What is up everyone! Sorry I haven't written anything for a while but with school down my neck it has been hard to find the time. Anyway I've been toying around with this story for a while and I hope you guys like it.

Disclaimer: Just so everyone knows this story is going to be a boyxboy, sexual situations well let's just say I'm going to put in all the fun stuff. Haha! Anyway so yeah serious now. This story will have gay relations and if you don't like it then why are you reading it? Seriously players don't be hating lol!

Summary: When Naruto's parents leave to go on vacation and Naruto is forced to deal with some stupid babysitter while they're gone, he couldn't be any more miserable right? Only time will tell if this babysitter will turn out to be a total nightmare or the best thing to ever happen to Naruto.

The Stage Is Set

Here it goes again. My parents leave me all alone at home while they embark on some fantastic adventure. Last year it was a long luxurious cruise around the world. The year before that they went on a safari and the year before that they decided to vacation in Hawaii. This year though they wanted to go visit every country in Europe. It completely sucked because they always went on these great trips whenever school started back up. So I always have to stay behind. And whenever I'm in a sorely pessimistic mood I would always say that they purposely waited for school to start so they didn't have to bring me. But it wasn't just the fact that they ditched me and left me to fend for myself, it was all the stories they would tell about what happened while they were away. On their cruise they met Stephen Spielberg, while on their safari they become like honorary tribe members of some native group and even got to live with them for a few days and while they were in Hawaii they won a contest to get free meals while they stayed and a portion of the beach was temporarily theirs. The things that happen to my parents are so amazing that it makes me miserable whenever I hear what happened and this year something extraordinary was bound to happen again.

So I guess it's pretty obvious to say the least that my family is rich, well at least my parents are. And I know that that is the typical rich guy excuse but in this case it's completely true. My parents don't really spoil me with anything fancy or lavish on birthdays or holidays. The only impressively expensive thing that I have is just the house my parents bought so it's not really mine at all. But don't get me wrong I don't hate my life or anything. I just get extremely depressed whenever my parents leave on their glorious and exciting trips.

I like to think of myself as a very positive person. I'm optimistic and proud. I get good grades and I have lots of friends who I care for deeply and from what I can judge I'm pretty handsome. I have long, messy, blond hair that extends just past my eyebrows. I have blue eyes that the girls at my school fall over backwards just to see. I am fairly skinny but still have some muscle definition or at least enough to make the girls at school want to feel my biceps. I guess you could say I had it all good looks, good grades, charm and a family with a lot of money. But as the years went by and my parents went on all these wonderful adventures without me I couldn't help but develop this sense of emptiness inside. I mean my parents were off having one adventure after another while I had to stay home and work on memorizing the Pythagorean Theorem. My life was practically meaningless. I wasn't going anywhere, I wasn't doing anything. I felt like my soul was asleep and resting just waiting for the moment to come alive from the thrills and excitement of my very own adventure.

I thought about the things I would do and all the people I would get to meet but most of all I just thought about the sensation of being free. To feel the wind on your face and to climb to the top of a mountain and scream until your voice gave out. To be anywhere and everywhere I wanted with no limitations or questions. This distant adventure that I was reaching out for made me persistent and happy, whether day or night I always had a smile on my face just from the mere thought. It was through this adventure that I had built up that I knew I could awaken my soul and achieve a happiness that I had always longed to be in my life. But for now I was stuck here in this town alone.

"Naruto dear."


"I just wanted to remind you to behave for the new babysitter whenever they are over at the house; you remember what happened to the last babysitter you had?" Oh, right. I had forgotten my parents also hire somebody to come around the house everyday or so, I guess to make sure I'm still alive but more likely so they don't get in trouble with the local police for leaving a minor all alone with no parent or guardian for an extended period of time. The person they hired was usually around my age so that made it slightly better but I never seemed to get along with my babysitter's for some reason. Probably because I'm fucking seventeen years old and don't need a stupid babysitter but my parents insist that I have one. It's not like I really have a choice in the matter though which reminds of the last outstanding babysitter that my parents hired. It was a girl about 21 years old who seemed like a very nice girl at first. She had excellent credentials or whatever it was that told the parents that she was a good babysitter and we got along fine but she also had a boyfriend.

