogwarts, and I cooked for my aunt, uncle, and cousin in the summers." He studied me.

"Hm, very well. You shall be posing as a cook. I shall be getting a maid, gardner, and another cook to help you. Now allow me to fix your clothes." He said as he waved his hand and my clothing changed into that of a chef.

"Demons have our own form of magic. Your wizardary might proof usefull." He said. I nodded. I followed him through the door and we walked until we came out and into a strange village.

"This is the year eighteen thirty six." Shocked I simply nodded. I follwed him until we came to a building.

"Wait here please. Our young master is inside. I shall be out in a moment." He walked inside and there where several thumps and thuds before he walked back out holding onto a boy in tattered clothing.

"Come along than." We started to walk again. It was odd to walk so long and not be tired at all. The boy, I assumed him to be Ciel Phantomhive, slept the whole time. It took two days but we arrived at a large manor. Sebastian walked inside and up the stairs. Not knowing what else to do I followed him; he reached a bedroom and walked in. He washed the boy down before slipping him into a night shirt and putting him in the bed. After tucking the boy we walked out.

"Tomorrow morning I will introduce you to Ciel. For now I will train you on how to be one hell of a chef, and contract demon." I nodded, this was going to be interesting.

-Two months later-

Sebastian had told me two weeks ago that I was free to go and get a contract on my own. He had taught me how to be a butler, chef, and demon. He had also shown me our demon magic, and told me that it would help me to fit in at any point in time. I had told him that I would rather stick around, I never was one to give up half way. I smiled at the memory of Ciel and I's first meeting.

Sebastian had told me to wait in the shadows in the corner while he got the master ready.

"How did I get home?" The young Earl asked.

"I brought you here. If I couldn't bring my master home what kind of butler would I be?" The boy nodded.

"My lord, there is some one I want you to meet. He is a contract demon like me, I am assigned to train him. This is Hadrian Syrpent." I walked out of the corner and into a deep bow.

"Please don't call me that. It's Harry." I said with a small smile. Ciel only looked up with a sad gaze.

"You mean he is contracted to me as well?"

"No. He is here to learn and observe, he will be under the pretense of your personal chef and will go with you and I where ever we go." Ciel nodded.

"Hadrain!" I snapped out of my flashback and saw Sebastian standing in front of me with three new people I had never met before. However I ignored them and glared at the other demon.

"Don't call me that! It's Harry!" He gave a small smirk. I growled and stalked off to the peace and quite of my kitchen.

"Hadrian, you seem to forget that I had told you." I turned back to him anger leaving me. I looked at him with an eyebrow quirked. He sighed.

"I told you before I left two weeks ago that I would be bringing back help. This is maid MeyeLin, the gardner Finnan, and your new partner Badrod." He said pointing to each of them in turn. They all nodded or in Finnan's case smiled.

"Well, Hello. I am Hadrian, but please call me Harry. I mean it don't call me Hadrian." I said.

"I'm Finny!" The small blonde boy said. He walked over and instead of a hand shake gave me a strong hug.

'This boy reminds me of Hagrid.' I thought. A pang of saddness flashed through me but I let it pass. The past was the past. He let me go and the maid walked over.

"Hello, I'm MeyeLin I am. It's so nice to meet you." She said. I gave her a small bow and smile. She blushed darkly.

'Just like Ginny used to do.'

"I'm Bard." The other man said. We nodded to each other.

'Jeez, he's like Ron. Damn, Hagrid, Ginny, Ron? Who else am I going to be reminded of. Ciel is so much like I was it's almost scary.' I thought. I got lost in my thoughts again as I walked towards the kitchen once again forgetting the new people.

Finny POV

I watched the other man walk away with a thoughtfull and also sad look on his face.

'I wonder why he got sad when I hugged him? Did I hurt him? But than why did it make him sad when MeyeLin blushed and Bard nodded?'

"Hey Sebastian, why is he sad?" I asked. Sebastian let out a sigh.

"Hadrian has some not so easy to forget past thoughts. It would seem that meeting you may have reminded him of some people he used to know."

"Has he always been that way?" Sebastian nodded.

