Second Coming

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"Mommy hurry up"

The young mother smiled as her child had once again wanted to be tucked in and read a story before bed, as she did every night.

"Hold on honey I'm coming, so what story do you want read to you tonight"

"I want this one" said the daughter levitating a book up to her mother.

The one she picked didn't seem too special, it was old, dusty, and the front seemed a little worn out from time, but as they say don't judge a book by it's cover. She smiled; it was the book her mother read to her. It was an old legend that was found in some ancient civilization rumored to be around long before even Celestia. They were lucky to even get a legible piece of it to translate, but still it was a nice tale, even though there still were things that couldn't be translated. There was an even smaller rumor saying the colt from the legend wasn't even a pony, but it was completely disproven, well with what small evidence they had. Personally she had always hoped for it to be some kind of strange, exotic creature. But, now wasn't the time to reminisce. She tucked her daughter in and began to read the tale.

"Long ago there was a hero with a mane brighter than the sun and eyes deeper than any ocean…"



Atop of a large mountain was a blond no older than eighteen. He was about 5 foot 6 and wore a red cloak with a black fire design around the bottom and the kanji for toad sage on the back. Under that he wore a jumpsuit with black on the top and down the arms and a dark orange on the bottom. Around his forehead bore a black cloth with a piece of rectangular metal on it was a leaf symbol. The strangest features were 3 marks that looked like whiskers on each of his cheeks. His cloak was torn in many places and he didn't look much better, he had been fighting, fighting for many things. He was fighting for his friends, his family, his home, the world, and his love…

He was condemned to torture since birth because of one pony's actions…

Across from the blond was a taller man who looked in his 20's but that was not the case, he was over 100 years old. He wore a black coat with long sleeves and a tall collar that hid his mouth, the coat also had red clouds on it. He was extremely pale and had long spiky black hair. His eyes were red and had three commas circling on a circle, these were the reason he has lived so long, the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. While some say these are blessings from the heavens, others say it's the curse only topped by hell. The Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan is able to extended life among other things, but the only way to obtain the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, was to steal someone else's Mangekyō Sharingan. The man facing the blond was also fighting for reasons, less noble reasons. He was fighting for revenge, domination, and power.

But he never gave up hope, he always stayed strong, and never backed down. He proved that he was just the jailer not the prisoner. You see the day he was born he had a demon, the nine-tailed demon fox, Kyuubi, sealed inside him to save his village.

The rest Akatsuki was currently fighting the village. The village was buying its hero as much time as they could, but it would come at a cost. A raven haired teen and his teacher a man with white gravity defying hair were killed by another raven haired man with a technique that made a giant warrior seemingly made out of a red energy; he soon died as well due to lack of what they called chakra. A blond women with very *ahem* generous assets and a hermit looking man with white hair that went down to his waste were trying to defeat a man with snake like features. The white haired male died taking out the snake man with a suicide technique, all with a smile on his face. A pale eyed girl barely made it out of a battle with a shark man the only reason she survived was because another pale eyed male came to protect her causing his death in the process. All around it was chaos and death, all the hero's friends were dying, and all he could do was watch.

But, that pony returned, he wanted the Kyuubi, he wanted to take over the world…

"MADARA" yelled the blond his pupils were slowly changing to blood red with slits, like an animal's, no a demon's. The raven haired man now known as Madara just laughed. That just served to anger the blond more. The blond made a hand sign and made a clone which started to help the original make spiraling ball, soon the ball gained edges similar like a Shuriken. The blond yelled something but it was lost in the noise made by the shuriken like object. He then threw it, it was able to cause a crazy amount of destruction, it seemed to rip anything it touched into oblivion, but there was Madara unscathed by the attack that could most likely bring most to their knees. Madara shot like a bullet and punched Naruto in the face followed by another and a kick that sent him airborne. Madara then shot a giant fireball out of his mouth straight at the blond teen. When it was gone all that was left was a burning log. 'Substitution' thought Madara 'but then where did the brat go'. After that last thought he was punched in the gut by our hero, who seemed to have a red cloak of energy surrounding him. The cloak seemed to have nine tails and two fox like ears. Madara was shocked to say the least 'this child is completely controlling the fox's chakra'. Was his last thought before he dodged another punch which only skinned him, He knew now this was going to be the fight of his life.

He was unsuccessful though, but in his last breath he had his revenge…

"It's over Madara your through" said the blond. "Yes, I know child…"he said while making a hand sign "BUT I'M GOING TO TAKE YOU WITH ME". The blond got into a defensive stance ready for anything, but not what was about to happen. Deep in the Akatsuki hideout a stone statue with ten arms started to crack and crumble, it released a bright eight lights that went straight for the hero's home, straight to Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. When they reached their destination they dispersed leaving in its place eight of the tailed demons. "heheHaHa HACK he you and I both the only way to stop them." said Madara coughing up some blood. He and the hero both knew that the only way to stop them is to seal them, but there are only nine people in the world that can handle their power, eight of them dead. If he sealed them inside him he would lose control of his body and go into a rampage as the Juubi, the ten winged dragon, A rampage that could and most likely would destroy the world, but if he didn't the tailed demons would most likely kill everything in their rage anyway. The only way to stop it is if he sealed the being inside of himself, and then sealed himself inside the moon to get used to the power, which would most likely destroy his body, make him the new Juubi, and take thousands maybe millions of years to get used to the power, even then he still wouldn't know how to get down from the moon.

