disclaimer: disclaimed.
dedication: to me. because I said so.
notes: so I really like this pairing. like a lot. like a lot a lot.
notes2: I don't even know why I write about Fef so much. she's interesting, I guess.

title: xeransis
summary: All dried up. — Feferi/Eridan.






The world felt like a desert, and Feferi could barely breathe.

She'd always been told that the dream bubbles were kind.

Shed watched all her failures, over and over again. She was trapped and unable to change anything and it… it was cruel. It was cruel and it was cold and it hurt; to watch Eridan kill her again and again with rage in his eyes; to watch Sollux shrieking in pain as he moved them forwards; even to watch Aradia, lovely Aradia, and the light that went out in her eyes.

If these were the things that she was to watch forever, Feferi didn't think that she could bear it.

"I'm sorry," she murmured. "I'm so sorry, Eridan."

Not good enough, belovved, the apparition replied, sick-sweet and so gentle that it almost broke her heart. His fingers brushed along her cheeks, soft as feathers, fluid and formless down the column of her throat. Ghost-like and barely there, she strained upwards into the insubstantial touch, searching for something that might have been redemption but was probably only the sound of breaking glass.

With the earthsea borealis overhead, Feferi stared at the cancer-coloured sky, bound in on herself. Skin picked over and scarred, dried out, breaking and bleeding and scabbing over only to break again—this was the dream bubbles. This was the dream bubbles.

And Eridan, eyes empty, stood just out of reach.

No water.

"I can't—'Ridan—"

And she waited and listened, lips cracked and bleeding, for the rumble of thunder. For the rumble of rain. Because water was forgiveness, and life, and love. And Eridan, too, all from childhood when the world hadn't seemed so horrible.

Maybe they'd been better, once.

She breathed in once, slowly and softly. Eridan flashed before her eyes, in flaming gold as he killed her again. Hope—he was the colour of hope and her lungs collapsed in the heat and the dryness.

Feferi was not meant for a place without water.

"I'm so… sorry."

She had always been told that the dream bubbles were kind.

But this—this was not kind.