It was raining. The tiny droplets of rain hit hard like small, tiny daggers. What a time for me to walk home from work! It was so sunny a minute ago! Damn weather forecast. At least I brought an overcoat with me. Not like that helped any. I sighed and kept on walking. My apartment's only about a block away, anyhow. I can make it. Right? I got so caught up in my thoughts and anger trowds the clearly inaccurate weather forecast, that I bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry, I wasn't paying attenti-" I turned around to look at the person I hit. They wore a long, black jacket and had hair that was all too fimiliar. Right then, I forze when I relised who it was. It was... him The guy that told me he loved me, then pulled out knives to try and kill me.

Oh shit. It's Nny.

He turned to look at me and said, "Devi...?" I felt a sting of fear hit into me like a car.

Oh shit. He saw me.

Before I could form any words that were decent, I turned back around and ran.

I don't even know how long or how far I ran until I finaly got to the front of the apartment building. I put my hands on my knees and started gasping for air. I was never fond of running.

"Oh damn... That was close..." I whispered, the words escaping from my mouth. 'I hope I lost him,' I thought, 'Though, if he does find out where I live, I can always just kick his ass again.' I slowly took out my keys, walked into the apartment building, and took the elevator to the third floor. I was so worn out from running for my life, I didn't feel like walking up three flights of stairs.


The elevator opened up, and I walked out onto the third floor. I then continued to walk down the hall to get to my room. I put the key in the lock and turned it.


I took the key out, opened up the door, closed it behind me, and locked it again. I leaned against it, and sighed. Right now I just want to fall onto the floor and fall asleep for five years. Can't do that, though. I have to work tomorrow. I mean, I need to pay rent somehow. Not like it's worth it for this tiny, cramped, disgusting apartment, but at least it's pretty far away from that psychopath. Well... I actually kinda miss Johnny... he was basicly the only guy that I've met that I felt a lot for. But at the same time, he tried to kill me. So, I guess I should hate him.

He'll find someone else, I'm sure of it.

I looked down at my feet, only to see a tiny puddle of water forming.

"Oh shit!" I said, in sort of a whisper, while lifting up a leg. I quickly walked across the room to my bedroom. I had to get re-dressed all over because of the damned rain, soaking me head to toe in freezing cold tiny rain-daggers. I even had to take out the pig-tail holders that i had in my now dark purple hair, that is now also dripping from those tiny rain-daggers.

I put all of my wet clothes in a pile and put my shoes on a couple of paper towels. I got dressed in a plain pair of gray sweat pants, a purple t-shirt, and some white socks.

I ploped down on the couch in my living room/kitchen/dining room, and sarted thinking of... Nny. Maybe I do miss him. Or maybe I'm just an idiot for falling in love with the wrong person. I don't know, but what I do know is...

I miss you, Nny.

Humming Witch ~: Well, I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! But, if you're wondering some things, well, I've read a bit of I feel Sick (comic all 'bout Devi) and this fanfiction isn't really based around it that much. That's why Devi lives somewhere else, and her friend is not included in this. But you will see Squee soon. I'm not sure when I'll end this, but, there'll probably be a lot more chapters after this one. ^^