And so, the hero had to make an ultimate sacrifice, one that would condemn him to complete solitude for an unknown amount of time trapped within his own mind...

The next few days people rebuilt, and mourned the loss of their friends and family, Naruto was given the honor of having his face etched into the Hokage Mountain. Life moved on and generations continued. Ninja slowly went extinct, along with chakra being changed and adjusted with the people. Eventually the legend was the only thing of the world Naruto once knew. Eventually as everything does the human race died out, replaced with other creatures of sentience.

They say he is still trapped in the moon, waiting for any possible way to escape to return to the world he once loved so much…

End Flashback


"…The End."

The mother smiled as she watched her little filly was already fast asleep. She put the book away and was about to head to her own room for some sleep of her own. Before heading out she kissed her daughters forehead, and leaving.

"Goodnight, Twilight."


On the moon 10 years later

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was currently bored, very bored in fact. Being trapped in his mind does that to people, he has no clue how much time has passed but that isn't his main concern, his main concern was the presence he has been trying to come into contact with for the past oh 1000 years if he guesses right.

When he first felt this presence he was glad he might be able to finally have some conversation over the however long he has been here. But when he tried to enter her mind he was thrown out of it before he even made slight contact. He didn't push it any further, sure he could blast threw the thing that keep him from accessing it's mind, but with his lack of experience he feared he may shatter it if he smash threw it. But he was patient, although that didn't help him be curious and see what he could learn from the being chakra. What he found out made him even more curious, he found that the chakra was almost completely foreign to him. That and the fact there was another chakra fighting for dominance with the other chakra, he felt maybe it could be a being like himself, one that understood his pain of being constantly cautious of a second malicious being that could take over. The only problems were that only he couldn't contact it… he… she… whatever it was, even if he did it doesn't mean two chakras fighting for dominance for this being wasn't normal to it's species, and he doesn't even know if its capable of speech, much less his own language. He just left it alone for the thousand years it has been there, checking up to see if it was more open the next time he saw it, with the same results.

But right now he could sense it's chakra flaring every once in a while getting more constant, but the part he found most interesting was that with the seal's age it was starting to break, normally this would hurt his pride as a seal master, but one the seal was old and starting to weaken, and two he made the seal so he couldn't break it from the inside, not outside. He would have to thank this creature when he got out, but for now he waits.

'Soon' Naruto thought 'Will be my second coming, BELIEVE IT!'

'Ok now I see why everyone thought that was stupid.'


Above path to ponyville

"My dear Twilight, there is more to a young pony's life then studying. So, I'm sending you to supervise the preparation of the Summer Sun Celebration in this year's location Ponyville. Also I have a more important task for you, make some friends." recited the baby purple and green dragon.

Twilight just groaned.

"Come on Twilight try talking to somepony, they may have something interesting to say."

Just then a pink pony with poofy cotton candy hair walked up to the two.

"Go on Twilight." Spike urged

"Uh… hello…" the purple mare started.

"!" the pink pony gasped and dashed off into the distance

'This is going to be a long day' thought Twilight as she sighed and headed off to check on the preparations.



'Yes, yes your almost there, just a few more power surges and I will be free' thought Naruto. He didn't know why that creature was doing this but he didn't care he was so close to freedom, to feeling the wind on his face, the grass on his feet and maybe finally a drink of water.

He felt the seal rumble around him, it was close to failing, soon he would be free all he had to do was wait. The walls started to crumble, the seals were falling off. He was so close.

Naruto started to see a light. The wall was coming down he raced toward the light going as fast as his legs could carry him. He made it to the light, not able to see hear or feel anything. That is until he felt the ground disappear under his feet, as he started to regain his sight he saw the big blue planet that was once his home, although it looked a bit different, the continents never looked like that before. But, that didn't matter what did matter was the fact that he was free, his celebration was short lived, as he noticed himself getting dragged in by the planets gravity.

'this is going to hurt' thought Naruto as he fell to the planet slowly gaining speed until his body began to set itself on fire from the speed. He noticed another object flying down to the planet as well.

'Could that be the thing from before' he thought before trying to get a closer look what he saw confused him.

'Is that… a horse?' true to his thought Naruto saw a horse like shape flying downward toward the planet as well, although in a much more controlled manner.

'Why do I have the feeling this is going to be very weird' was Naruto's last thought before bracing himself for impact.


To be continued…

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