"I've known him a while. One more thing, if you ever are having troubles getting his attion simply yell his full name in front of his face. If that doesn't work than come find me. Now you all have duties."

"Yes Sir!" We saluted and went off to our tasks.

Harry POV

Rather than going to the kitchen, I knew I had time until dinner needed to be made, I walked to my room. Sebastian had explained that we didn't need sleep but it was a privet place for me to keep my things. I walked over to the small table beside the bed and picked the small photo album off the top. I flipped through the different pictures of my family and friends. As I was putting it back down I heard a loud bang.

'That sounded like it came from the kitchen...' I thought. I quickly stood up and started to run (human speed) towards the kitchen. I got there and my jaw hit the floor. My poor kitchen was in ruins. Everything was all burnt, covered in ash, or melted. I looked around and saw the new cook Bard standing in the olny un-burnt spot with a flame thrower in hand. He looked shocked and scared at the same time.

"I hope that Sebastian doesn't notice..." He said. My glare intenseifed.

"Sebastian is not the one you should worry about." I growled. I had spent most of my time in here. It was a quite relaxing place where I could make beautiful foods and desserts. Then man turned to face me with fear etched on his face.

"Ha-Hadrian I didn't hear you come in..." He gulped.

"I said it's Harry. You are going to pay for doing this." I growled out. Sebastian came by and put a hand on my shoulder. For an odd reason this seemed to calm me down slightly.

'Why would him touching my shoulder make me calm... and why do I feel like I used to around Ginny... could it mean I like him?' I thought forgetting about the horried chef. I noticed when he ran past but nothing else. I went about cleaning the room in a stupor still stuck in my thoughts. At some point Sebastian left the room and I finished cleaning. I gave a satisfied smile. I turned when I heard some one walking in. Finny, MeyeLin and Bard came walking in.

"I'm sorry about messing up the kitchen and callin' you Hadrian..." Bard said.

"Very well. Why were you using a flame thrower and not to sound rude but why are you two in here?"

"I used to much weed killer in the garden..."

"I broke some fancy tea cups. So Sebastian said that we should come help you!" MeyeLin said while blushing. I sighed.

'Damn you Sebastian.'

"Very well. With a guest coming over you three will do exactly as I say and not one thing that I don't tell you to do. Finny go over to the pantry and grab 'Pepper, gacamole beans, and red beans.' MeyeLin, go to the sink and start running water over them as he brings them to you. Bard, get me the smallest flame thrower you have."

"Right!" They all ran off to do that while I quickly walked into the freezer and grabbed a few pieces of chicken meat. Walking back out I saw Finny running back and forth with the vegtables, while MeyeLin washed them. Bard was standing by the counter holding a small, hand held flame thrower.

'Perfect.' Walking over I grabbed it from him.

"Now Watch Bard, this is a simple yet tasty dish. First you use this to cook the chicken meat, slowly. See. Simply rotate it all around the meat until it has a nice golden color to it. After that you take and cut the peppers into small circles and place them around the edge. Next crush the beans and mix them into a paste in a small bowl." I set it all down.

"Seems to be missing somthing..." I said to my self. I walked over to my shelf of sauces and looked through them.

'!' I grabbed the bottle of sweet and tangy sauce and walked back over gently drizzling it over the meal.

"Wow! That looks amazing! We didn't even mess it up!" Finny cried. I let out a sigh.

'Thank you for putting a jinx on it.' I thought. I covered the dishes and put them on a try. Walking quickly towards the dinning hall. I walked in and put a plate down in front of Ciel and our guest.

"Tonights' meal is a dish of lightly roasted chicken with a bowl of gacamole sauce and pepper rings. There is also a light touch of a sweet and tangy sauce on top." I said. Unlifting the covers. Sebastian lifted an eyebrow at my choice.

"Such a spainish dish?"

"You did mention that he was from Spain. Why not make a dish from his home land. What do you think I'm doing when I leave for two weeks? I go to other places in the world and learn about the dishes they make." He nodded.

"Besides, if I couldn't make a traditonal spanish dish, what kind of chef would I be?" I asked. he smirked at the way I had twisted his almost catchphrase.

"Not a very good one." I smirked and walked back to the kitchen.

END chapter 1