'Till the Last Budgie Sings

~He wrote her a poem~

"H-hey Aviva…" Martin approached Aviva, nonchalantly. "I wrote you a poem."

"You did?" she replied, flummoxed.

"Yeah! Here it goes…

"I love you…

"I will love you until the last budgie sings,

"'Till the last honey badger breaks a beehive,

"'Till the horse cannot neigh any more,

"'Till the last frog leaps,

"'Till the martin eats the last wasp,

"'Till the butterfly flaps its one last time,

"Until the last budgie sings…"

Aviva's eyes widened, shocked that he had written such a beautiful and life-altering poem. "Martin… It's beautiful."

"Thank you, Aviva. I thought of it myself." He grinned.

"I love you too…" she confessed.

"Oh Aviva, I love you too…" he blushed.

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