And one night while she is over checking up on me her phone rings, I think we were playing monopoly at the time, and it was her boyfriend. She had immediately stopped the game and a joyful smile appeared on her face the moment she looked at the caller ID. As soon as she answered her phone everything went to hell. It all went by so fast, I hadn't heard what was said but I could see the intense rush of emotions blast through her eyes. And when she turned back to me her eyes were insanely wide and violent and her hands were bawled into fists. She began looking around viciously and started breaking every pot, dish, lamp and table in sight. Practically anything breakable she could find she would pick up and hurl across the room. But she didn't stop there; she even began flipping over stools, chairs and other couches. I think she even bit into one of the pillows and ripped the top off and stated dumping all the fluffy stuff on the inside on the floors. But her greatest triumph was getting the paint we had in the garage so she could write her boyfriend-hating graffiti all over the walls. I had tried to stop her while all this was going on but that ended with me getting a black eye. She had a wicked punch for a girl.

After about an hour of going crazy she finally left the house and I locked every door and window we had behind her. My family and I later found out that the reason for her psychological breakdown was because her boyfriend had called her and broken up with her. We later learned that that evening she had broken into her boyfriend's house and threatened to cut his dick off with a butcher knife. Not the kind of person you ever want to show off to the family. She was arrested that night and now resides in a mental hospital. So yeah, I remember her.

"It's not like that was my fault she was a total psycho and I tried to stop her, it took months for that black eye to go away." My mother frowned I knew that's not what she meant. She just wanted to tell me to be safe and to not get into trouble. My parents really did love me and didn't want me to get hurt and evidently still felt horrible about the whole thing happening. I got up from the couch I had been sitting on and walked over to my mom and kissed her on the cheek.

"I know mom. I'll be good I promise." She looked up at me and smiled then slowly walked away. After she had left I returned to sit down on the couch and turned on the television. There was a commercial on with that strangely overly excited guy from sham-wow and I decided to stick with this channel for the time being because I thought his odd selling style was very amusing. Though watching this guy try and sell this sponge like thing that was going to 'revolutionize' home cleaning or whatever made me laugh my mind was still focused on what my mom had said.

This new babysitter that I honestly didn't need was still basically a mystery to me. I didn't know who was actually going to be coming over every day to "hang out." My parents wouldn't tell me the name of the family or even the gender of my mysterious babysitter though, of course, I assumed it would be a girl because for one all my other babysitter's had been female. It was pretty irritating to say the least, I mean this was a complete stranger who was invading my home under the pretense of a paycheck and it was just going to be uncomfortable for us both. I knew that my parents had arranged for this mystery person to come over to the house today and meet me for the first time before they left. I guess because they wanted to make sure I got some good vibes off this stranger before we actually handed over the keys. It was actually my mom's final plea to my father so that she would be comfortable leaving alone with this person. My father was initially against it because it meant that they would have to delay a day before they could go on their trip but like most women when they want something from a man they're going to get it.

So here I was waiting on the couch basically bored to death because the sham-wow guy was gone and some soap opera was on now. Normally I would have changed it in a second to something with explosions or gore but I just felt too comfortable on the couch to move and reach for the remote. I felt like I was laying on a cloud and I knew that as soon as the doorbell rang with the babysitter it would all be ruined. I would have to get up from my incredibly comfortable position, walk to the front door and force myself to put on a false smile while I 'exchanged pleasantries' with some chick I was only going to know for a couple weeks. It all seemed like a waste of time and I wanted no part of it. Believe it or not I had a lot better things to worry about. One of the obvious things is the fact that I've been wrestling with myself to the point of major psychotic depression over my sexuality. I could help myself I was attracted to both boys and girls and it was confusing the hell out of me. I guess I'm a bisexual but somehow it seems weird to call yourself that it's so indecisive but I guess that's just me.

I think I'm actually more physically attracted to boys than I am to girls though. Don't get me wrong I loved girls. The way their hips would sway gracefully whenever they would walk and their powder pink lips that were so kissable you could die from lack of oxygen because you never wanted to leave their lips. Girls were probably a lot closer to perfect than most guys could ever hope to be but for whatever reason whenever I would see a cute boy walking down the hallways of my school or the streets in my very own neighborhood I would stay fixated on them for a lot longer than if I saw a cute girl. I think it was the idea of boys being some kind of forbidden fruit or something especially with the world hating gays as much as they did. I wanted more than anything to have a boyfriend that I really connected with but the odds were against me. Especially looking around a high school for a boyfriend was particularly difficult. It's not like the gay guys walked around holding up a giant sign saying "gay man walking" well some of them might as well have because they just make it too obvious. And I'm not into those kinds of guys. The weird, feminine, high-pitched voice, the totally lack of any normal clothing, the strange made up hand gestures and the only way you would ever see them talking to another male is if they were dating that person. I mean I guess I'm close enough to being gay that I should understand these feminine gays better but when I look at them even I think 'jeez, what a bunch of fucking faggots.' I know that's probably mean and very offensive but it's just what I think.

