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The Archives

By: Sarah Serena Rose

Necromancy: (n.) The supposed practice of communicating with the dead; Witchcraft; Black magic.

Characters: Sam, Danny, Tucker

Genre: Romance/Humour

Rating: K+

Pairing: Danny/Sam

Summary: In which, Sam is accused of being a witch and Tucker plays a prank.

To contrary belief, she wasn't a witch. That name had been flung at her almost as much as freak by the kids she grew up with. It wasn't a crime to wear black and be different, be an individual, was it? Just because she didn't want to succumb to conformity?

Well, everyone but Danny and Tucker thought so. But the picture up on the board basically trashed her denying statements.

They were in Lancer's History class, learning about the Salem Witch trials. She had groaned upon learning what he was going to be teaching for the next few weeks, knowing people were going to be calling her a witch, the whole time.

She merely ignored the rest of the classes whispers and taunts, Danny and Tucker backing her up.

Lancer had told the class to be quiet and returned to the lecture, while students took notes.

It was around the ending of class when Lancer had brought up the old photos from his computer. They were all drawn and painted around the time of the witch trials, some of the women that died, others that lived.

But of course, there was always a catch. Because one moment she was innocently taking notes and the next, she had looked up at the board, and was basically staring at a mirror image of herself.

Well, a really, really, old image of herself. She had gasped in realization, dropping the pencil in her hand, not caring as it uselessly fell to the linoleum floor.

The woman in the photo had slightly longer raven hair than her, just about reaching past her shoulders. Instead of a ponytail, there was a braid forming somewhat of a crown at the top of her head. But she had the same facial structure, nose, lips and the exact same piercing eyes. She was even wearing a corset dress, in a midnight black.

Mouth wide, Sam had blinked in confusion a couple of times, her head spinning and heart beating.

She was barely aware of the rest of the classes whispers, rumours flying wild. Even Paulina's high pitched, nasally screech of, "I always knew she was a witch!", didn't phase her.

Sam couldn't believe her eyes.

'Its not possible! I can't possibly be related to that woman in the picture, who coincidentally, was prosecuted because she was thought to be a witch. But I almost look exactly like her...'

Swerving around in her seat, she gazed at her best friends. Tucker glanced at her with furrowed eyebrow and questioning eyes, while Danny just kept on staring intently at the board. The same slack-jawed expression on his face that she had had before.

"Class, please, settle down." Sam caught Mr. Lancer's calls just as she turned around look back at the picture.

"As I was saying, Elizabeth Scorsone, pictured here, was one of the women accused and killed because of supposedly being a witch. Only three days before her hanging, she gave birth to a baby boy. The man beside her, James Lefton, was said to be her husband and only supporter of her not being a witch."

Sam's eyes widened further as Lancer described the picture.

'My middle name is Elizabeth. This is way too coincidental, maybe I am related to this woman...'

She then turned to the man beside the very, familiar looking woman and almost fell out of her seat. The man looked a lot like Danny, almost exactly, except for the stubble on his chin.

Sam turned around towards Danny and noticed that he had the same look of disbelief and alarm in his eyed as she felt.

Laughing nervously, she spoke somewhat hysterically.

"Uhhhh...this is strange."

Danny shook his head, focusing on his female friend. He rubbed the back of his neck and softly whispered, "It looks like were married in that picture, doesn't it? I mean...not that we'd, actually ever get married. Not that, that would be a bad thing, cause you're my best friend and everything, but it's kinda hard to believe. Don't ya' think?"

Sam blinked a few times at his rushed words, numbly nodding. She turned back around in her seat once again, pretending to listen to Lancer's lecture with a blank face, a slight flush on her cheeks.

The blue eyed boy behind her slammed his head against his desk, while Tucker, who had being paying acute attention to the couples conversation, trying to look inconspicuous, grinned.

Glancing up at the board, to anyone sitting near by, it would look as if his grin grew wider. Unbeknownst to the rest of the class, especially Danny and Sam, he had the exact picture on his PDA.

Tucker crossed his arms, satisfied.

' Ahhh, the wonders of Photoshop and being able to hack into your teachers files. I love technology. '

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