Prologue: A New Adventure Begins

Hey everyone! What's up? It's me, sakuraphoenix with the newest chapter, more like first chapter, of the Tears of Light sequel! Well, the first story was a blast, no? I bet this one will be a blast for you guys, and you know all of those questions you had in the prequel? Well, those questions may or may not be answered in this one. Anyhow, it's time for the disclaimer!

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The annoying sound of my alarm clock woke me up, and I slammed my hand on it, but it wouldn't shut up! I slammed my hand on the stupid thing, when I realized, why would the stupid thing be playing the ring tone that was on my cell phone, You Make Me Happy, which was one of the ending theme from Fresh Pretty Cure? That's when I realized that my cell phone was ringing. I checked the time, and it was half past 2 in the morning!

"Do you have any idea what time it is? It's 2:30 in the morning!" I yelled into the cell phone

"I was hoping to reach you when you were awake, but I guess I forgot about the time zone differences." Said a male voice

Oh no, I know that voice.

"Why are you calling this number Zigzix?" I asked

"Well, your number was on an international plan, so I thought, hey, why not call her for help?" wondered Zigzix

"Why are you calling?" I asked

"Well, you see, I'm working on a project called the 'Time Window' and well, so far, it's not working. I tried contacting Yusei, but I got his voicemail. So, you were the next person on my list to call. So, can you do it?" asked Zigzix

"Well, since you called me this early, I can't say no, can I? Okay, I'll head over with Dawn 8:00 A.M. my time. See you then." I said

I then hung up my phone and went back to sleep. It's only been three months since the end of the Dark Signer-Signer War and the Neathian-Gundalian War. Sometimes, it feels too much like a dream and that I'll wake up in the middle of the war again. Twilight, Leonidas, and Lunar were all sleeping in the old dollhouse I found in the basement. Sunrise took residence here too, seeing that there was only one dollhouse, and they were sleeping in the living room downstairs. A few hours later, I was up and running again. It was now 7:00 in the morning, and I could hear the sounds of cooking from the kitchen. I walked down then in a bit of a daze, seeing that I wasn't exactly a morning person.

"Morning sleepyhead. Sleep well?" asked Dawn

"Hey. Morning." I said

"Oh boy, I know that look. You have a favor to ask me, don't you?

"Well, you see, I got a call from Zigzix last night, and he needs my help with something." I said

"So that's what the screaming was last night." Said Dawn

"Dawn, look, I'm sorry if you heard that, but really, he doesn't call me unless he can't contact another person." I said

"Well, alright. You can go on two conditions. One, finish breakfast. Two, take me with you sis." Said Dawn

"We want to come too!" exclaimed Leonidas

"The more the merrier." I said

We finished our breakfasts just before we had to leave. I got dressed in a black camisole with my signature pink short-sleeved jacket over top. I was also wearing my gloves, a pair of shorts, pink of course, and my signature light pink riding boots. Dawn was wearing a white sleeveless, kinda frilly top, with a blue mini-skirt, and blue ballet flats. Not exactly duel runner appropriate, but who says that we're using a duel runner? I put on my wrist dealer and put on my duel disk. After the last beating my runner took, my old duel disk was damaged beyond repair. Dawn and I used the teleport card together, learning my lesson from last time, and when we arrived in Zigzix's lab, he obviously didn't expect to see the two of us.

"Well, I honestly didn't expect the Phoenix Twins to appear. So what do I owe this special occasion to?" asked Zigzix

"Can the jokes, I'm here to help with the problem." I said as I held up the toolbox I was holding in front of his face

"I see. Follow me." Said Zigzix

We followed him to the uppermost part of the observation platform.

"Well, it's not that we can't get it to work, it's that every time we turn it on, there's a mini-explosion, and then it shuts down on itself." Said Zigzix

"Sounds like you have a short circuit that's stubborn combined with a lack of power." I said

"Well, we never thought of that option." Said Zigzix

"I'll take care of the circuit, and then Dawn and I will power up the thing with some Lighting Vortexes." I said

"You can do that?" asked Zigzix

"Of course. I mean, Dawn and I are Psychic Duelists." I said

I managed to fix the circuit with a circuit breaker, but before I could help Dawn with powering up the system, the thing turned itself on by itself! Suddenly, I felt like I was getting sucked in.

"Sakura!" exclaimed Dawn

"Dawn!" I exclaimed

She grabbed my hand and tried to pull me out of the vortex, but before she had a chance to, we were both sucked into the vortex. Little did we both know, this was going to be the start of a crazy adventure.

Done and done! Well, bet you're wondering what's going to happen next, right? Well, I'd love to say what does happen, but I think I'll let you guess for yourselves. Please review, check out my poll, and until next time, I'm sakuraphoenix, saying I heart you, signing off for now. Kan dao ni!