I like masculine guys. The kind of guys you can relate to and just hang out with, the ones you can watch movies with or play basketball with. I like the guys who aren't afraid to sweat and get dirty and who still get pressured by their friends to be the biggest, best, strongest and fastest. The guys that you grew up with as friends and played video games with all day long, I wanted a boyfriend who had other straight male friends that they could hang out with and got along with without having to worry about differences in sexuality. A guy with a reasonably deep voice and a normal haircut, a guy who got his clothes from Kohl's like the rest of us and was happy being himself. I'm not sure how much of this actual makes sense and I know I shouldn't be so demanding and judgmental but I just wanted a boyfriend who in one word would be "normal."

But it's seriously tough out there especially when you're so young and you can't go to clubs or bars or a place specifically designed to meet guys. I was stuck with my high school right now and every one of the guys I just described are all hiding in there closets', like me, afraid to come out for fear of being ostracized, beaten up, insulted, bullied and punished for something so trivial as someone's sexuality. It makes me go crazy sometimes that these bigots and homophobes walk around with this enormous sense of pride and for what just being straight? For being something they were born into but we are forced to hide away our feelings to the point of suicide because the world just can't accept a man giving his heart to another man. It made me want to teach these guys a lesson but I knew that in the end that that wasn't going to help.

'Jules, I love you with all my heart but we can't be together' the man said as he turned his head so he wouldn't have to look the woman in the eye.

'But why? I don't understand we would be so happy together' said the woman quickly grasping the man's hands making him turn back towards her.

'It's because…'the man said taking a dramatic pause '….it's because I've already fallen your sister Isabella.' The woman gasped explicitly and immediately brought her hands up to cover her mouth in an attempt to hide her shock.

"Wow I don't know how anyone can stand to watch these shows they're so boring," I started stretching out my body long enough to where I could reach the remote while still remaining in some degree of comfort but then the doorbell rang and it broke my concentration enough to where I actual toppled over myself and fell face first onto the carpet below. I clutched my forehead in pain, letting a small groan pass through my lips. In the other room I could hear my mom sprinting in her sock covered feet to the door but having enough time to yell at me on the way for laying on the carpet like that and that I should be moving towards the door to meet the new babysitter. I groaned again at the thought but got up anyway trying to regain my balance as I stood. As I walked towards the door slowly I could see my mom had already opened the door, smiling generously, but I couldn't see who was behind it. I wonder was this mystery woman blond, black or red-headed. You could tell a lot about a person from the color of their hair and as I grew more curious with each step I decided to put my faith in none of the above. This woman had to have brown hair though I don't know how I came to such a speedy decision.

"Welcome! Welcome! Please come in and make yourself at home."

"Thank you very much Mrs. Uzumaki." As my mom stepped to the side to let the new babysitter into our home I was truly shocked by what I saw. At least I had gotten the hair color right. The person my mom had hired to babysit me was a guy! Not just a guy but an absolutely gorgeous guy at that! When I first saw him I felt like I couldn't breathe as I immediately stopped dead in my tracks, a huge blush spreading through my cheeks as I tried not to stare. He had beautiful golden brown hair that seemed to be just the perfect length to where you could still see his eyes but long enough that if he wanted to he could drape them elegantly cover whichever eye he chose. He was extremely tall, at least six-one and basically towered over my five-nine body. He was also very muscular, he must be very athletic, but what I loved most about his muscles was the fact that you could just picture softly falling sleep in those perfect arms. You also knew that he was strong enough to protect you from all the cruelties the world had to offer. He was also as skinny as I suppose he could because he had to support those beautiful muscles. He also had the most gorgeous smile I think I've ever seen in my entire life which went well with his perfectly toned tan body. He also exhibited this sort of angle like persona that radiated waves of cool, calm and confidence but more impressive than that he seemed undeniably warm, kind and happy. How did I ever get so lucky as to have this boy as my babysitter? I was totally intoxicated by his very presence, I hadn't even heard his voice or even had a conversation with him to learn about his personality and I was already developing a major crush on him. I needed to relax and try to get my head straight but I was just frozen as I stared at this magnificent beauty who hasn't even been in my house for five minutes.

"Naruto, stop being rude and come say hello to your new babysitter Kiba," I slowly brought myself back into consciousness and walked towards them with my hand slightly extended and nervously shaking as I prepared for our handshake.

"Hello," I said barely breathing "my name is Naruto Uzumaki, it's very nice to meet you." He smiled and reached out to take my hand.

"Hello Naruto." His hands were so big they basically dominated my hands but they were also so soft and gentle, it made me want to hold his hand forever. But almost too quickly our handshake ended and I nervously blushed and looked down at my feet so nobody would notice. He must have caught wind of my embarrassment and turned to face my mother to take some of the pressure off me.

"I actually had no idea that I was going to be babysitting someone my own age, Mrs. Uzumaki; I've never done it before." My head shot back up as soon as I heard that. This wasn't good. He wasn't going to resign because of me, was he? He shouldn't! He can't! I need him to stay here with me. He was too damn perfect to let go! But before I got a chance to say anything Kiba had noticed me suddenly shoot my head back up to him and smiled at me.

"Of course I don't think it'll be a problem in fact this could be really cool getting to hang out with someone my own age for a couple weeks." The grin that he had on his face was so sexy it made me start blushing again. I can't believe he actually said that about me. He actually wanted to get to know me! To hang out with me! This had better not be a fucking dream! My mom looked back at me with my head down and from the corner of my eye I could see that she was smiling too but then turned back to Kiba.

"That's wonderful! That's actually one of the reasons why I hired you, sweetie. I wanted someone who was Naruto's own age so he would have someone to talk to and relate to. You see we've actually had some issues with some of our former babysitters. They would seem nearly perfect on paper but then they would…um….well let's just say our last babysitter is now currently admitted to Konoha Insane Asylum. I also preferred to have a male babysitter this time because all of our other babysitters have been female and I thought bringing two boys together would help make you guys become friends faster." Luckily my mom had no idea that I was bi-sexual and had a major crush on Kiba or else she would have never let him work for us and I'd probably be in some kind of kind of heterosexuality rehabilitation camp or something. I just hope I was at least being somewhat cool in front of Kiba instead of constantly blushing.

"Well I don't think they'll be any problems in that department. I'm sure Naruto and I will find something we have in common."

"You're a smart boy Kiba. You seem know just what to say to put my mind at ease. Anyway how about we relocate away from the door and head over to the kitchen for drinks and I'll leave you two to get to know each other." Did my blush just get another shade of red added to it? Get to know each other! I don't know if I'm gonna get any words to come out let alone have any actual conversation with Kiba. But I was still really excited at the same time to get to know this beautiful boy that I actually turned around and started walking towards the kitchen trying to think of something to say when Kiba's voice rang from behind me.

"Actually…um… if you don't mind Mrs. Uzamaki I really appreciate it if I could take Naruto out for a milkshake or something so we can get to know each other without any pressure. My car is right outside and I promise it'll be lots of fun." He looked over at me but I just watched with my mouth wide open in surprise as he continued on. "I like to do this with everyone I babysit so we can get to know each other before hand and begin building a friendship before I actually start my role as the babysitter." I can't believe it! Getting a milkshake with Kiba how could this day get any better! Please say yes mom. You have to! You just have to! I know I'm getting ahead of myself but this could very well be my first date with Kiba and I was not going to miss it!

"That sounds great! This actually gives my husband and I some time to um….do some errands." Oh I so did not want to hear what the end of the sentence was going to be. But not even that freakishly gross comment my mom made could weaken my excitement. I was just lucky I had been restraining myself so much so I would make a good impression because I probably would have been jumping up and down and skipping for joy around my house. I looked out into the street for a moment and found Kiba's car. It was a big, black hummer that looked all slick and new like Kiba had just stolen it from a show room. It was so cool! I loved hummers!

"Thank you Mrs. Uzumaki, we'll probably be back in about an hour or so."

"Yeah thanks mom." I smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled back and gave me a quick hug. As I was led by Kiba out the door my mom followed keeping an eye on us I guess until she couldn't see our tail lights anymore. Jeez she was acting like I was leaving forever and never coming back. As we got to the car Kiba opened the passenger door for me. I couldn't believe how polite and courteous he's being. It was unbelievably sweet of him and it gave me another blush. But in the back of my mind I knew that maybe this was all too good to be true and even more than that he was opening my door like a real gentleman! Like the way you act when you take a girl on a date! Was this a date! God I hope so! But my mom was watching and I didn't want this to look too suspicious and have her stop us. Furthermore was Kiba gay! Maybe he was bi-sexual? Maybe he was just a really nice guy. I really hope it's not the latter of those things. I would feel like such an idiot for getting my hopes up so high. As I settled into the nice leather seats inside and began pulling on my seatbelt my mom walked up to the passenger side of the car so I rolled down the window for easier communication.

"You boys have fun today and don't worry about any kind of time limit or anything. I want you two to be comfortable with each other considering how long your father and I are going to be gone, ok?" Like that was even a problem I would spend all day with Kiba if I could and I'm certain that we'll be able to find something interesting to talk about over a nice milkshake. This was going to be awesome! I turned my head and looked over towards Kiba who smiled in response. God I love his smile so much!

"Don't worry mom, we'll be fine." She nodded and stepped back from the car giving us room to pull off the curb and I rolled my window back up looking out the front window. As we started getting some distance between us and my house I looked at the rearview mirror and saw my mom waving us goodbye while walking back into the house. I took a breath of relief and turned my head to look over at Kiba who was too busy watching the road to see me staring. He truly was beautiful and I couldn't get enough of him. I mean when just looking at someone can give you joy you know that person is going to be an important part of your life. There were so many things I could have said, so many things I could have asked but I just remained silent for some reason. I don't think it was the rapidly growing butterflies in my stomach that grew stronger the more I began to realize just how alone we truly were but I was too nervous to say anything right now so I turned my head to look out the window as we passed all the restaurants, hotels and well the other cars.

I thought back to the way Kiba had opened my door for me and how it made me blush. I wonder if he was gay or bi-sexual and if I even had a shot with this sex god. I turned back to look at Kiba and he just looked so "good" and not in the attractiveness way. I don't even know if that's the right word to use but it was all I could think of and the more I thought about it the more sense it began to make. I mean why would Kiba be gay when he could get any girl he wanted? It's pretty hard to believe. And if he was gay why would he pick me? I paled in comparison to everything he was? I reached up a hand and grabbed my forehead. I had a headache. There still wasn't any real proof that this was even a date no matter how much I wanted it be and I had to remember that for both our sakes. Because if I let anything slip that I wasn't supposed to say and I offend him or something I would die and especially not when I just meet him for crying out loud! We haven't even had our first conversation yet! I just need to try and relax, take a deep breath, step back and look at this whole situation logically. Let's see I'm getting a milkshake with Kiba alone. That's kinda suspicious for two men to do that. But it still doesn't prove anything. Um he opened my door for me. Again that's suspicious but he could have just been nice or he was trying to impress my mom or….maybe….me? NO! There's still no proof yet. And what else? Um we've been sitting in his car not talking while we drive to get a milkshake. HA! That settles it! I mean when you're on a date you're going to talk to your date. So this can't be a date because he hasn't said anything!

Oh No!

We haven't said anything. Nothing at all! This whole car ride has been in absolute silence! Did I do something wrong? I needed to fix this and I needed to fix this now! So why can't I think of anything halfway decent to say to him. Come on! It can't be that hard! Uhhhhh why is it easier to have a battle within my own thoughts than to have a conversation with a stranger? That's right, a stranger! Kiba was a stranger after all, I had just met him. So I needed to think of him as a stranger and what are the fundamental questions you ask a stranger when you want to get to know them? What's your favorite color? What am I in fucking first grade? I can think of something better than that. Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Why is this so hard? I'm killing myself here. Um…um I can ask about why he wanted to be a babysitter. Yeah! Finally a good question to ask. I'll ask him why he became a babysitter…..

"Hey Naruto we're here."


"We're here to get milkshakes, remember?"

"We're already at the restaurant?"

"Yep and if you don't want me to eat yours you better hurry." I could tell he was joking as he rushed up to the front entrance and into the restaurant. He must be hungry. I still felt really bad though. I let a whole car ride pass without saying anything to him and by the time I thought of something good to say we had already arrived. I was so embarrassed and I just hope he didn't think I was this awkward all the time. Deep breaths Naruto. This isn't the end of the world at least you got something interesting to say inside. That's right! I've got to stay positive!